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Visa: On arrival

Cost: THB 1,000 (₹1,963 approx)

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Transit time: 4hrs from major cities

Cost ₹7,000 per person

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Madhur Singal

Madhur Singalratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

7 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Amazing Thailand

We went to Thailand in 1st week of October, 2015. It was a pleasure trip and we were only two people. October is known as off season but we did not felt so as the places were full of people and activities.

Normally, people go to Two places, Pattaya and Bangkok as Phuket is far off and you need additional 3-4 days to visit that place or else one shud plan a trip separately for Phuket. We went to Pattaya first and then Bangkok.

In Pattaya we stayed at Hotel A- One Royal Cruise. Location of the hotel is The best in the town. Food was average. There were no Indian dish. Staff ( except 2-3) cud not understand English.

Activities in Pattaya - I would say the best ones are Alcazar Show, Visit to Coral Island - One must do Parasailing and Sea Diving. These are totally safe if you strictly follow the instructions. Another must visit place is Art in Paradise museum, you will love it. Do wear heavy socks as the floor in the museum remains very cold. Then Sriracha Tiger Zoo is also one of the Good places to visit.

You can visit Pattaya Night Bazar. Buy souvenirs from Pattaya as the price is less than Bangkok market and variety is more. Bangkok is just like Mumbai. We stayed at Hotel Novotel Platinum. Excellent Rooms, Service and the best part was location of the hotel. All the shopping markets and Malls are at walking distance. Even the Indian restaurants are not far away.

Shopping in Bangkok - Don't go for electronics. Everything is duplicate and if you go the showrooms, price is same as in India. You can buy some clothes to fulfil your desire.

Tiger Safari in Bangkok is really nice to visit. Local Transport - In Pattaya it is Took Took and In Bangkok do not hire Took Took instead go for Taxi as it is cheaper than Took Took.

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Rajesh Ch

Rajesh Chratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 4 years ago

Wonderful Experience In Thailand

I had an opportunity to travel for holiday to Thailand and Malaysia in a span of a year. I would like to share my views and experiences with you if at all you plan to visit these places.
When to visit? Malaysia is rains throughout the year.You can visit anytime there. Thailand rains in mid-July to September. Other time is fine. You need at least 6 days to see Thailand and three days is enough for Malaysia.
How to get there? - I booked my travel package through an authorized travel agent. Operators like Cox and Kings, SOTC, Thomas cook are expensive and conduct group tours. Some of us may not like group tours. You can book your travel with your local tour operator. Its better if your operator is recognized (By ministry of external affairs, Govt of India), as they are more accountable and package prices are uniform all over India. You can check their registration through ministry of external affairs website. You can also plan your own tour by yourself, which could be a bit cheaper. Package will include air fare (Two ways), accommodation, tour guides, local transfer and breakfast.
Places to go and Tour Guide: Both Malaysia and Thailand have excellent and well coordinated tour operators who do local sight seeing guiding and transfers by A/C vans or buses. They are highly professional and have identity cards given by the government. In Malaysia there are places like Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands, Penang etc. There is nothing much in Kuala Lumpur except for twin towers. Genting Highland is a very beautiful hill station with sky cable travel of 3.4 km long and theme park. Sky cable ride is exciting and recommended. I didn't visit Penang. Thailand is more beautiful than Malaysia. I visited Pattaya and Bangkok. Bangkok is a very beautiful city with sky trains, beautiful Buddist temples, safari world etc. It has worlds second largest airport and world's fourth largest Mall (MBK center). Other Malls like Indira market, sukmvit center are also good. Indra market is cheapest. Pattaya has tiger zoo with crocodile shows and beautiful coral Island where you can do scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing etc.
Shopping: Thailand is very cheap. Malaysia is very expensive. Thailand is a paradise for ladies. All cosmetics, clothes, sandals are dead cheap there. Cheaper thyan India and you get good stuff. Men can also enjoy shopping of clothes and electronic stuff. In Thailand July is the discount season as its a low peak season for tourists. You can shop in India than Malaysia. Everything is expensive There is a area called China town where you get good bargain for duplicate stuff. Shopping malls are expensive than India.
Currency and money exchange: If you visit Thailand carry US dollars and you can exchange to Thai Baht at Thailand (Approx. Rs.1.40 = 1 Thai Baht). Money exchange is available in airport and almost anywhere outside, since Thailand is a main tourist area. In India its difficult to find Thai Baht. You wont find exchange for rupees to Baht in Thailand. If you visit Malaysia you can carry Malaysian Ringgits which is easily available in India also. You could also exchange rupees in Malaysia too. Foreign exchange places are less in Malaysia compared to Thailand.
Food: Thai food is either too spicy or a bit sweet. They like to have soup or noodles. Rice is also available if form of fried rice. If you are non-veg, ask which meat before you eat. Chicken is common. You wont find many Indian restaurants in Thailand. Its better if you try local cuisine. McDonalds, KFC, Burger king shops are also there everywhere. Malaysian food is mainly rice and more of fish sauce and sweet. You will find more Indian restaurants there as there are many Indian Tamils there. The best food is available on streets in both countries. There's no one to watch you there. So try it. You may need Rs.500-600 per day per head in Malaysia for simple food (Lunch, dinner, tea and snacks). In Thailand you may need Rs.200-300.
Stay: Its better to stay at 4-5 star hotels. Its dead cheap in both Malaysia and Thailand. You also get a grand buffet breakfast in all these hotels. If Indian star hotels costs-15,000 to 25,000 a day then it will cost 2,500 to 5,000 a day there or even less depending on the season you visit.
How to move locally? In Thailand there are Tut-Tutas (Autorickshaws), buses, skytrains and taxis with meter. Taxi fares are reasonable. But like any country they charge more for tourists. So either fix a price before you enter or ask the driver to use meter. In Malaysia there are buses and taxi. Skytrains (Metros) are also cheap. Taxis have meter. Buses are A/C in both places but its bit laborious to find the right bus and station. So using a taxi is easier.
Safety: Its universal rule. Avoid travelling at late nights and alone.
I would recommend you to visit Thailand than Malaysia. It would cost less than Rs.25,000 per head for a seven day, six nights tour. Thailand is a beautiful place compared to Malaysia.

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