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TGTDC Haritha Hotel Ramappa Warangal
Posted: 2 months ago
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We, a group of 5 family members (2 couples and a super senior citizen mother) happened to stay... .. We, a group of 5 family members (2 couples and a super senior citizen mother) happened to stay for a night on the 26th Nov 2016 (weekend Saturday) at this peaceful resort located on a the banks of a vast beautiful Ramappa Lake in two rooms. The rooms were pretty cozy though with old looking walls but with new attractive Pochampalli cloth (specially made in Andhra looms) window screens and with the beautiful view of the Ramappa Lake. Out of 2 ACs only one was observed in working condition that too with a non-operative remote in one of the rooms. There was availability of hot water all through. There was room service too. The only drawback about the rooms was that being located on the lake banks probably, the rooms were constructed on an elevated space with more than about 20 steps to climb which might pose problems for most aged senior citizens. Added to these there were few steps to climb up or down within the rooms to reach rest rooms or to enter or come out of the rooms too, which might not be a senior or unfriendly comfort. The restaurant service at the reception cum dining hall was very much exemplary with one official by name Harish found taking all the possible efforts with all smiles in keeping the guests with all comforts in whatever way required. Even the other members of the staff in the resort and restaurant were observed much service oriented. They all deserve all kudos from the guests and as well as from their employers. The buffet lunch was really great with tasty sambar, rasam and side dishes with even the curd was nice. The evening dinner with chapathis and side dishes were good and well served. The small breakfast served with tasty idli and vada sambar was also nice. The food was price-worthy overall as also the stay and we all fully enjoyed the overnight stay. A nice resort run by the Telangana Government Tourism Department worth the price in all respects for a weekend stay indeed to enjoy a peaceful family or friends holiday in the midst of beautiful nature specially with the sprawling Ramappa lake bountiful beauty overlooking the resort. More » « Hide
Casa Deep Woods Mudumalai (Masinagudi)
Posted: Sep 16, 2016
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Our family of four adults (me, my wife, our son and his wife from US) stayed for a night in this... .. Our family of four adults (me, my wife, our son and his wife from US) stayed for a night in this forest resort on 21/08/2016, which is located near a small village beneath the Nilgiris mountain ranges and in deep woods. The rooms are built apart from each other with the bamboo woods and bushes surroundings mostly and with a stream flowing through the resort behind a few selected rooms but which was 'water-less' and dry when we went. One of the front office official Shamshuddin arranged a small campfire at the centre of the resort in the late evening just immediately after our check in, which was really a nice experience with we four and another couple from Bengaluru also surrounding it and it seems it is a routine activity in the resort as per the display made. Then we had a sumptuous dinner prepared for our taste. The rooms were maintained great with the clean Bath room and attached with another open Bath room too with showers in both. Perhaps the hot water was coming very much limited in spite of the 25 litres geyser fixed and was not sufficient to enjoy a great bathing experience. The next day morning complimentary breakfast was good with limited vegetarian items perhaps. The coffee was not so of good taste with the tea being better. However, the chef Mr Kanchan was nice to help us with what the little things we requested and the front office officials Jainuddin and Shamsuddin too were also well mannered in all respects. We happened to meet the owner of the resort Dev Reddy too who was happy to share our experiences in their resort. Overall, it was a nice stay in the deep woods of the Nilgiris at Masinagudi(nearer to Theppakkadu Mudumalai Tiger Reserve). The internet was available only at the lobby and nearer to reception or dining hall. The resort was reportedly an erstwhile Club Mahindra property. More » « Hide
Green Nest Resort Kotagiri
Posted: Jun 2, 2016
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We a group of 5 family members stayed for 3 nights from 16/05/2016 to 19/05/2019 in the Green... .. We a group of 5 family members stayed for 3 nights from 16/05/2016 to 19/05/2019 in the Green Nest Resort in Deluxe Rooms. We selected this resort on seeing its wonderful reviews in many travel sites. We really had a wonderful stay up to all our expectations in almost all respects. The check in and check out process were so fast and prompt. The reception and the restaurant staff were very well behaved and also very hospitable. The rooms and even the surroundings are maintained so spick and span. Although the location approach is observed little cumbersome through the narrow roads and tea gardens the ultimate end point of the road boasting with the Green Nest Resort surrounded by the lush green tea gardens is so eye catching with all the fresh greenery and unpolluted beauty that too in a very quiet, healthy and refreshing atmosphere. The food provided was also quite awesome and tasty although they can try to add some fresh fruits, fruit juices and salads in their buffet breakfast menu. The hospitable services of Thiru Kadhir in the restaurant is worthy to mention. The main finest experience we had was about the emergency services they rendered in the midnight when one of our family members had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for treating for the continuous vomiting. It was about 12/30 am when we had to request the resort front office officials for assistance to go to any nearby hospital who were quite ready to help us out in taking us by their car and saw that the patient was treated immediately by the KMF (a Missionary) hospital who were also very helpful in giving the instant treatment with which the patient also recovered fast. The timely assistance rendered by Thiru Sivalingam from the front office is worth mentioning in this regard who took all the pains to drive the car and waiting for the full time of about more than an hour till the patient was treated in the hospital. We were so impressed when he took all the pains to ring us up again inquiring about the health of the guest after 2 days of our check out calling our personal phone. The panoramic view from the balcony of the rooms are so green and beautiful and almost all the 8 rooms observed to have good green and panoramic views. The assistance and co-operation rendered by Thiru Prashanth Srinivasan from the Resort's Administrative Office (Coimbatore)while and after booking (online) the rooms in following up with our comfort level in the resort were also worth mentioning. However, the so announced 'WiFi' availability does not seem to be working mostly which the Resort can ensure for the guests for its definite availability. Overall, we highly recommend this awesome Resort for everyone who prefers to have a calm, peaceful and relaxed stay in the beautiful Nilgiris while we wish to head there again whenever we plan our next trips too with family members or friends. More » « Hide
