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Elgandal Fort is situated 10 km away from Karimnagar on the bank of the Manair River. The fort had been a centre of power of various dynasties, including the Kakatiya dynasty, Bahmanis, Qutub Shahis, Mughals and Asaf Jahis.

The temples of Nelakantha Swamy and Narasimha Swamy are located inside this fort. The Brindavan Tank, built by Zafar-ud-Daula in 1754, is located near the fort. The fort also has tombs of various saints, where the annual Urs of these saints is celebrated.

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Rizwanuddin Rafiq

Rizwanuddin Rafiq3.6/5

3023 reviews

Mosque with shaking minarets situated at hilltop.

Elgandal Fort is situated about 17 Km from Karimnagar and easily this famous historical fort can be reached by Sircilla-Vemulawada-Karimnagar Road or via Karimnagar-Kamareddy Road at a shorter distance of 10-15 Km, on the bank of the Manair River. This was also known as Velagandula. This fort was having quite significant strategic importance and was surrounded by a 17 feet wide and about 13 feet deep moat filled with Crocodiles, a special counter measure against any intrusion or enemy attack.This is a hill fort and was built during the reign of Kakatiyas in between 1083-1323 and served as a stronghold to the Musunuri Chiefs and the Recharla Padmanayakas, when Anapotanyaka was ruling the Rachakonda and the fort in charge was Muppa Bhupala as the Chief of Sabb Naidu. Muppa Bhopal's Minister was Kesana, whose brother Kandana was the fort in-charge at that time. Qutub Shahi dynasty got the control over the fort in 16th-century and appointed Quinam Ul Mulk as head of the fort, later Administrative controls were with Mughals and Jagdev Rao and Mubariz Khan served as Chiefs.After the death of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, Nizamul Mulk Asaf Jah appointed Amin Khan as incharge of the fort, later Muqarrab Khan and Mirza Ibrahim Khan Dhamsa became the In-charge during the reign of Nawab Salabat Jung and he strengthened the fort by rebuilding and renovating in 1754. During the rule of Sikander Jah from 1803-1823 Bahadur Khan and Karimuddin were the In-charge of the Fort as Karimnagar was named after him. The sixth Nizam Mir Mahaboob Ali Khan shifted the Head-quarter from Elgandal to Karimnagar in 1905.This fort is having eight gates and double fortification walls. Inside the fort many buildings and palaces were there like Mosque, step-wells as Chandrakanta, Anjaneya temple, Ground level small wells and about 50 towers along the fortification wall. In the first circle Ammunition hall, Jail, Rani Mahal, Stable, Mosque, a small Neelakanteswara Temple, and wells and in the second circle after climbing about 250 steps via three gates one reaches the top of the hill and can see the ritual tanks, Narasimha Swamy Temple in three small sanctums, tower with cannons and mosque with shaking minarets. It is an example of great and marvellous architecture though many of them are turned to ruin as all gates were having the wooden doors as in the stone frames holes are visible.Telangana Tourism and Archaeological Department have taken a step to revive the fort history among the tourists by Sight and Sound shows, their work is almost completed as Open Theatre, seating arrangements etc are made for the tourist's comfort. This historic monument will become popular and a must visit hill fort. From the top besides the numerous monuments one can enjoy the panoramic views of surroundings. Famous Vemulawada is about 22 km from this place, visitors may visit the divine and spiritual centre. Visitors must hire the Taxi for the ease of their exciting visit, and must carry drinking water and few eatables like snacks, fruits etc to make the visit more delightful and interesting as there is no restaurant. Inside the fort many water reservoirs and trees are testimony to the fact that the ruler were serious about the conservation of water and plants.

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  • Mosque with shaking minarets situated at hilltop.
  • Mosque with shaking minarets situated at hilltop.
  • Mosque with shaking minarets situated at hilltop.
  • Mosque with shaking minarets situated at hilltop.

Abhilash Dasari

Abhilash Dasari4.3/5

2 reviews

Elgandal Fort is the old city of Karimnagar

Elgandal Fort is the fort which is situated near to the Karimnagar City and this is the place where you can experience the old construction. Once upon a time satavahanas build this Fort.

Satya Ch

Satya Ch4.3/5

2 reviews

Best Holiday Spot

Sharing my views about my nearest sightseeing place, Elgandal Fort, which is around 20Km far from Karimnagar district takes about 20min of journey to travel. You can enjoy your weekend or holiday there, its best place to view the city from out skirts, the best place for friends to chill out!

Mohammed Amair

Mohammed Amair4.3/5

6 reviews

Elegant fort and one of the best in India

Elgandal Fort is one of the best fort in India. To reach this fort we have to climb more than 300 stairs then we can reach this fort. It is constructed on mountain and it is more enjoyable in this fort we get at evening the sun set view will give happiness to sole it is more enjoyable at this fort and it is good decision for tourist to visit this fort it is one of the ancient fort.

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