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Chamundi temple feeling blessed, sudden plan

Chamundi temple feeling blessed, sudden plan  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Mahadev Hiremath
24th Oct 18

Small and secretly placed beautiful temple

Small and secretly placed beautiful temple  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Avinash Tomer
19th Dec 17

Small and colourful temple in Hebbal

Small and colourful temple in Hebbal  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Shivi N
5th Nov 17

Historic temple of powerful goddess

Historic temple of powerful goddess  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Pawankalyan Gk
1st Oct 17

Temple on a Hill

Temple on a Hill  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Abhishek Jain
20th Jul 17

Chamundeswari Temple Mysore - too crowded

Chamundeswari Temple Mysore - too crowded  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Anshul Karwa
27th Apr 17

Auspicious and sacred visit to the beautiful temple

Auspicious and sacred visit to the beautiful temple  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Kratika Mittal
14th Aug 16

Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Yeshas Siddi
14th Aug 16

Good architecture, great story of the temple

Good architecture, great story of the temple  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Swateek Jena
14th Aug 16

Awesome temple

Awesome temple  Video Review

Chamundeswari Temple

Shruthi Arnadi
9th Aug 16

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  • Best Time: During DayLength of visit: 1-2hrs
  • Length of visit: 2-3hrsBest Time: During Day
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Reviews and Ratings

Rashmin Joshi

Rashmin Joshi4.3/5

127 reviews

Awesome, well maintained temple of Goddess Chamundi!

This temple is visible from most of the part of the city of Mysuru. Goddess Chamundi is believed to be the protector of Mysuru. On the day of Dussehra, Goddess Chamundi will give darshan on Ambari. It is very beautiful.

Venkata surya mohan Kotha

Venkata surya mohan Kotha3.9/5

21 reviews

Excellent Temple

Beautiful ancient temple. Well maintained although crowd management was lacking and needs improvement. Lack of sufficient facilities for keeping footwear.



4 reviews

Wonderful place

Nice place to travel at morning... Cloud meets in that mountain. Nearby Mysore only you can enjoy that.. Don't forget to visit big Nandhi at down of the hill... Monkey problem.

Rajshekar Sp

Rajshekar Sp5.0/5

2 reviews

Nice temple

This is the very nice place in Mysore. Every people come to Mysore go to this place. Best place in Mysore and I love this place. You go to this temple and feel very better.

Sudhir Babu

Sudhir Babu4.3/5

17 reviews

A good scenic and religious place

Nice small drive by the ghat road with superb views of the city, makes the journey a memorable one.The temple architecture and the environ around it adds to the goodness of the place.Except that the people inside and out the temple are commercialised, it's one peaceful place to be at.Nandi statue on the way back to the city is another notable attraction
  • A good scenic and religious place

Pradeep Ramachandran

Pradeep Ramachandran3.6/5

225 reviews

A good temple

Must visit this temple if travelling to Mysore. Have to go early morning else may face huge queue in temple and take hours to get darshan. It was built fully by hard rock. Small shopping center is available outside the temple.
  • A good temple
  • A good temple

Sitara Anand

Sitara Anand3.9/5

1 review

Visit this temple for the blessings of goddess

The temple is located on top of the hill, although we can reach the Temple by car, there are restrictions for movement of the vehicle closer to the temple. As such, the vehicle has to be parked in a place a bit far from the temple. Besides, there will be Que for the pilgrims and hence it takes quite some time to complete the visit. Temple takes a break and opens again at 19:00, the temple begins with the huge statue of Mahishasura, the temple is not usually crowded during morning hours. Visit this temple for the blessings of goddess.

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Indrajit ray

Indrajit ray4.3/5

6 reviews

Good temple above Chamundeswari Hill

Good temple to visit. It is atop Chamundeswari hills just at the outskirt of Mysuru. Very hot and piercing sun during March. But wirth visiting. Surely take the ladoos made by the teple (similar to that of Tirupati). It's good and they make fresh ladoos everyday. Even if you are pious, you can take it as a good sweet.

