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Shashank Shekhar


  I DO NOT trust transacting with travel agents on the phone or online! So I always insist on meeting them multiple times. This time I took a chance and filed a request. The vendors' quotes were reasonable so I chose a travel agent close to my place and scheduled a discussion. He sounded quite genuine to me, so I accepted the package. My family enjoyed the trip immensely.

Nirmala Shankar


  What a great help! I have always felt extremely hassled by the idea of planning a trip. But going through HolidayIQ, my husband and me, we felt like making a trip happen. So we reached out and got calls from many vendors. We chose a nice little trip and the travel agents took care of everything including our visa processing and travel insurance.

Abhishek Sharma


  I had a couple of places in mind and the budget but it was too confusing. So I filled the form and got quotations from various vendors based on couple travel. The travel agents dished out the best packages. It all turned out to be too easy.

Nidhi Thakker


  I was going through HolidayIQ when I suddenly felt the urge to make an impromptu trip. But as luck would have it, the ticket prices were too high. I almost gave up but filled the lead form on the website anyway. To my surprise, the quotes the vendors came up with were reasonable. Personally, I could not have planned a better trip at such reasonable price. I had a fantastic time.

Shubham Goel


  I wanted a customized trip so I filled up the lead form specifying likes, budget and duration and got multiple quotes from vendors. Once the itinerary is tailored they presented it to me. I suggested some changes and I got to go on a unique trip exactly the way I wanted. Good stuff!

Vineeth Nair


  I was stepping out of the country for the first time and I had no idea how to go about it all. I checked HolidayIQ and created my wishlist. Still a little apprehensive I filled the form and the travel agents presented their packages. Most of the itineraries were similar to my wishlist. So I managed to plan the trip by myself and it was bang on... lovely trip. Thank you so much guys!

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