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Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple is one of the chief religious centres in the region,   popular for it’s beautiful architecture.  It is famous for the largest mercury based lingam.  .

The shrine is linked with numerous sages and siddhas, who worshipped at the centre. Major highlights of the shrine are  decorations on the natural granite. As per folklore, it took 2000 years to build this temple. The shrine was constructed with bricks and mud mortar along with herbal additives, sand and lime.

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple is situated on the foothills of Velliangiri ranges surrounded by dense green forests, which is accessible by roadways.

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Nice Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Nice Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple  Video Review

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Ashish Shukla
2nd Apr 17

Amazing Place

Amazing Place  Video Review

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Rahul C
26th Nov 16

Dhyanalinga temple shiva statue

Dhyanalinga temple shiva statue  Video Review

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Mahadev Hiremath
2nd Sep 18

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  • Length of visit: 2-3hrsBest Time: During Day
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Rohit tikamdas parwani

Rohit tikamdas parwani5.0/5

2 reviews

The most peaceful and powerful of all dhyana place

Dhyanalingam is the most peaceful and powerful places amongst all the dhyana places. One can find there inner peace here, there is one suryakunda where you take Bath and one can immerse all your stress by taking Bath there. Adiyogi statue the most iconic and th epowwerful statue of the powerful Lord Shiva located at the very beautiful place with the great mountain views. Its An must visit

Chetan dhake

Chetan dhake5.0/5

3 reviews

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

I was surprised to see the pillar-less construction of such a big dome. My surprise increased thousand times, when I heard that this was constructed with out Steel & Concrete. This was built with the ancient Indian technique with brick, mud, lime, clay and some herbs. It is properly ventilated and illuminated - perfect for meditation. It is said that this structure will withstand for at least 5000 years. There was such a silence inside Dhyanalinga where I could hear my watch tick tick. It was very serene. And holy dip in Surya Kund where water immerse mercury Lingas. I loved it & want to come again and again. Om shambhavi linga bhairavi naam shree naam shree devi naam shree.

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Rakesh ambwani

Rakesh ambwani5.0/5

2 reviews

Meditative Peaceful Calm

One of the most calm, peaceful and meditative place you can ever visit. If you give your self completely, it's life changing.Follow the instructions and spend a minimum of 15 minutes however you can spend the whole day there meditating.Also there is Linga Bhairavi Temple next to it for visit.

Ashish Shukla

Ashish Shukla5.0/5

105 reviews

Awesome place

We went to Dhyanalinga at 4 pm in the afternoon and when I saw the giant 112 feet high statue of Lord Shiva.. I was literally thrilled and amazed to see such a beautiful landscape. There is also a beautiful temple of Maa Kaali and a meditation hall with pin drop silence ambience. There is a sense of peace in such a vibrant atmosphere and you would like to sit and meditate even for hours. Overall, it's a very nice place and one must visit it if coming to Coimbatore.

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  • Awesome place
  • Awesome place
  • Awesome place
  • Awesome place

Harsha Anjanappa

Harsha Anjanappa5.0/5

56 reviews

Must visit place at Coimbatore

Isha Yoga Center is well known for the Dhyanalinga Temple. It is situated 30mins from the city, Coimbatore. Public transport is available. No entrance charge. At the entrance there is a huge map of the place that will give you a good idea what to visit and expect. One need not worry of crowd, it is a moving crowd and furthermore because the land area is huge you will not see visitors concentrating in one area/venue (it is a moving crowd) unless you are visiting during a festival or event.You are not allowecto bring your Mobile into the complex, all Mobile phones and footwears must be left at the entrance. Your footweras and Mobile phones will be looked after well where tagging system is practised to ensure it is not returned to the wrong person.If you would like to fill your stomach before entering Isha Yoga Center, there is a restaurant outside the main entrance. Good food with reasonable price.From the entrance you will see huge steps, on the left of the steps is where three Linggas bult from Mercury are submerged in a man made pool. Only man are allowed to dip in this pool. The depth of the pool is about 5ft 10in. It is believed that the mercury promotes health and logevity. The entrance fee is 20 ruppees. You will be given a saffron cloth to cover yourself before entering the pool. It is advisable to bring a cloth to dry your self later. I did not bring mine, so I used the saffron cloth to dry myself. Meanwhilke the ladies can also dip themselves in another pool which is about 15mins walk just before the Dhyanalinga Temple.Anybody can enter Dhanayalingga temple as long as you are able to mantain silence. Small children that need adults supervision are advised not to enter. No Mobile phones / bags (except wallet), leg anklets are allowed into the temple to ensure pin drop silence. You can leave all these at a counter and collec t it later.At the entrance of the temple you will be guided to sit and wait for your turn to enter the temple. Everybody is given 15mins to meditate in the temple. A bell will ring to inform at the start and end to of the 15mins. You may continue to meditate more than 15mins. You might find it difficult for the first few mins to meditate because of the different environment but once you have tuned yourself to the surrounding, the meditation will easy to you.Outside the temple, there are shops selling memorabilias, books, etc. You will find a canteen with delicious food.Generally the folks here are very helpful. The family and I enjoyed it.

