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Adam’s Bridge is essentially a chain of coral reefs and sandbanks that almost connects India with its neighbouring country, Sri Lanka. It is popularly believed that this bridge was constructed by Lord Rama, with the help of Hanuman and his Sena, for rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana.

Adam’s Bridge is also known as the Rama’s Bridge or Rama Setu. This bridge got its name from an Islamic legend, who said that Adam used this bridge to reach ‘Adam’s Peak’ in Sri Lanka.

This bridge is a natural bridge that is made of rocks, small islands, sandbanks and stretches of reefs. Sandbanks of this bridge are quite dry and the sea is shallow. Mostly 3 feet in depth, the sea is 30 feet deep at certain places. The entire bridge is around 48 km (30 miles) long and separates the Gulf of Mannar from the Palk Strait.

It starts from the Dhanushkodi tip in India’s Pamban Island and ends at Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. The Pamban Island is semi-connected to the India by a 2 km long Pamban Bridge, while Mannar Island is connected to Sri Lanka through a causeway.

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Reviews and Ratings

Venugopal Iyer

Venugopal Iyer3.9/5

11 reviews

Rama Sethu Danushkodi

First thing first, name of the bridge is not Adam Bridge it is Rama Sethu. Good motorable road is available till the end. Government buses are available from the temple. It has a serene atmosphere. Surroundings are clean. Water is crystal clear. Hope the place is maintained and commercialization is avoided. Should not miss this place.

Rashmin Joshi

Rashmin Joshi5.0/5

127 reviews

The bridge with Hindu's & Christian's mythological significance!

Located at Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. Located at a distance from Rameshwaram and one of the must visit places around Rameshwaram. It is the closest point to Srilanka, Rama Setu or Sethusamudram or Setu Bandhan built by Lord Rama to reach Sri Lanka and to Save Sita from Ravanana. Bridge links India to Sri Lanka and as per Experts and Geologists that it was convenient to walk for humans.

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Pragat Gupta

Pragat Gupta4.6/5

3 reviews

Excellent place to be

Was an amazing place where seas meet and nice to see the end of the land slowing trailing. The tip was beautiful and at low tide you can walk on the sea for quite a distance amazing sea and experience.

Mukul Arora

Mukul Arora4.3/5

80 reviews

One edge of India, a must go place

Dhanushkodi is the last point of Rameswaram island, a few meters above from Dhanushkodi is the place called as Ramsetu point. This is the place lord Ram had started constructing the bridge to Sri Lanka.This is the point where 2 seas - Indian Ocean and Bay Of Bengal meets and the tides clash the other. Both side seas makes the charm of this place.You can go by your car upto certain point after that you have to go by bus because further no road is there. You have to go by van which is having high ground clearances or until you have 4x4 SUV.The van drivers will charge 120 per person and will also force you to come early, so be clear first that we will spend this much time.A must go place in Rameshwaram.

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  • One edge of India, a must go place
  • One edge of India, a must go place
  • One edge of India, a must go place
  • One edge of India, a must go place

Parmeesh Kumar

Parmeesh Kumar2.5/5

20 reviews

Ocean looks awesome but Ram Sethu not accessible for visitors

The original and Indian name of Adam's Bridge is Ram Sethu which was made by Lord Rama's Army under the supervision of his Engineer Banaras named as Nal and Neel. This is the oldest bridge in history and a biggest proof of the technology of that time (around 125, 000 years ago).It is really pity for us that Ram sethu is not accessible for visitors. People from all around the world visit Rameshwaram to view this Legitimate Heritage Bridge but it is a big disappointment for them when they actually cannot view this place.From Rameshwaram Railway Station, Dhanushkodi Rama Sethu point is around 20 - 23 kms away. If you are staying in a hotel then you can ask the hotel staff to arrange an individual jeep for Dhanushkodi Rama Sethu point. Otherwise you can take a Auto from anywhere which will take you to a particular point from where you need to take a minibus for Dhanushkodi Rama Sethu point. This bus will charge you either Rs. 100 or Rs. 150 (depends on the number of passengers).Bus will give you 20 - 30 mins at Dhanushkodi Rama Sethu point. But that is not the actual Ram Sethu point. The actual Ram Sethu is at a distance of 2km from this Dhanushkodi Rama Sethu point. Because the actual point is very near to Sri Lanka our Govt. Made some restrictions to go there.I don't know its good or bad for us but I believe govt. Should permit travellers to go and see the original Ram Sethu. Here also cleanliness is a major problem. With govt. Localities also should take some responsibility to make their Island Neat and Clean. Don't only depend on the Religious tourism, do some efforts to attract other set of tourists as well.Note : GULF OF MANNAR ( Marine National Park ) : It is not accessible for the tourists as well. Only scientists are permitted to this place for the research work. (another reason of my disappointment ).

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  • Ocean looks awesome but Ram Sethu not accessible for visitors
  • Ocean looks awesome but Ram Sethu not accessible for visitors
  • Ocean looks awesome but Ram Sethu not accessible for visitors
  • Ocean looks awesome but Ram Sethu not accessible for visitors

Shermil Sayd

Shermil Sayd4.6/5

3 reviews

Awesome and beautiful sunrise

It was hundred percent worth visit, preferable time is during sunrise. Whatever your grudge for waking up in the morning to go and see this beautiful and awesome sunrise will be gone once you see the fiesta. A small walk on the Adams bridge is still possible.

J e Dolphy

J e Dolphy4.3/5

12 reviews

A wonderful ride

It is tip of Rameshwaram into the sea for about 22 Km. This bit of land, known now as Dhanushkodi is surrounded by water on both sides, ie the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. It is the bridge which is mentioned in the Ramayana that Ram build to reach Lanka. On clear nights one can see the lights in distant Jaffna of Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful place with just the sky, sea and a bit of land and you. The 22 km ride by jeeps along the Rameshwaram coast to reach Dhanushkodi is wonderful. A must see place.

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  • A wonderful ride
  • A wonderful ride
  • A wonderful ride
  • A wonderful ride

Paras Bhatia

Paras Bhatia5.0/5

28 reviews

Good for sightseeing and nothing much

Good for sightseeing and nothing much to do. You can also watch this through your train or car you are travelling on. You will spot lot of fisherman engaged in fishing and dried fish scattered.

Subhash Patne

Subhash Patne5.0/5

10 reviews

The holy bridge

This bridge was built by 'wanarsena' of lord Rama. It is the most ancient construction of the earth. One should find time to take darshan of this bridge i.e. Rama Sethu.

Praveen kumar

Praveen kumar5.0/5

3 reviews

Unforgettable Bridge

No words to tell about Adam's Bridge. Its a must-see experience.

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Adam's Bridge, Rameswaram

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J e Dolphy

Old sacred church
Adam's Bridge, Rameswaram

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Adam's Bridge, Rameswaram