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Sanjana aggarwal5.0/5

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Bali - A paradise on Earth

You know what they say - travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller, well that's exactly what happened with me on my recent expedition to Bali. Having heard incredible stories about it, I finally decided to explore this Indonesian island on my own. My Bali adventure, where to begin? Bali experience is something that can't be explained, it's a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. Bali is called Island of Gods, " for a good reason. It is known for its scenic beaches, iconic rice fields, warm hospitality and an adrenaline pumping nightlife, just the combination I was looking for.

I was lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful locations and resorts the island has to offer. From exhilarating view of the rice paddies in Ubud to the crystal clear water of the beaches in Kuta, from exotic temples to an enthralling nightlife, Bali has something for everyone in store. If your idea of a vacation is enjoying the best of both worlds, then Bali is just the place for you.

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Saranya Devanathan3.9/5

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Heritage and beach holidays for 3 generation family

The choice of Bali was good for the 3 generations of my family. We like heritage and my teen aged grandchildren love beaches.

Both our arrival and departure were with light drizzles. The weather was fine all the time though June the tides are high and we could not enjoy the sea in the mornings.

The money goes into many thousands and lakhs. Private money changers are there all over. No need to go to bank. We went to SBA Agung Mulyadi, Money changer 081 337 645 000, Jl. Uluwatu l No. 123 C Jimbaran Bali tel 0361 709 216 referred us to a tour and travel agent Pt. Sukma Bali Wisata 081 337 181 500. Johnny sent Mr. Supri who is the driver cum guide with a 12 seater van. It had no leg space at all. I think it is modified to fit more travellers. Since we were only 8 we could travelled in that van with our legs on the sides..

On the way we passed through Selok village. This village does silver jewellry works and showrooms are there along the road. Similar village further is involved with wood work. Sales shops of their wood work were there all along the road. Not only artistic pieces but also typical Balinese furniture.

Serah gourmet supermarket is good with lots of fresh fruits and juices on sale.

Though most of our food was from a nearby Indian restaurant, we had Balinese lunch one day. Redang coconut masala tastes good. Though we stayed in a fishermen village of Jimbaran, we were afraid to taste sea food because of the smell. Safe with chicken - such a big piece came and I could not eat even a quarter of it. Peanut chutney was nice to add to the dishes.

A magazine "Bali and Beyond" says about the offerings in detail and the chess board kind of checked cloth sarongs' significance and meaning. Black and white signifies good and bad. The offerings are made forever. It is an art for the tourist to walk on footpath without stepping on those square shaped offerings to everything on earth - water tanks, scooters, cars, chairs, in front of the shops, door corners of the houses and of course temples. Agarbathis and flowers are common. Other things were different at different places. Rice, candies, chocolates, sweets, corns, etc. A small rolled paper was placed on the top. I felt like opening one and Reading - I resisted. In the villages for rice crop, they pray every hour, it seems. Instead they can take care of their crops better during that time.

A private cultural park and a big Wisnu statue is coming up in Jimbaran, nearby 4 seasons. There is boards all over. Since it is not yet complete and entry fee is there, we did not visit it.

Bali people are Hindus. Our guide was from Java and a muslim.

All the structures should have Balinese tower and tile, including the star resorts, hotels, why even air port. Each house has a temple. No skyscrapers at all. Most of the women seem to be working. Their language has English script.

We could see from South to North in 5 nights' stay. Though there are temples all over, the famous ones are in such lovely location and maintained well with lawns - with small entry fee.

Each beach is unique in its own way.

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Transit time: 9hrs from major cities

Cost ₹12,000 per person

Bali Overview

Situated between Java and Lombok, the little island of Bali is one of the 33 provinces in the Republic of Indonesia. Spread across an area of just 5, 636 square kilometers, Bali is easily accessible by regular flights from Jakarta and Singapore.

The history of Bali dates back to pre-historic times. Though not much is known about the period during which Indian traders brought Hinduism to the Indonesian archipelago, evidence shows that Bali came under Hindu influence from neighbouring Java. Later, Europeans set foot in Bali when Dutch seafarers landed here in 1597.

Enamoured by its prosperity and charm, the Dutch slowly worked towards colonising the island. Having conquered a majority of the Indonesian islands, they took over Bali after a violent struggle. By 1908 it had become part of the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch occupation over Bali was however short-lived, after the Japanese expelled them during the WWll.

Along with the other islands comprising the Indonesian archipelago, Bali gained its freedom from the Japanese rule in the year 1945 and became a part of the Republic of Indonesia. However, it took four more years for the international community to recognise the Republic of Indonesia as an independent nation.

A tropical monsoon climate coupled with the volcanic nature of its mountains makes Bali a fertile ground for rich agriculture. Surrounded by coral reefs, the island is a treasure trove, home to diverse species of flora and fauna.

The majority of the population is Balinese Hindus and practices a religion which is a blend of Hinduism, Buddhism and native tribal beliefs. Rituals and ceremonies play a vital role in the life of Balinese people.  
With nearly 20,000 temples across the island there are festivities going on throughout the year. Most of them are accompanied by dance performances depicting stories from Hindu epics like Ramayana. Gamelan, a form of Balinese percussion orchestra is also quite renowned. The main languages spoken are Balinese and Indonesian.

Though the booming tourism industry has brought in a lot of changes and improvements in the island̢۪s economy and infrastructure, Balinese people still live by their age-old beliefs, preserving their traditions to be passed on for the future generations to come.

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