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Haldighati is located at a distance of 40 km from Udaipur. A mountain pass in the Aravalli Range, it connects the districts of Rajsamand and Pali. Historical significance of the site is evident from the fact that the battle of Haldighati was a huge combat between Maharana Pratap of Mewar and Raja Man Singh of Amber. This battle of 1576 led to a lot of bloodshed.

The yellow coloured soil of the region that gives a sense of turmeric has given the place its name. This terra firma, which was the battlefield for the legend, Maharana Pratap, was also the place where his mount, Chetak, breathed his last.

A cenotaph (chhatri), built at a distance of 4 km from the battlefield in pure white marble is dedicated to Chetak, as a sign of respect and admiration.

Balicha Village, located at a short distance from the place, is famous for its terracotta crafts. The presence of 'Chaitri-Gulab' makes Badshahi Bagh famous. Original rose water and 'Gulkand' (jam made from rose petals) that has immense medicinal value are prominent highlights of this garden.

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4th Dec 17


Haldigati  Video Review


10th Dec 17

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Reviews and Ratings

Arjun kumar

Arjun kumar0.7/5

25 reviews

An iconic location squandered

Haldighati is a potentially iconic destination, a place whose name has resonance all over India. I went there as a history buff, seeking to explore the museum that had been built there to mark the famous battle between Maharana Pratap and a Maugham force.There is a museum all right but it has one of the poorest management styles I have witnessed.You buy a ticket at the gate and walk in, only to be told to wait in a foyer sort of space. You can't enter the museum without one of their guides, who are in short supply and hence, take in people only in large groups.They wait till about 50-70 people have gathered in the foyer and then take them in together. Imagine 50 people with one guide!This guide is a fixture in the walk through the museum. Each section of the museum is locked and once the guide completes explaining one section only then will he open the next. If your group has a bunch of school kids, they are asked to squat on the floor while the guide holds forth. His explanation of the place's historical events is not too accurate either.The display and lighting of the museum is tacky and labels have typos and spelling errors. They have even managed to spell Maugham Emperor Aurangzeb's name incorrectly.A little distance from the museum is a small memorial dedicated to Maharana Pratap's horse, Chetak. A small, quiet and nice place with a garden.Some visitors seem to have a desire to carry away some soil from Haldighati. I am not sure if this is to get a souvenir of a place where heroic deeds were done or for the medicinal effects of Haldi (turmeric).Some shops sell a drink made of rose plants which is quite nice.Overall, don't waste your time here. The Maharana's history is better captured in Udaipur.

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Rupesh pathak

Rupesh pathak4.6/5

67 reviews

Veer Maharana Pratap

Haldi Ghati is near Nathdwara and Udaipur. Its the place where the famous battle of Haldi ghati took place between Maharana Pratap and Mughals. There is a beautiful museum to see and the t samadhi of the famous horse Chetak. A must watch place to feel glorious and proud of our history,

Pamela Mukherjee

Pamela Mukherjee5.0/5

20 reviews

Best Museum to gather complete knowledge about Rana Pratap & Chittorgarh

I visited Udaipur in the month of October 2016 with my family. It was an awesome experience and a must visit place for all either couples or families. There are so many places to visit and Haldighati is one of them. Your visit will be completed with this museum.
  • Best Museum to gather complete knowledge about Rana Pratap & Chittorgarh

Aniket Sharma

Aniket Sharma3.6/5

63 reviews

An essence of haldi ghati could be felt while traversing through clayey hills

While on my trip to Udaipur in 2012, we visited many places like the great maharana pratap museum. While returning back from the same, we were on our way to Haldighati, the paved way in mid of clayey yellow mountains was a bit unrealistic and treats to our eyes at the same time.

Vibhuti Vora

Vibhuti Vora4.6/5

8 reviews

Go if a history lover

Will ask you to visit the place if you are history lover, it's nice place and there are artifact shown which they tell you about history and the place which show the territory captured.

