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Dip Tse-Chok Ling Gompa is one of the most frequented spots of McLeodganj. The religious monument is constructed on a steep hillside in the shadow of Dhauladhars. There is a beautiful figurine at the Gompa. The monument can be reached by heading on a trail from Dalai Lama’s temple complex.

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A beautiful monastery overlooking the mountains

A beautiful monastery overlooking the mountains  Video Review

Dip Tse-Chok Ling Gompa

Brian Rego
22nd Feb 17

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Kanchan Raitani

Kanchan Raitani4.3/5

42 reviews

Peaceful place

Tse Choking Gompa was built as a mark of replacement of the original Dip Tse Choking Gompa in Tibet, which is why it is immense cultural significance in McLeodganj. Many people are confused that it is located inside the Dalai Lama Temple - NOT AT ALL!When I was looking for things to do and places to visit in McLeodganj, I came across this monastery for the first time. By then I had already read about the Nagoya monastery (Dalai Lama Temple) and the Kalachakra temple right in the heart of Main Square and also the Gyuto monastery in Dharamshala. And I said to myself, how many monasteries will I be able to see anyway? So I kept this monastery as a contingency - If I have time left, I will visit it otherwise I would not. I cannot even begin to imagine how much I would have regretted had I not been to this place. My visit here was the best part of my McLeodganj trip - that too on the last day! I am so glad I went to see this place.For starters, Tse Choking Gompa is a monastery which is not so easy to find. Which is where this gets exciting. From what my research told me, it was supposed to be near the Main Square. But the problem is I had walked the length and breadth of all the lanes in Main Square and I was sure that this monastery was not located there. On some digging and some conversations with the locals, we finally figured it out. So as you would see when you reach the main square, there are 4 roads - 2 on either side of the Kalachakra temple - one leading towards the Dalai Lama temple and the other leading to various eateries and the famous Pink House Backpackers hotel. The other 2 lanes - one towards Bhagsu waterfall, Nicks Cafe and the other is an alternative route to Triund Trek which starts from the Clay oven cafe(Best place to eat. But technically there is a 5th lane as well which is not easy to spot). It is next to the pastry shop towards the right. The lane that leads to the Dalai Lama temple is to the left of the pastry shop. I know it sounds confusing right now, but when you are standing at the main square - trust me it will be crystal clear. The 5th lane is pretty secluded as it is actually the back side of all the buildings on the way towards Dalai Lama temple. When we reached the end of the road, we still could not figure out where exactly is the monastery because it was a dead end! AND there was a waste dumpster with a black cow chewing on God knows what! When we moved a little forward, we saw that there was an opening in the fence, and there were small stairs leading downstairs - towards - wait for it - Nothing - because we still could not see the monastery. Anyway, now that we saw there is a way which leads to somewhere, it was too adventurous to be left alone. So down we went - you can see the stairs in the pictures that I have uploaded. Finally after climbing down the zig zag uneven stairs for 5-7 mins, we finally reached the gate which said "TSE CHOKLING GOMPA". The entire experience of reaching the place was so exciting that I was just looking forward to enter the monastery. But bad luck, we found out that the head priest(monk) was travelling to Dharamshala and he had the keys. They did not know when he would return. The monastery is located in a huge compound with rooms for monks who are studying there. We thought of exploring the place further and came across a patio which opened up to the view of the hills. The place was quiet with 2 green benches. We sat down - it was pure bliss - the quiet, the view of the mountains and the sun coming down. I could have sat there for hours and not worried about a thing. But we had to leave that day. So after a while, we started back and good luck - the priest was back! We got the opportunity to have a look inside and pay our respects. If you think this was it, hold your horses - I haven't reached the best part yet. Finally we started to head back and were about to exit from the main gate, when something on my right caught my eye. 5-6 puppies playing with each other! That was it.. We dropped on our knees, scooped those babies up and played with them, clicked pics with them (Pic attached). It was pure joy! By far the best day in McLeodganj. In my experience, the offbeat places I have visited have turned out to be the highlight of the trip rather than the cliche places which our filled with tourists. This is definitely one of those "not to be missed" places.

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  • Peaceful place
  • Peaceful place
  • Peaceful place
  • Peaceful place



2 reviews

It was a very nice moment

It is our pleasure to convey to you that it is a very nice trip.

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