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Kokkare Bellur, located at a distance of around 12 km from Maddur, is a small village popular for its bird sanctuary. The sanctuary is home for several colourful birds, including the grey-pelican that comes here from Australia. Other important migratory birds that can be seen in this sanctuary are the painted storks and spot billed pelicans that build their nests on peepal, portia bristle and tamarind trees.  

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.onamigration .3.6/5

27 reviews

Not really a bird Sanctuary, but enjoy watching Pelicans, Storks and more

I had read about this place for quite some time and having covered most of the places in Bangalore, I decided to visit the place. I already knew that it was somewhat late for me to go there, since the season for the birds was getting over. Kokkare village is on the banks of the river Shimsha. It is famous for Spot Billed Pelicans and the Painted Storks.About the journey: The place is roughly 90+kms from Bangalore and there are 2 routes which you could take, either the Mysore route or the Kanakapura Route. We started early morning 5. 00am, since we wanted to see the birds and were apprehensive that due to the increase in temperature in the daytime the birds would fly away. We took the Mysore route via the NICE road. Half way through, somewhere around 6.45 am, I could not control my hunger pangs and asked my friend to find the nearest food source for me. We stopped at a small place and had Thatte Idli and coffee and much refreshed resumed our journey towards the sanctuary.There are plenty of sign boards to direct you to the place We reached there, near a small pond where there were posters of the migratory birds and alas there was not a single bird. I was taken aback. Did I arrive too late? Should I have had come earlier?? I frowned and fretted. Then I called up 2 kids passing by and asked them about the birds pointing towards the poster. They directed me to take a left from the previous route and go inside the village.The place: Well, the place is not exactly a sanctuary it is just a village, where the birds have come back year after year to nest and breed. No sooner had we entered the village, we saw these huge Painted Storks chicks gathered on top of a house. Wow!!! They were truly huge. Few of them were flapping their wings to fly, few of them were eating worms from the ground, and it was a treat for the eye. Then I looked up and saw many other birds like-Brahminy kite, Parakeets, Sparrows, Scaly breasted Munias etc. We walked a little further in and saw Pelican chicks on the tree branches. Then a few meters in we saw a gathering of these birds. Hundreds of them were standing in one place.After clicking a few picks, we were suddenly interrupted by 2 kids on bicycles asking for pen and notebooks (not sure why were they asking for). As a practice I carry a Pen and few papers with me, so I handed over the Pen to the boy after that he demanded a note copy, which I did not have and thus my friend had to shell out Rs 10. The kids told us to go to a nearby bridge to see more of the Pelicans there. So, we started for this bridge, alas there was no sign of any Pelican we searched and searched and finally gave up.We did see Swallows, Brahminy kite, Moorhen and other water birds there. Having enjoyed the cool breeze and the serene surroundings we started back for Bangalore at around 12. 00pm.Pointers - It is not actually a proper sanctuary, so you would not find any forest vehicle or guide to take you around. If you know the local language-Kannada, chances are that you would get to see more of the birds than we did. Also, there are no eateries in the village, so you wouldn't find a decent place to eat there. Carry your own food and most essentially water with you. The road was quite traversable by both car and bike.

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Photos of Kokkare Bellur

Kokkare Bellur, Mandya

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.onamigration .

Beautiful birds at Kokkare Bellur
Kokkare Bellur, Mandya

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Beautiful birds at Kokkare Bellur
Kokkare Bellur, Mandya

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Beautiful birds at Kokkare Bellur
Kokkare Bellur, Mandya

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Beautiful birds at Kokkare Bellur

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