Vazco Beach Resort Mangalore
Posted: Mar 7, 2016
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We three family members (a couple and me) booked a villa in the resort for a night on 15th Feb... .. We three family members (a couple and me) booked a villa in the resort for a night on 15th Feb 2016 and arrived at the resort a little after lunch time and checked in. Though we had already told that we did not require lunch as we failed to see any good vegetarian hotels on our way inside the Mangalore city, we were so hungry and when we sought for some available dishes they could not help us and told just then their kitchen was closed and being located at the South western corner of the city and in a remote area, we were not able to go in search of any other restaurant. We hence requested the resort officials to provide us something vegetarian to eat. They said they could provide us some bread butter jam slices after some time and some pakodas which they could give us after about more than one and half hour. Further, though the villa house was appearing very nice, many of the plug points were observed not working for either charging our exhausted mobiles or fixing the good knight mosquito repellents. No doubt, they gave us the front villa with a direct sea view, we found a few drawbacks like many small ants moving on the kitchen window walls and with no sachets of coffee powder, sugar or sugar free, tea powder kept though the coffee maker was there. They provided perhaps after we demanded. The vegetarian dinner provided in the night was so bad with thick and hard chapatis and a bowl of so called 'rasam'(which was neither a sambar or rasam) with perhaps some good curds and plain rice. Again the next day morning, another shock was that water supply was not there to use for any purpose and literally we had to run to the reception as they were not responding to our mobile calls and after knocking their doors, Mr. Nithin who was the Front office supervisor came running and arranged the needful for supply of water. He also was explaining that all the staff including himself were very much new and were yet to get acquainted with the resort functioning and maintenance. We in fact, checked out of the resort even skipping the free breakfast fearing for its taste or kind based on our previous night dinner experience. Though Mr. Nitin was trying to attend to our needs he was found helpless with the given functional infrastructure. Based on his earlier email communications, we expected a very good hospitality but was not happening in practice. The plus points were: the beautiful beach shore at their opposite premise crossing a small road and their supply of coffee or snacks to the shore. The old man who was supplying us food or coffee, tea was so cordial, respectful and deserves kudos. The other main negative aspect is the absence of intercom facility to call from the villas and we had to call their reception phone no only for any requirement from our mobiles which was very odd after paying an higher tariff and Wi-Fi was missing not only in rooms but also in the reception area where it was told it is available. Overall, the experience was bad for a so called resort and highly reported reviews. May be the reason of our bad experience might be due to the reported inexperienced new staff. Perhaps the villas are very good and will be fine if experienced with many family members in a group and with an improved amenities and staff service. More » « Hide
RNS Guesthouse Murudeshwara
Posted: Mar 7, 2016
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We, three of our family members stayed for a night on the 14th February, 2016 at this guest house... .. We, three of our family members stayed for a night on the 14th February, 2016 at this guest house and with my almost 12 years back past experience and specifically for the beautiful views surrounding the guest house, I selected this property and booked through Yatra. Com. But we had some bad experiences and perhaps good too. The bad one was- we were given 2 rooms (Room Nos 112-corner room and 113) as I was specific for a corner room which will have 360 degrees panoramic view. As our two other family members were new to the place, I wanted them to stay in that corner room. Due to tiredness, they occupied the room but wanted the bed spreads and the pillows to be changed fresh as they were looking already used. The housekeeping persons though immediately changed the bed spreads they said they were short of fresh pillow covers as they were yet to come from wash as the previous day was weekend and more tourists had come. Our family members immediately went to sleep but failed to observe the complete dampness mark on the most of the roof part especially right upon the beds. We in the late evening after the temple visit, when requested at the reception at least to change that corner room, the counter staff expressed his inability saying that we should have observed the drawback while occupying itself which was a new bad experience for us as we used to be accommodated on such complaining in our earlier trips in different places in the past. Moreover, the main and bathroom doors, cots and even beds were observed very old and obsolete in both the rooms and the beds were hard and not soft ones. In fact, there was some dampness in the other room too which was of course to a small extent unlike the corner room given to us (Room No 112). The dampness must be a great health hazard for any occupants and as such we advised the reception people to avoid allotting that room to any tourists in future. Perhaps, Ms. Salma in the front office and the other housekeeping team members were very fast in attending to their maximum extent in solving our issues to some extent which is perhaps appreciable. But the views of the Arabian Sea at the back and the tallest Shiva idol with the Murudeshwara Temple at it's side in the front and other beautiful statues and idols were very much attractive and especially during the night with great illumination. The sunset view from the RNS premises was an extraordinary one. The officials when replying for our reported shortcomings informed us that as the management is contemplating to demolish this old block and construct a new building complex these issues are not given importance and not attended to as of now. But whatever it is, I suggested that until then such time damaged rooms are not being allotted to the tourists at least (one like Room no 112). Perhaps we are sure that we would like to visit the place again and would prefer to stay in the new premises when the same is done in future as we love Murudeshwar and the RNS premises. Note: In spite of the fact that their already existing new premises of RNS Residency is more comfortable perhaps at a higher cost, we preferred RNS Guest House mainly of our past experience of stay there and its offer of a very beautiful panoramic view of the entire Murudeshwar with the great Arabian Sea view on one side and the gigantic Shiva and other lively statues in the front along with the big Murudeshwara Temple gopuram views. More » « Hide
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