Ruta Muley

Ruta Muley3.6/5

17 reviews

A devotional visit

Goddess Chamundeshwari, a fiercely destructive manifestation of the universal feminine energy, is worshipped as the custodian of Mysore and is also the tutelary deity of the Maharajas of Mysore: the Wodeyars. This mesmerizingly beautiful Sri Chamundeshwari Temple is situated as a glorious crown atop the crest of the towering Chamundi Hills some 13 kilometers from the charming city of Mysore. As one gently walks towards the main entrance of the Devi Chamundeshwari temple, one is greeted with the chants of the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram, which glorifies the victory of Goddess Chamundeshwari, the slayer of demon Mahishasura.Locals here narrate legends that Mahishasura stayed atop these very hills. The slaying of the demon after an intense nine day war which is recreated through Navratri, results in the hillock gaining its name.This Temple is venerated a one of the Shakti Peeth, having its deep roots in hindu mythology. In the Puranas, the Shakti Peethas are described as places where the body parts of Sati's corpse fell when enraged and unnervingly grief-struck Lord Shiva began Tandav Nritya across the earth holding Goddess Sati's lifeless body in one arm and his frightening trident in the other hand, in sorrow after her immolation in the sacrificial fire of her father Daksha's yagna. Sati's hair are said to have fallen at Chamundi Hills.Originally built as a small shrine by the Hoysala rulers in the early 12th century, the Chamundi Temple assumed religious prominence when Yaduraya Wodeyar came to rule Mysore in 1399. Having been anointed as the family deity of the Mysore Royal Family, the temple has witnessed a surge of devotees and worshippers. The marvelous sunshine-yellow shrine is not just an excellent epitome of the hundreds of fanatically worshiped and patronized religious heritage sites scattered throughout the country, but is also a fascinatingly detailed study of the assimilation of several exhilarating mythological tales and mythical folk tales into religious and sculptural art as well as the evolution of architectural features chronologically appended to numerous edifices by the historical dynasties that lorded over the beautifully-endowed state of Karnataka.The temple has been built in a quadrangular manner. It consists of the main doorway and an entrance that has been christened as the Navaranga Hall, the Anthrala Mandapa, the sanctum and the Prakara. In the Anthrala Mandapa are the images of Lord Ganesha on the left and Bhairava on the right. To the left of Ganesha is a six foot tall statue of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar-III. In the sanctum, is the main stone statue of Goddess Mahishasura Mardini having eight hands.The bus/car ride to the apex of the hill does offer some pretty thrilling, greenery-enthused scenes overlooking the entire landscape of Mysore; moreover the 1, 000 meter ascent through the curving snaking road at considerable speeds does leave one breathless and apprehensive about toppling down the hill side definitely reason enough to prefer a bus ride over trekking the 1, 000 steps leading to the summit. With an uneven path and steep steps for the first 650 steps, one is rewarded the spectacular darshan of 5 meter tall, 7. 5 meter long ornately carved, devotedly deified, monolithic granite sculpture of the Bull Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva.The breath-taking aerial view of the city up the Chamundi Hill makes the visit worth.

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Mayuri Kubal

Mayuri Kubal3.6/5

36 reviews

Remarkable architecture of the temple

The temple is one of its kind with the superb carving and architecture. It takes time to reach there as it is situated on a hill. Then there is waiting in queue, when I visited with my friends we had to wait for around 20 mins or so. There are many stuff to buy outside the temple but unique one is an idol of Ganapati made with pulses.

Photos of Chamundeswari Temple

Chamundeswari Temple, Mysore

Photo by

Nanda kumar S

Chamundi temple
Chamundeswari Temple, Mysore

Photo by

Jiss Mon

Chamundeshwari temple
Chamundeswari Temple, Mysore

Photo by

Jiss Mon

Chamundeshwari temple