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Kuldhara  Video Review


Gaurav Jain
10th Jul 17

The happy Paliwals families had to leave overnight

The happy Paliwals families had to leave overnight  Video Review


Rizwanuddin Rafiq
1st Feb 19

This doomedVillage is maintained by ASI as heritage

This doomedVillage is maintained by ASI as heritage  Video Review


Rizwanuddin Rafiq
1st Feb 19

Good view

Good view  Video Review


26th Dec 17

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Reviews and Ratings

Parth Sabharwal

Parth Sabharwal5.0/5

368 reviews

Abandoned village

Kudhara is an abandoned village in Jaisalmer, most of the paludal brahmins are residing here. Government of India have developed this place as tourist spot.

Er. rahul

Er. rahul5.0/5

184 reviews


Kuldhara is the abandoned village in Rajasthan. It is infamous for being a haunted place and has many old tales to attract tourists. 200 years ago, Kuldhara village used to be inhabited by people who were under the cruel rule of their Diwan, Salim Singh. Fearing the rage of the Diwan, the residents fled one night, leaving behind their homes. From then on, nobody has heard or seen any trace of human existence in this village.

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  • Kuldhara

Srinivasa prasath

Srinivasa prasath2.9/5

10 reviews

Nothing but dilapidated old houses

Covered this en route to Sam. Our driver associated a story to this abandoned village but not sure how much of it is actually true. But there is nothing much to see there except for old houses in the dilapidated condition. Could spend some time exploring the place and click some photograph that's all.
  • Nothing but dilapidated old houses

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar4.3/5

27 reviews

Kuldhara - A deserted village

Kuldhara is 5 km off the road on the way to Sam Sand dunes. It is around 20 km from Jaisalmer. It has a history of 200 years when the villagers had deserted this village overnight. It is now said that this is a haunted village and Archaeological Survey of India who are maintaining this village, do not allow visitors to enter after sunset. The roof less mud houses still exist along with the temple.
  • Kuldhara - A deserted village
  • Kuldhara - A deserted village
  • Kuldhara - A deserted village
  • Kuldhara - A deserted village

Abhinav Kumar

Abhinav Kumar4.6/5

275 reviews

The Haunted Village

Kuldhara is known as Haunted village near the desert town of Jaisalmer. While roaming around all other sightseeing the Kuldhara is located on Khabha village route from Jaisalmer the 45 minutes drive from Jaisalmer Town. The ruin of Kuldhara has medieval time of history. The place is haunted as it is believed to be cursed by the Paludal Brahmin community. Though the authenticity of this fact is controversial as I have heard the story belongs to Khabha village but on internet the same story has been written for this village also.

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Suhani Sogani

Suhani Sogani3.9/5

16 reviews

Ghost Village

A village known as Kuldhara Village about 20 kms from Jaisalmer is an abandoned and cursed village and it has a story to tell. About 200 years ago, Kuldhara was the home to Paludal Brahmins. During that time, Salim Singh was the Diwan of Jaisalmer who was known for dissipation. He set eyes on the beautiful daughter of the chief of the village. He was so adamant in having her that he warned every villagers if they didn't give him the girl he will burdened them with heavy taxes. Brahmins were very staunch towards their principles. Fearing the Salim Singh, instead of giving their daughter, the villagers left their homes and their belongings and ran away to a place which no one knows till date. But before leaving, they cursed the place- that no one would be able to live there again.It was really something, when we visited we saw that the whole village was ruined. We visited the house of village Chief and could see the leftovers. There was a Temple but with no deity. While visiting their houses, we thought of how they would have lived, what could be their lifestyle?Best time to visit that place is during the day as in the nights, the place is closed. Though there is nothing to be scared about in the day. We wondered how can a whole village can be vacated in a night without letting anyone know about it.It is surely something mysterious.

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Santhosh Wilson

Santhosh Wilson4.6/5

61 reviews

A historical village

The deserted village of Kuldhara is situated around 30 km from Jaisalmer. We visited there by taking deviation to the right, on our journey to the Sam Sand Dunes. The ruins are scattered over a vast area. A visit to Kuldhara wont take too much of your time, as you can combine it with the evening trip from Jaisalmer to the sand dunes. The visit is worthy for usual travellers as well as historians.
  • A historical village
  • A historical village
  • A historical village
  • A historical village

Shubham Verma

Shubham Verma3.6/5

32 reviews

Amazing village ruins

Good village. The ruins are preserved by govt. The walk is worthwhile. Recommended - keep fuel tank full, hire a local guide that are available in plenty there for hearing story of the village. Can be covered in 1-2 hrs.
  • Amazing village ruins
  • Amazing village ruins

Udit Sawhney

Udit Sawhney3.6/5

14 reviews

Must visit this abandoned village

This is the abandoned village in Jaisalmer. Must visit if you go to Sam Sand Dunes. This is enroute Sam Sand Dunes, and I recommend you visit this after you return from your overnight desert camp.People will tell you story of the village there, which is interesting to hear.Many movies have been shot here like Kaalo etc.Make this plan of your itinerary of Jaisalmer.There is nothing haunted about it :)

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Dipika S

Dipika S3.2/5

8 reviews

One of the Haunted place in India

It is listed to be one of the Haunted place in India. It is said to be resided by 'Paliwal Brahmins' who fled the village and emptied 80 such nearby villages. After 6 pm entry in village is officially banned.

Photos of Kuldhara

Kuldhara, Jaisalmer

Photo by

Manjit Singh

Kuldhara, Jaisalmer
Kuldhara, Jaisalmer

Photo by

Manjit Singh

Kuldhara, Jaisalmer
Kuldhara, Jaisalmer

Photo by

Manjit Singh

Kuldhara, Jaisalmer