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Udaya kumar
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SunBird Garden Resort Wayanad
Posted: Nov 23, 2011
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Good experience overall. The weather is too good and green everywhere. Nice place to visit for... .. Good experience overall. The weather is too good and green everywhere. Nice place to visit for people who live in City which is of mechanical life. More » « Hide
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Wayanad, Kerala
Posted: Nov 23, 2011
Lifetime Beautiful Experience in Wayanad After our Backwater exploring by Houseboat in..... Lifetime Beautiful Experience in Wayanad After our Backwater exploring by Houseboat in Alleppey which was wonderful experience, we were moving to Calicut railway station to go to Wayanad. From Alleppey to Calicuit we made train journey at night so it was saving time and also saving money for 1 night accommodation and train journey is obviously cheaper than vehicle. In the morning around 4.45am we reached at Kozhikode(Calicut) railway station. We had to wait for 10-12 mins on station for our vehicle(Tata Dictor) to come. Meanwhile we just moved around station and again had same experience of people knowing neither Hindi nor English. We had tea and some biscuits on Station stall and started journey to Wayanad.Area nearby Calicut is bit crowded and many buildings. Surprisingly saw some official buildings as well having software Company. Another 20 mins there were green fields(i think rice fields) both side of road and some coconut trees around. slowly the road became more slant to uphill and sideways were appearing trees, sometime some plantations of rubber trees and we started feeling more cool breezes.Now we could see hardly coconut trees, so wondering why there are no coconut trees here being in Kerala. Driver said the elephant in jungles donít let these trees stand they always pluck out so this is one the area in Kerala where we canít see coconut trees. Further the trees on the sides of roads became more dense and was feeling bit chilling. And there were sites of Tea gardens on both side of roads and some time at one side and other side bit deep valley. again in between we saw rubber tree plantation. Now road sides were seen all the time surrounded by dense forest. Saw some monkeys on trees at frequent distances or Driver was saying that we may see some deers or elephant but maybe we were unlucky that could not see any. (But we saw them on our return journey). Now we were feeling too much fresh as surrounded by dense forest. Also because of rain it was rougher with many pits created. We were told some 15-20 mins journey more and open jeep was there to receive us and take us to more further. we were more and more curious how the place will be. We were told that its tree house and at the bank of river and we never experienced being such place before. Jeep took us till one house which was at the side of very raw road and front of the house we saw some rice fields and on the direction where we were approaching was the mountain. The house was belong to Mr. Sanjay . who guided us further. now further we were supposed to walk for 7-8 mins the way was very narrow and moving towards dense Forrest. We started walking downhill. As we were walking further we started hearing sound of insects (kirrrr - kirrrrr). Further we moved we started hearing noise of water flow and within few seconds we saw river flowing with tremendous force and now we were walking on beautiful walkway made with small smooth stones along the bank of river. Further few seconds more i had a site of one bamboo structure seen behind the leaves of trees front of us and few seconds later i saw the beautiful bamboo cottage surrounded by trees. As by sight goes further there were 2 more bamboo cottages at small distance. We were quiet tired so kept all bags on table kept at first cottage. I started realizing that we are at such place which is totally in solitude and only voice we could hear is of river flow and insects in Forrest. I could see that force full river flow just at left side where i was standing near the cottage. As we relaxed a bit i saw the cottage was totally made of bamboo and not a single pat of it where they have used any other material for constructions. Only in toilet i saw good tiles and wc and shower was only modern things.First time i was experiencing such very beautiful Eco friendly housing right in dense Forrest at the bank of river. Staff there was so helpful in carrying our luggage giving us hot water immediately to bath or to just freshen up and further serving us very nice tea with some breakfast. It was typical Keralite Breakfast called something kuttu made of rice, some coconut added in it and its eaten with banana and some papadam. Quiet different taste than we normally have in breakfast still it was very healthy and it made us feel nourishing. Also it was served in China Crockery which gave good feel as well. I was so tired so after breakfast i went to cottage room and rest my back on clean bed and within no time i got asleep. More » « Hide
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