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Kailash Temple

Ajanta & Ellora

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Kailash Temple Overview

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Kailash Temple is basically the Cave 16, which is the most popular attraction of Ellora. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is largest rock-cut temple in the world that was chiselled out of 3 million cubic feet of rock. The temple is a multi-storeyed complex, designed similar to Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva.

The temple features a two-storied gateway, which resembles a South Indian Gopura. This gateway leads to a U-shaped courtyard, which is bordered by columned galleries. Sculptures of deities adorn the galleries of this temple that was once connected to the central temple by flying bridges.

Courtyard of the temple houses three structures, namely Central temple, Nandi Mandap and the linga. The central temple is the Shiva temple, which has a sacred bull Nandi enshrined in the front. Nandi Mandap, which is 29.3 m high, is supported by 16 pillars on a base, which is carved to look like life-sized elephants are holding the structure.

The shrine has a large linga in the centre that is carved from living stone. On the left side of the entrance of this shrine, images of Shaivite (followers of Shiva) have been carved. On the right hand side of the entrance, images of Vaishnavites (followers of Vishnu) are engraved.

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Nice place

Nice place  Video Review

Kailash Temple

Devanshu Chaudhari
1st Aug 17

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Reviews and Ratings

Abhinav Kumar

Abhinav Kumar5.0/5

276 reviews

The Kailash Temple

The Kailash Temple is the first cave you will be entering while your Ellora visit. The temple is huge and the carvings are extra ordinary. You can climb the two storey temple and experience best of the architecture. You need to leave your footwear outside before climbing the temple as there is a worship chamber as well. From the top of the cave the aerial view of temple give you the grandeur view of the temple.

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Kaushik Basu

Kaushik Basu4.6/5

75 reviews

Amazing rock cut temple

This is really an amazing piece of Hindu temple architecture built extensively on sculpture cut out from a hill. Being right in the middle and right in front of the Ellora Cave complex, obviously it is the most visited cave in Ellora and hence over crowded, so getting a glimpse or a good photo without the crowd is always a challenge. But the degree of details in this temple is really fascinating, to what extent a sculpture can be done be in the pillars and walls or individual models.

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  • Amazing rock cut temple
  • Amazing rock cut temple
  • Amazing rock cut temple
  • Amazing rock cut temple

Mukesh Sagar

Mukesh Sagar4.6/5

102 reviews

You need full day to cover all Caves

There are more than 30 caves in Ellora. All the engraved or carved out of the mountain. Cave 1 to 16 and the temple can be covered by walking and for the rest you will have to take the bus.It will involve a lot of walking so do take most comfortable shoes along with you.
  • You need full day to cover all Caves
  • You need full day to cover all Caves
  • You need full day to cover all Caves
  • You need full day to cover all Caves



95 reviews

The unique Architecture of Kailasa Temple Ellora

The Kailash is one of the largest rock-cut ancient Hindu temples located in Ellora, Maharashtra, India. A megalith carved out of one single rock, The Kailasa Temple is the only structure in the world which is craved from the top to bottom, it is notable for its vertical excavationcarvers started at the top of the original rock and excavated downward. The traditional methods were rigidly followed by the master architect which could not have been achieved by excavating from the front.Photos of The unique Architecture of Kailasa Temple Ellora 1/3 by Ankita ShrivastavaThe Mysterious facts are that there are many narrow pathways which are closed for public but are as long as around 200 feet and too narrow for a human to enter.Photos of The unique Architecture of Kailasa Temple Ellora 2/3 by Ankita ShrivastavaThe Kailasanatha temple (Cave 16) is one of the 34 cave temples and monasteries known collectively as the Ellora Caves. Its constructed is in 8th century by Rashtrakuta king Krishna I in 756-773 CE. The temple architecture shows traces of Pallava and Chalukya styles. The Aerial view of the top of the Ellora Temple is also visible and distinguishable easily.Photos of The unique Architecture of Kailasa Temple Ellora 3/3 by Ankita ShrivastavaHow to reachAirPune is the nearest airport, Mumbai is also an option as there are many frequent buses and trains from there.RailAurangabad Railway station is well connected to Major cities from here you can hire an auto-riksha or a taxi for site seeing.RoadAurangabad is well connected to the major cities, from here you can hire an auto-riksha or a taxi for site seeing.Government run tourist buses are good option to explore Aurangabad, there is Daily ITDC Tour Bus Service To AJANTA & ELLORA. In Ellora package they cover Daulatabad Fort, Ghrishneshwar Temple (12th Jyotirlinga Shiva Temple), Ellora Caves, Khultabad (Aurangazeb Tomb), (Mini Taj Mahal) & Panchakki in just 300 Rs per person.

