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Tibetan refugees have sought dwellings in India after leaving their hometowns and have created a settlement which has the tranquillity and peace of any Buddhist village. One such settlement in India which is close to Mysore is Bylakuppe.

To ensure that they follow their religious traits and beliefs, they have their “Golden temple” which is one of the largest centres for teaching Tibetan Buddhism. The Golden Temple has become a favourite among travellers for its peaceful air. Tibetan festivals are celebrated with great gusto at the monastery and are a treat for tourists.

While approaching it, the monastery appears like a movie set over the horizon and one is transported into a different region, almost as though one has travelled to a distant land. There is a distinct difference in the architecture of this settlement from the surrounding towns. The quaint houses here have tiled roofs and there is a feeling of peace and tranquillity while strolling down the meandering roads. The way to the monasteries are filled with prayer flags which have been tethered to the lamp posts and all signboards are in their own script.  

Bylakuppe was established in 1961 and it houses amongst its population several Vajrayana Buddhist monks. This small town has the basic amenities like banks, post office, telephone exchange and public transport system. The settlement can be easily approached by road.

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My visit to the Buddha Golden temple

My visit to the Buddha Golden temple  Video Review

Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple

Jatin Modi
12th Jan 18

A visit to the Golden Buddha Temple

A visit to the Golden Buddha Temple  Video Review

Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple

Jatin Modi
12th Jan 18

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23 reviews

Buddhist Pilgrim Center

Tibetan Buddhist settlement and the monastery which houses the Golden Temple is located at Bylakuppe, off Kushalnagar near Coorg. It is called Golden Temple because of the huge Golden statues of revered Buddhist figures which are the major tourist attractions. The tourism appeal is also enhance by the buildings at the monastery which are constructed in typical Tibetan style. There are stalls selling mementos and souvenir near the monastery. There is ample paid parking, however, no entry fee is charged for the Golden Temple. Photography inside the temple is allowed from certain distance.

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Harsha Anjanappa

Harsha Anjanappa5.0/5

57 reviews

Amazing Buddhist temple in Karnataka

Great monastery with stunning Buddha statue inside. Amazed at the intricate work in the temples. Absolutely humbled sitting inside and soaking in the atmosphere. Must visit this place. Called golden temple in bylakuppe near to kushalnagar. Allowed to visit in day time.
  • Amazing Buddhist temple in Karnataka
  • Amazing Buddhist temple in Karnataka
  • Amazing Buddhist temple in Karnataka
  • Amazing Buddhist temple in Karnataka

Nikhil Thomas

Nikhil Thomas4.3/5

3 reviews

Peaceful place

Very quiet, very calm and relaxing. Amazing architecture. A sense of indifference exists in all these Buddhist Monasteries. Generally people are not receptive, of course not even troubling! We feel as if we are in a different country.A place one should definitely visit!

Lokesh Nagaraj

Lokesh Nagaraj5.0/5

3 reviews

Must visit for an entirely different experience

Ever felt like a foreigner in India despite being an Indian!!?? Well then probably you have to visit this place for sure. Bylakuppe a small village placed around 80 kms from Mysore en route to Coorg which will take an hour and half time of travel holds a Tibetan Settlement within the very small hills. The history dates back to 1960s were a group of Tibetan people and also monks moved to India and settled by forming their monastery not only the one found in Dharamshala but also in the south within Karnataka. This place is truly gives an overall different and weird experience as you will feel all of a sudden you have entered into a different world where the buildings look different holding the typical Tibetan flags and you can see people who are not so Indian looking driving and walking down the lane looking at you like a foreigner and monks in saffron clothes with smiling faces walking in the streets not to forget the earphones and smartphones they hold in their hands, yes the monks. From the big arch that welcomes people to the Tibetan Settlement Village it takes a 3km of travel to reach the Golden Temple as one can see signboards every 200 mts.Once you reach the Golden Temple, just a look at the temple from outside will give you a inner peace feeling and when you see monks roaming around the temple and the hostels they reside which is inside the temple premises will give you a typical ashram feeling. Adjacent to the Golden Temple building is the temple were three big statues of Buddha are there. This temple is where people generally visit to worship. It is very calm and silent place which itself gives you a divine feeling added to the wall paintings and the statues which made me to sit in peace closing the eyes and meditate for a while.During the meditation I was able to hear the chants of the monks marching around both the buildings towards the entrance of the temple in a large group including the local civilians which indicated the prayer time. I was lucky enough to witness the prayer formalities of the monks and people who were worshiping the Lord Buddha just by standing outside the temple door.As I wanted to entertain my taste buds with some Tibetan food which I never tasted before, I bumped into a Tibetan restaurant on the way back, a bit far from the temple where there were a large group of monks having their food. The reaction they gave at me once I entered the restaurant still makes me smile just like how a local Indian will react when a foreigner comes inside a local hotel. I got to taste some really delicious hot momos with chilli paste and Tibetan bun with Tibetan beef curry... Ahhh Paradise.As I was about to drive back towards the highways the wanderlust inside me kindled to take the roads within the village which I had no idea where it takes and I will never regret this decision ever as what I saw will remain in my memory forever. A small hilly village with typical Tibetan style houses and streets with a temple at each street. This place had a handicraft center, organic farms, organic farming study center and a Buddhism University what not and all these were developed and taken care by the trust of His Holiness Dalai Lama which was written in the boards and to be more specific the entire village was maintained really neat and clean just like a movie set. I got more pumped and took every other road I came on the way and got to witness two other Tibetan settlements around with big monasteries one built amidst a big stretch of barren fields and one amidst not so misty and mighty hill. The best part was the amazing local crowd who always smile at you, very caring and helpful and they all speak Tibetan, Hindi and English very fluently which gives no restrictions to their hospitality towards the tourists.P. S: Most of the tourists come all the way to visit the Golden Temple and just leave back immediately but I would suggest if you have a bike or a car (I would prefer bike or a small car not SUV given the size of the narrow roads of the village in the hill side) or you can hire autos that are available near the temple as well as in the village to take a look around the village and other settlements and monasteries to get all together a whole new experience.

