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Near Port Blair, the Jawra Reserve is the place for the Jawra tribe of Andaman. Two islands have been kept as reserve area for this tribe and are off limits to the general population. The tribe was considered to be the first inhabitants of the island and are an important aboriginal tribe in the Andaman Islands.

Presently, the population of the Jawra Tribe has come down to 200 but is being supported by the government and is being taken special care of. Inside the Jawra Reserve the tribal people take part in many festivities, dances and songs of their tradition, rituals and have their own social order and ceremonies. Along with the tribe, the Jawra Reserve is also known for the rare species of flora and fauna.

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Reviews and Ratings

Smriti Das

Smriti Das4.3/5

375 reviews

Jarawas are an adivasi group in Andaman

On 27. 12. 2016, very early morning our journey was to Baratang through Jarawa reserve area. From Port Blair city to reach Jarawa reserve forest gate, one and half hour time was taken by car. Permit is must to enter into the jarawa reserve area. After checking on gate, our car has moved towards the forest. The car is not allowed to stop any where so, we got a passing glance out the window as we wish to catch a glimpse of the jarawa people. After a long run, we got a sight of jarawa tribal were standing in a group at road side. The jarawas are recognised as an adivasi group in Andaman. They live in parts of south and middle Andaman. No photography is allowed in jarawa reserve area.

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  • Jarawas are an adivasi group in Andaman
  • Jarawas are an adivasi group in Andaman
  • Jarawas are an adivasi group in Andaman
  • Jarawas are an adivasi group in Andaman



5 reviews

The personnel travels together for safety

The road to Baratang from Port Blair passes through the Jarawa Tribe Reserve also known as Andaman Trunk Road (ATR Route). Hence, security personnel also travel for the safety of the tourists and the tribal in a Convoy. Interacting with them, giving them food or clicking their pictures is strictly prohibited and a punishable offence.

Ratish pillai

Ratish pillai3.2/5

3 reviews

Never miss

The visit to Jarawa reserve has to made early morning. The journey through the forest is long and tiring, you have to carry food and water. Got to be lucky to get a glimpse of Jarawa tribes. Please do not try to click pictures of the tribes and keep the place clean.

Rajib Chatterjee

Rajib Chatterjee3.6/5

14 reviews

A boring place

Though no animals can be seen, probably all eaten by the residual 242 Jarawa left there, you will be allowed to move convoy and will not be allowed to stop, wave at, offer food or cloth or dismount your vehicle or even dispose anything of it. Feels boring at times and not a recommended spot for sightseeing.

Chandra shekar

Chandra shekar4.3/5

5 reviews

Experience like never before

It all started at 9 Am through the dense forest. It was a nice experience to go though the forest in convoy. It was the first time i was going like that, though we did not see any tribal in the beginning later while returning we saw them. Overall, a very nice experience.

K k singh

K k singh4.3/5

9 reviews

A good journey

It was a road journey through the jungle and since the jungle is inhabited by tribal certain regulations are there in place.

Ravi chandran

Ravi chandran1.8/5

13 reviews

Meet the Jarwas

This place comes while you travel from south Andaman to north Andaman, on either side of stretch of 50 km road you will find jarwa tribes. You are, however, not allowed to talk to them or photograph them.

Suresh Ghosh

Suresh Ghosh5.0/5

22 reviews

Wonder to meet our ancestors

It is possible for us to visit to them on real life, as we saw them and visit to their place to understand them better. It is really wonderful experience. As we know they are not like us, but they believe they are good the way they are, so they stay in protected areas. Protection is given to them because of us (the common tourists). To visit this place one must wake up on 2 AM morning; the earlier you start, the beet for your trip because you may come home early. From 'Jirkatang' it is 6 AM morning when a police convoy starts, we follow them to cross over this place. It is about 100 km journey. After 3 PM in the evening, we started our return journey. That is the rule over there. But wonderful journey, 200 km journey in total drive was smooth and continuous; no stopping over any place without special permission. If your lucky you might meet them.

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Sathya narayan                  

Sathya narayan                  3.6/5

11 reviews

Lucky if you sight a Jarwa resident

In the middle of thick forest it is an hour and a half drive to reach the place. We were lucky to spot four jarwas on the way at two places.



13 reviews

Luck has to work!

Jarawa reserve, otherwise Jirkatang forest is on the way to Baratang island. Best time to start out is by early morning around 3, find your place well before others at the toll gate. Gate opens by 6. It is 50km drive from the gate. Not suitable for driving alone. Photographs, playing pranks with tribes, offering them anything are strictly prohibited, since they may turn violent at any time. Looking at Jarawas (tribes) really depend on luck since they comes out only at their wish. Carry food, water in hands, since it take long time to drive and there will be no stopping till the end of the forest. Shall avail food near the gate, before entering in too.

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Photos of Jawra Reserve

Jawra reserve, Port Blair

Photo by

Smriti Das

Jawra reserve, Port Blair
Jawra reserve, Port Blair

Photo by

Smriti Das

Jawra reserve, Port Blair
Jawra reserve, Port Blair

Photo by

Smriti Das

Jawra reserve, Port Blair
Jawra reserve, Port Blair

Photo by

Smriti Das

Jawra reserve, Port Blair

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