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The Elephant Stable near Lotus temple is an important site at Hampi that draws many tourists. This building which was once used to tie up elephants is now preserved as a monument.
There are eleven rooms adorned with high domes and roofed with amazing carvings. The centre hall is quite big and more decorated and it has a larger dome. There are metal hooks hanging on the top which were used to tie the elephants and manholes are located at the rear of each hall through which mahouts can enter the elephant compartments. The architecture clearly displays the royal extravaganza in olden days and detailed workmanship.
There is a nominal entry fee for the tourists and there is some charge on cameras as well. From here one may proceed to the Guard's Quarters and to the Ranga Temple located nearby. There is also a museum housing an exhibition of gold, stone statues and pictures. The Lotus building and the Queen's baths are also worth seeing.
The best time to visit the place is between September and February when it is cool. A visit to Hampi is recommended to casual tourists, photographers as well as history buffs and archaeology students.

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Light and sound show but in Kannada

Light and sound show but in Kannada  Video Review

Elephant Stables

Darshana V
6th Nov 17

Simply awesome

Simply awesome  Video Review

Elephant Stables

Nik Goradia
25th Oct 17

Big homes !

Big homes !  Video Review

Elephant Stables

Bhuvaneshwari S
12th Nov 17

The Majestic Stables

The Majestic Stables  Video Review

Elephant Stables

13th Feb 16

The old elephant stables

The old elephant stables  Video Review

Elephant Stables

Athul Rag
8th Aug 16

Good place to visit

Good place to visit  Video Review

Elephant Stables

Raghav Bhawsinka
17th Aug 16

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Reviews and Ratings

Arun Rajan

Arun Rajan4.3/5

140 reviews

Resting place for elephants

Elephant stables is a very big place that was contracted to maintain and manage the elephants used for wars. The place is massive and still maintained well by the government.
  • Resting place for elephants

Nikita Shah

Nikita Shah5.0/5

40 reviews

Royal Stable for the Royal Riders

A must see and a sure photo shoot stop. It is a part of the Lotus palace. But frankly this stable looks more royal than the palace itself. It is mesmerizing to see how the royal families have built these great structures and also heart breaking to see how rich was India in the past and now this place is all but Ruins.

Mandar Pasalkar

Mandar Pasalkar4.3/5

20 reviews

When elephants stays

These are huge structures in front of lush green as you will see them in front from your eyes, but I got blown away by the details they done for stables.The height is calculated according to the height of elephant with sitting arrangement, special window to climb and to clean the elephant special place.All and all just see to believe it.

Snehal Raibole

Snehal Raibole5.0/5

39 reviews

Royal stable for the royal Elephants

This is probably the least destroyed structures in Hampi. This long doomed building was used to the royal Elephants. Out of the 11 domed tall chambers some of them are inter-connected.
  • Royal stable for the royal Elephants
  • Royal stable for the royal Elephants
  • Royal stable for the royal Elephants

Muthusamy Muthusamy

Muthusamy Muthusamy5.0/5

184 reviews

Elephants place

This is at the tail portion of the palace ruins of Hampi. The structures are so beautiful that speaks about the workmanship of those period the roofs of the Elephant places have dombs of about 12 numbers which are unique between themselves on its own. King's Elephants used during the wars were believed to be maintained here. Adjacent to this there are some long corridor like structure which were quarters for the Elephant guards.

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Amit Ghosh

Amit Ghosh4.3/5

581 reviews

Important for architectural values

The shelter for the royal elephants can give you an overview of the regal lifestyle of the Vijayanagar Kings. The stables depict the typical architecture common to other structures of Hampi. The area is well maintained.

Vyshakh  Ramachandran

Vyshakh Ramachandran3.6/5

7 reviews

Excellent Architecture

The long immense structure with eleven chambers is certainly one of the most well known strucures in Hampi. It is located next to Lotus palace. Vittala temple, lotus palace and elephant stable can be seen with one ticket of Rs. 10/- .
  • Excellent Architecture

Prakash Manjrekar

Prakash Manjrekar3.6/5

60 reviews

Major attraction of Hampi

ELEPHANT STABLES - Elephant Stable is a major tourist attraction. This long building with a row of domed chambers was used to 'park' the royal elephants. There are 11 domed tall chambers; some of them are inter- connected. The center one is specially decorated and big.
  • Major attraction of Hampi
  • Major attraction of Hampi
  • Major attraction of Hampi
  • Major attraction of Hampi

Randolph Marsh

Randolph Marsh4.3/5

25 reviews

Impressive one

Please don't expect to see elephants here. The elephant stables was used to house the royal elephants. It's one of the few structures that did not suffer extensive damage during the Mughal attack on Hampi. This attraction is a great testimony to the Indo-Islamic architectural design.The grounds of this attraction is well maintained and tourists could choose to relax and take a short break here. This attraction also has a pay and use public lavatory and a snack stall.

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  • Impressive one

Mayuri Sen

Mayuri Sen3.6/5

16 reviews

For royal elephants

As the name suggests it was meant for the royal elephants. There are eleven stables here. All these are neatly interconnected with small doors. This place is very near to Lotus temple & Mahavir Dibba.
  • For royal elephants

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Photos of Elephant Stables

Elephant Stables, Hampi

Photo by

Manoj Kumar

Elephant Stables, Hampi
Elephant Stables, Hampi

Photo by

Manoj Kumar

Elephant Stables, Hampi
Elephant Stables, Hampi

Photo by


Elephant Stables, Hampi
Elephant Stables, Hampi

Photo by

Vishnu Katara

Elephant Stables, Hampi

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