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  • Must visit place at Coimbatore
  • Must visit place at Coimbatore
  • Must visit place at Coimbatore
  • Must visit place at Coimbatore

Kln chaitanya

Kln chaitanya4.3/5

6 reviews

Superb place

This is the best place for yoga and meditation which is located in superb location near to Coimbatore... One should definitely visit this place... Volunteers are very cooperative and providing information..

Sharidhar shashihittal

Sharidhar shashihittal3.9/5

6 reviews

Peaceful so rounding.

Situated in a cool environment so rounded by pleasant flowers and arcnut trees. A place to visit for relaxing and sitting in peace of mind. Can have short swim Bath in surya kund an clean river from hills pa sing thro copper and other metallic plates will provideFreshness.Camera and mobiles are not allowed inside premises. Still I have seen some people having mobiles with them (most of them are staying in Ashram cottages)

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Arya Rk

Arya Rk1.8/5

12 reviews

Money spent to visit is not worth you see or get there

I had paid Rs. 2000- to a car for visiting this place, I had seen many kiosks in the city of this temple and did not found any thing special. They do not allow cameras inside, so you can not take pictures there, then what memories you will bring? They do not allow you to go with chappals inside the campus, the campus is 2 kilometers long and the stones become very hot and you find it difficult to walk inside the campus. I had seen on Discovery channel that they prepare special lunch for thousands of people but when I reached there the did not serve food in their Mega kitchen. They were selling about 100 grams of cut fruits for Rs. 40- and curd rice for Rs. 30-, I had spent Rs. 2000- and time just to taste their lunch but it was for the Guests who stay there. NO Trees for shadow, no shadows to cover the pedestrians path. Only small table shops to sell the Ashram products. It was a total waste of Money. Better I could have gone to any amusement park and might have enjoyed better and best. It could have been better that they allow shoes inside campus and not allow when enter the temple alone but walking naked feets in the campus was a total punishment. The staff there was not cooperative. Better go to Ooty and enjoy Cold weather.

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Prasad Reddy

Prasad Reddy4.6/5

1 review

A place of silence and peace

I visited this Temple when I went to my friends house in Coimbatore. It was just 30kms from Coimbatore, this temple is mainly known for silence and meditation which is situated in foothills of highly adorable and Velliangiri hills where Lord Vellingiri(siva) is located. To the left side of the temple there will be a Bhairevi Temple. The temple inside is also very silence and peace, meditation hall we can do meditation upto 15min, there is a entry fee. There is a kund for men called SURYAKUND to refresh, for ladies also separate kund called CHANDRA KUND. There are only two restaurants outside the temple, in this temple cameras and mobiles phones are prohibited.

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Socrates chinniah

Socrates chinniah4.3/5

4 reviews

Calm, serene and artistic

The place is located about 30 km from Coimbatore. I reached the place through bus and is the cheapest mode of transport. The bus took about an hour and fifteen mins to reach the place.The place is located close to a reserve forest and hence is close to nature automatically. Once you enter, there is a pond called Surya Gundam for men to take the bath with 3 lingams immersed in water. The temple complex is located right after the pond before crossing a big black bull (nandhi) that sits in a ground facing the lingam inside the complex.Inside temple complex the Dhyanalinga ( meditation hall with the deity) is located at the centre and the Linga Bhairavi (goddess) temple located on one side. A prasadam (kheer) is served for a small contribution and is worth taking for its sweet taste.Before entering the Dhyanalinga the devotees are made to wait just before the entrance for meditating and also for previous group who is inside the temple. Once entered you could see a towering linga with 7 concentric circles representing the 7 chakras that are perfect in alignment. The visitors are provided 15 mins to meditate inside the hall else they can opt out by walking before people sit and start to meditate.The temple complex has got some good stone carvings and art with good amount of greenery.The temple is definitely not a building of a traditional architecture but a modern style and different.A good place to visit if you are in Coimbatore. There are restaurants that offer good veg food. Have a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for a casual visit.

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Photos of Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore

Photo by

Ashish Shukla

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore
Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore

Photo by

Ashish Shukla

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore
Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore

Photo by

Ashish Shukla

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore
Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore

Photo by

Harsha Anjanappa

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, Coimbatore