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Buda Kedar is one of the pilgrimage attractions offered by Tehri-Garhwal, which is situated at a distance of 59 km from Tehri town. Buda Kedar is famous for its temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated at the converging point of Rivers Dharam Ganga and Bal Ganga, Buda Kedar temple is related to the period of the epic Mahabharata.

As per legends, Pandavas, as per the advice of Rishi Balkhily came to the site of the confluence in search of Lord Shiva, after the battle of Kurukshetra. Before the Pandavas could meet Lord Shiva, he vanished and a Shivalinga appeared at that place. Pandavas, as per the instruction of Rishi Balkhily, embraced the idol to free themselves from their sins. It is believed that their impressions are still visible on the Shivalinga.

Buda Kedar, today, is one of the revered pilgrimage sites in Uttaranchal. The temple is also famous for its Shivalinga which is considered to be the biggest Shivalinga in the Northern India.

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