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  • Must visit for an entirely different experience
  • Must visit for an entirely different experience
  • Must visit for an entirely different experience
  • Must visit for an entirely different experience

Dimple Malchira

Dimple Malchira4.3/5

1 review

Unexpectedly epic!

This is an incredibly beautiful and lovely place to visit either with family or friends. The people are hospitable and nice. The ambiance is breath taking. The ringing of the bells at the temple echo even to this day when you really try to recall how the experience was. The surroundings are clean. The ceremony was such a treat to watch. This place can be visited any time during the day. The Golden Temple exceeded my expectations to a great extent.

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Manoj Saini

Manoj Saini4.6/5

39 reviews

Very serene place and must visit

Visited this place twice once back in 2009 and last week. The monastery is situated around 40 km from Kushalnagar and somewhere 85 km from Mysore. The place is known for Tibetan settlement and Buddha teachings. Very serene. Parking is available opposite the monastery. The temple trust also run a guest house just across the road at very affordable price. Must be on list if you are visiting coorg.
  • Very serene place and must visit
  • Very serene place and must visit
  • Very serene place and must visit

Jose Dina

Jose Dina3.9/5

44 reviews

A meditating temple with proper architecture

It is a temple, constructed by Buddhist group. It is replica of Palyul Monastery in Tibet. You can see the good structure of statue inside it. Camera and Shoes are not allowed inside the temple.
  • A meditating temple with proper architecture
  • A meditating temple with proper architecture
  • A meditating temple with proper architecture

Vanlalhruaitluanga Hmar

Vanlalhruaitluanga Hmar3.6/5

1 review

Nice and good visit

The Golden Temple was nice and there's some restaurant around it where you can eat some Tibetan food. Try out some beef mok thuk and momo. You can also go inside the Temple, I think they serve food inside the temple but no shoes allowed inside the temple. It was a great place and a good experience and I prefer going during the end of summer season. During monsoon the rain can be a little harsh. But all in all a good trip though.

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  • Nice and good visit

Atul krishna Mishra

Atul krishna Mishra5.0/5

19 reviews

Peace Personified

I was amazed to see such a huge Buddhist Monastery in South India. The place is full of beautiful temples and it feels very peaceful to visit this place. The chants of the Buddhist Hymns gives a very peaceful feeling.

Pawankalyan Gk

Pawankalyan Gk4.3/5

250 reviews

The only Buddhist temple in Mysore

According to me it is the only Buddhist temple in Mysore. It is approved as a tourist spot by government of Mysore. Here we can see various photos of Buddha and his followers. One can get a piece of mind by entering this temple. This is about 8 km from Mysore city bus stand and 9 km from railway station. I finally advise travellers to go to this temple in morning hours.

Photos of Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple

Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple, Mysore

Photo by

Nivedita Mohanan

Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple, Mysore
Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple, Mysore

Photo by

Lokesh Nagaraj

Tibetan style streets
Bylakuppe Buddhist Golden Temple, Mysore

Photo by

Lokesh Nagaraj

Tibetan style streets

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