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Sandeep rk

Sandeep rk5.0/5

1 review

Mesmerizing Kailasa Temple and the wonders of Ajantha and Ellora

Smitten by the accounts of those who visited this place, me and friends undertook a journey which shall remain with us for the rest of our lives.We reached Aurangabad from Bangalore with a brief stopover at Mumbai. Elephanta had served as a true appetizer for what was to come. A wonder in its own right, but reserved for another review.First stop Ellora, and I can only say words and pictures do no justice to magnificence that is Ellora. It's a true testament to the beauty and wonder hardwork and perseverance of humans can create.Sheer rock cliffs carved out to form beautiful temples. All done with mere chisel and muscle. No joints no plugged in structures all carved out from the rock face.Temples and multi cultural belonging to Hindu Jain and Buddhist deities. Each unique and bringing in a different facet of architecture.The jewel crown however is the Kailasa Temple. A gigantic three storied temple carved top down. Having intricate balconies and windows, lined with incredible sculptures from Indian mythology. Significant among them being the Ravana lifting up the Kailash mountains and the reliefs on either side of the temple depicting Ramayana and Mahabharata.The whole structure is held up by a series of elephant motifs none of which are the same.This is a incredible place which demands your awe and is certainly a place which is must on the places to see.I truly wonder how humans, how much ever their number can achieve something like this. It's impossible for us to comprehend as it must be a divine creation or from a technology we have long forgotten.After this it was to Ajantha the more tourist friendlier of the two. Thanks to Japan as I came to understand with Ajantha being a Buddhist pilgrimage center.Although part of a very system like Ellora, Ajantha is very different mesmerising you with intricate paintings. Be it the elegant Padmapani or the moral Jataka tales the depiction is breathtaking. A living museum preserved for us to appreciate the what we can do. In the raining season Ajantha metamorphosises to a paradise with streams of water flowing all around it including a waterfall. Unfortunately this is its enemy too as water seepage threatens the rich visual tapestry.Overall highly recommended and must do in a lifetime. If of all of this you condo only one place do choose the Kailasa Temple. It's out of this world.Things to carry: Water !!, shades, CameraIf you really want to understand the place Hire a Guide. Do bargain.

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Devanshu Chaudhari

Devanshu Chaudhari5.0/5

6 reviews

Great kailash temple

Kailash temple is the greatest of Indian temple I have seen till now, it's been carved from one piece of mountain. The two vijay stambh are like icing on the cake.
  • Great kailash temple
  • Great kailash temple
  • Great kailash temple
  • Great kailash temple

Parag Joshi

Parag Joshi5.0/5

67 reviews

Largest monolithic structure in the world

This temple is a main part of Ellora caves. It is largest monolithic structure in the world no wonder why it is a UNESCO heritage site. It is 2 storeys building, there is Shivalingam & Nandi on the 2nd floor. 2 pillars is the attraction of this temple.The architecture of place is must see. It is said that this temple was built in 18 years which today is also very difficult to build with advanced technology.

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Photos of Kailash Temple

Kailash Temple, Ajanta & Ellora

Photo by

Mukesh Sagar

Kailash Temple, Ajanta & Ellora
Kailash Temple, Ajanta & Ellora

Photo by

Mukesh Sagar

Kailash Temple, Ajanta & Ellora
Kailash Temple, Ajanta & Ellora

Photo by

Devanshu Chaudhari

Kailash Temple, Ajanta & Ellora

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