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Shubham Mankhand
Male Ranked 15701 in Bangalore, India
Mudumalai (Masinagudi), Tamil Nadu
Posted: Jun 12, 2009
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Blue Valley Jungle Resort Mudumalai (Masinagudi)
Posted: Jun 12, 2009
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[Booking] We went to BlueValley on June 6th. Booking was done through their Bangalore office.... .. [Booking] We went to BlueValley on June 6th. Booking was done through their Bangalore office. Ms Hema was quite helpful and responsive. A representative(Mr. Shyam) of Blue Valley came to my office to collect some advance and handed me over the receipt and some leaflets. [Reaching there] We started from Bangalore at 6:30 and reached the resort at around 12 Noon with leisurely snack & photo breaks at Ramnagara and Bandipur. The resort is situated near Bokkapuram village en route to Ooty from Masinagudi (About 4kms). [Property] The property itself is quite spread out which can be roughly divided in to 3 sections. On entrance there is a small hut which functions as Reception, presently commanded by Mr. Gopalkrishna. Behind the reception is a beautiful garden and Executive cottages(with a fireplace inside). Moving a bit ahead from the reception is the main area with Cottages/Football ground to the right and Restaurant/Camp Fire area, Kitchen etc straight down. The restaurant area is connected to the cottages(50mts) with a stone ladden path with bushes on both sides. Although this gives a jungle appeal its not very comfy to walk on, esp when its raining. The third area is a Bungalow about 300mts from the reception. It is bit off though still manageable. The bungalow has two rooms on the ground floor, a dysfunctional fountain. A flight of wooden stairs lead to a balcony on the first floor. [A bit more on Property] Good thing about this resort is that the cottages have some space between them and with 3 separate areas for Executive, Simple, Bungalow it does not feel crowded at all (like some other resorts in Bandipur). [4.5* View] Now comes the best part, the location: As soon as one opens the back door of the cottage, an amazing view of Nilgiris await you. Also the back door has a lot of partially gardened open space in front so that you can soak in the nature right from you room. Be cautious though, some of the COWdies may inetrrupt your experience a bit. [Room] Coming to the cottages where we stayed. The Good: Very spacious, good enough for 3. The OK: No electronics(except for an intercom), Bathroom is functional with hot water through an always on geyser. Linen/Furniture is also functional. There are enough wardrobes to unpack ur stuff. The Questionable: We had take two cottages which were not only adjacent to each other but interconnect through a door!!. This can have privacy issues(even if the non-sound-proof doors are locked). Though, being a family-like trip it did not bother us. [Food] After unwinding for an hour or so, we went to the Restaurant, called Flame of Forest or so, to have Lunch(incl. in the package). The lunch was served hot in casseroles, it included chapathi, rice.. blah blah...chicken fry...etc. Overall the food quality was decent and better than the food most of us get in their office canteens. One thing to note is that when in south prefer eating local food (sambar/rice etc.) , if you insist on north-indian food then you may be in for some culinary shock. We visited \'Flame of forest\' for dinner and breakfast too and overall i will say that food is good enough to satisfy ur hunger. Nothing bad about it. And ya one last thing: They have a restaurant menu card where you can choose what you want to eat for your next meal though you have to notify(for meals) a good 3 hours prior. [Activities & Wildlife: Safari as sun goes down] After lunch we did some TP before hoping on an old Mahindra Jeep@5:30PM for an evening safari. The pilot and wildlife expert was one \'Jungle George\'. According to folk tales he has been attacked by myriad of animals and bitten by 100s of snakes :-) . Just after 10mins of starting from BlueValley, we were asked by the pilot to lok on our left for our first glimplse of authentic wildlife; A bunch of Peahens(urggg...) . And before we knew he took the jeep off the road to give us a closer look. And the birds flew. And the jeep got stuck in the mud. Wow what a start of the Safari. Frankly, we were a bit annoyed but took all this in stride. After 30mins of pushing/pulling the jeep, getting muddied in feet and drenched in rain. the jeep was finally pulled by a hired tractor (Rs 100/- only). Now the safari commenced , we saw lots and lots of deers (finally got bored of them). The route of safari is not really through the jungle but a road leading to some TNSEB setup, though it does give a jungly feel(except for some fast moving Innovas and honking jeeps). Now as we were returning we saw a black bear about 10ft from the road in the bushes. \'Jungle George\' immediately stopped his chariot and asked us to follow the animal which by now had moved a bit inside. We followed the creature, which were a mother bear and a kiddu bear, until upto a point where the bear got agitated and finally ran away making some scary sounds. After all that muddling, this was a really exhilarating exp. Imagine being a bus length away from a 1.5 bears and that to in there territory. [Camp Fire] After the dinner we were arranged a Camp Fire(on request) near the Restaurant. It was as it should have been. [Activities & Wildlife: Trekking as sun came up again] 6:30 AM next day we started on a trek with Jungle George. The trek took us through some streams, walking parallel to a Coffee Plantation. This is the area between the resort and the hill. Difficulty level was Easy+ . We were supposedly following an elephant\'s trail though we could only manage his poop :-). George lead us to some height before taking a shorter route back to the resort. It lasted about 2hours. There are other trek routes too (one to a temple on a nearby hillock) though we could only manage one since we were here for a day only. [Checkout] Checkout was simple. Just payed the balance amount and some more for few Kinley and Goldflakes(yeah atleast thats there :-) ). [If you are still reading] Overall it was a VFM trip good for a day. More » « Hide
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