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Nitish Varshney4.6/5

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Shanghai was a dream place and I have lived my DREAM!

Shanghai had always been a discussion point among my friends. I had a long desire of visiting this place and I got a chance in September when I went there for official trip. Believe me guys, Shanghai is AWESOME. Its more beautiful than what we see in pics.
What attracted me the most is the discipline of the civilians. Traffic is well regulated and you won't see even a single traffic controller or policeman on red lights.
If you love to roam around a city that has skyrocketed buildings, Shanghai is a place for you. Financial Tower, Pearl Tower and the Bund are the top most places I can suggest for every traveler who is planning to visit there. Apart form this, one can have a well spent time in streets of Shanghai which offers local food and clothing in very affordable prices. People are very nice here. Though language and unavailability vegetarian food is a problem here but one can have some good Indian restaurants here. Bollywood is one such name. Simply put, Shanghai was a great experience for me!

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Hariprasad Kv4.3/5

11 reviews

A day well spent in the fabulous city! :)

I was in Suzhou for work and managed to spend a Sunday in Shanghai. I took a bullet train from Suzhou around 9am and reached Shanghai by 9:45am .. I first headed to the people garden in Shanghai were there was a local gathering for match making. Followed by this I headed to the famous Nanjing street. This is a must do .. Walk along the street till you reach the bund area. The street is filled with shops, restaurants, street artists and lot of people! View the skyline of Shanghai from the bund area. Wait till the sunset to see how the skyscrapers light up fancy display lightings :). After the sunset walk back through the Nanjing street again to get a different experience. Shopping is a little expensive at Nanjing street.

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Peace in temple is uncomparable

I am heading to Shanghai

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Transit time: 10hrs from major cities

Cost ₹17,000 per person

Shanghai Overview

The city of Shanghai is a unique blend of history, culture and technology. From being the second city of the world’s oldest surviving civilization to the pioneer of China’s market reforms Shanghai has been through a lot. It is also the cradle of Chinese communism.

Unlike other Chinese cities Shanghai has a very affluent and ultramodern lifestyle. This Chinese port city is located on the Huangpu River where the Yangtze River meets the East China Sea.

All that now remains of Shanghai’s pre-colonial past is the Yu Gardens in Old Town. The French Concession's period architecture and riverfront Bund's majestic old buildings are evidence of the city’s colonial past.

The historical city also has some of the most hi-tech, innovative and modern architecture like the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, and the 101-floor World Financial Centre.

The Time Magazine declared Shanghai as the ‘World’s Most Happening City’ in 2004 after it hosted the opening edition of Chinese Grand Prix. In October 2007, Shanghai hosted the first Special Olympic Games in Asia. 

Shanghai is China’s richest city. It’s rising levels of urban prosperity, brand awareness and shopping experience can rival other Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.