Rizwanuddin Rafiq

Rizwanuddin Rafiq5.0/5

3011 reviews

Failure of dialogues between two brave Rajput warriors

Failure of dialogues between two brave Rajput warriors, in 1573 on the bank of Udaisagar Lake, became the main reason for this Battle of Haldighati, a mountain narrow pass turned to a historic battlefield. It is situated at a comfortable distance of 40 Kms from Udaipur, near Kannur Village in District Rajsamand. It has got the name Haldighati due to the colour of soil, which is just like turmeric coloured. This was the period when almost the entire reign of the Mughal Empire in India, but mighty and heroic kings of Mewar never accepted the Mughal's rule, though few Rajput kings were friendly with Akbar.Maha Rana Pratap of Mewar, Maharana Udai Singh's eldest son a great warrior and brave General decided to face the Mughals in the battle field. This battle, was fought for freedom and their self-esteem and to ensure the dignity of Rajputs. He was helped by a businessman Bhama Shah who donated his complete wealth to Maharana Pratap for the preparation of war. In this historical battle which was fought between Mughals and Maharana Pratap who was accompanied by Jhala Maan Singh, Hakim Khan Suri and thousands of tribes, on 18th June 1576 at this Haldighati pass which was a narrow pass. Mughal Commander Man Singh was with huge army, but Maharana Pratap's bravery and guerilla strategy, he could escape from the battlefield but he lost his loyal and dutiful Chetak a steed on 21st-June 1576, who just save the Maha Rana Pratap, who was badly injured. At the same place Chetak was buried by Maharana Himself, later a cenotaph was constructed on a platform.Maharana Pratap's small army faced the huge Mughal's army with a great chivalry, and at a place due to this shedding the blood pond filled with the blood, this place is known as blood Talai. Thousands of soldiers were killed on both sides and finally this battle was Inconclusive.For visitor this place is having attraction and a message of freedom, complete battlefield where the war was held is preserved and looks like a Jungle but path ways are made for the comfort of visitors. Chetak Samadhi is also situated here and Maharana Pratap Museum, where this battle and Maha Rana's life is displayed by various interesting means.

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  • Failure of dialogues between two brave Rajput warriors
  • Failure of dialogues between two brave Rajput warriors
  • Failure of dialogues between two brave Rajput warriors
  • Failure of dialogues between two brave Rajput warriors

Ankit Kedia

Ankit Kedia4.3/5

1 review

Nice place to visit

It is situated near Udaipur city. It is a nice place to visit and learn some interesting facts about Maharana Pratap, like his time after the battle of Haldighati, his Guerrilla warfare techniques etc. There is also a museum of Maharana Pratap, which is actually a nice place to visit. If you planning for a trip to Udaipur city, you must visit this place.

Sarbajit Ghosh

Sarbajit Ghosh5.0/5

64 reviews

History comes to life

This is a MUST VISIT place in Udaipur. Little away from the city, this place is accessible from Udaipur by Bus/Taxi/Auto.The models with lights, sound and ambiance create such an effect that visitors will be enthralled to see. One will feel that the history has become alive. Here the stories of bravery and sacrifices of the Ranas have been described and depicted wonderfully.

Jagdish Raval

Jagdish Raval4.3/5

415 reviews

Know your great past

While back journey from Nathdwara to Ahmedabad, we chose to go via Haldighati. Haldighati is about 20km from Nathdwara, 32 km from Eklingji and 45 km from Udaipur. However road is single but easy to go. There is a nice private museum at Haldighati. Museum has one small theater where film regarding Maharana Pratap is shown about 10 minutes. Then 3-4 statute regarding incident regarding Maharana Pratap along with audio commentary. They charge rs 50 per person and Rs 30 for camera/mobile for photography which are some higher rates as one can see entire within 30 mnst. However it is not clarified that museum is running by govt or private party. It seems not running by govt. However I will definitely recommend for once.

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  • Know your great past
  • Know your great past
  • Know your great past
  • Know your great past

Smit Shah

Smit Shah4.3/5

1 review

Second largest wall in the world

It's awesome if you are interested in history. You will feel that how's the life of Maharana Pratap. And one main point that the wall of Haldighati is second longest wall after China Wall in the world. And Haldighati is the place of the war between Pratap and Akbar. Must visit if you are interested in history.