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Lonar Lake, located in the district of Buldana, Maharashtra, is one of the most popular attractions of the region. It is said that this lake was formed as a result of a meteor that bombarded the earth. It is theorised that the chemical constituents of the meteor along with the regional soil, give the lake both saline and alkaline properties at different points.

The unique nature of the lake has made it a subject of several studies and researches conducted by ecologists, geologists, naturalists and even astronomers. Some of renowned institutions that have conducted researches here include names like United States Geological Survey, Geological Society of India and University of Sagar.

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Nitin Pethkar

Nitin Pethkar5.0/5

100 reviews

Maharashtra's Lonar Lake -A mystery or secret? Don't miss to visit here.

Maharashtra's mystical and most well kept secret is the Lonar Lake, thanks to a meteor hitting earth over 52, 000 years ago. Hence the Lonar Lake was formed. This is the largest and only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock. And was created when a 2 million tonne meteor whilst plummeting towards earth at 90, 000 gouged a hole which was 150 m deep and 1. 8 km wide!Even with almost 30, 000 to 1, 50, 000 meteors that plummet towards Earth each year, this one actually hit and created the Lonar Lake. Not many people are aware of this beautiful and mysterious place. The lake has made even NASA scientists and Geological Survey of India officials question their theories and wonder how is it possible. The lake is both alkaline and saline & micro-organisms which are rarely found anywhere else on earth are supported in this environment. Your compass will never work here, and what lies at the bottom, no one knows.This gorgeous lake is just a 4 hour drive from Aurangabad; the road hasquaint villages and **** fields, up until the Government guest house. The trek to the astronomical marvel is a difficult one, with the path to the lake being slippery; quicksand on the banks making this trek a real precarious one.Must Take Trekking Adventure :Trekking Down the Lake and Uphill, But be Cautious, You Might Step on a Snake.The trek down the lake is really difficult to negotiate and it is always advisable to be cautious before you step because there may be a snake. The uneven surface and the dangerously wet surface of the lake's shore makes the walking quite challenging - a good treat for a trekking expedition.The best time to visit this crater is during winters and time management is necessary as you cannot get down the hill in the scorching sun neither you can trek uphill after the dark. Carry your food along loads of water as it is not available there and climbing back is always tougher.You can also visit a mini crater lying nearby also known as Little Lonar Crater that houses Amber Lake. This crater is also thought to have originated from the impact of the small piece of Meteorite that Split from the main body before hitting the ground. The diameter of this crater is 1, 100 feet or 340 meters.Major Attraction:Amber Lake - Known as Little Lonar Crater with a Diameter of 1, 100 feet or 340 mts.Flora and fauna attractions:The crater is rich in Bio-Diversity housing diverse population of flora and fauna. Despite the falls, scraped knees and bruises, you might get along the trek on your way through the jungle, coming across curious minerals, wandering into temples ruins, now home for insects, bats and other creepy crawlies.Wildlife Attractions:If you like bird watching, then the forest area is filled with migratory and local birds from resettled lapwings, blue jays to tailor birds, parakeet and peafowl. You will also be able to see barking deer, chinkaras, monitor lizards, snakes, brightly colored insects and amphibians as well.

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Pralin Fadnavis

Pralin Fadnavis4.3/5

18 reviews

Magnificent crater

India's largest crater formed by a crashing meteorite ages ago. The lake has a number of temples dedicated to Hanuman God, one of them has a natural statue from the fragments of the meteorite and has magnetic properties.

Rohan Rathod

Rohan Rathod4.3/5

13 reviews

Huge sight view and just to see

It's huge, a sight view, we can see it while passing beside it, doesnt have hotel facilities or anything like that. Its meant just to see it and pass by it, the lake is very big and is caused due to meteoroid strike million years ago.

Kailas Gawai

Kailas Gawai5.0/5

3 reviews

Second salt water Lake in world

It is second salt water Lake in world with highest diameter. It is situated in buldhana district. Around Lake many Hindu temple are there. It has only one freshwater flow which is running continuously since so many years. Even that water is considered as holy water so many people take bath below this water flow.

Samruddhi Pathak

Samruddhi Pathak4.3/5

21 reviews

Visit once in a lifetime at least

Though it is a site to view, it does not have any lodging boarding facilities and does not need any. You can just see it passing-by from mehkar -Buldhana or Amravati. It is a meteorite lake and offers a great view. Must surely visit once in your lifetime.

Kalpana Thakur

Kalpana Thakur4.3/5

5 reviews

Surprising calm lake in the interior near Aurangabad

Lonar Lake, a total surprize pack to me. A natural lake which has most salty water, that we can't gargle even, area is large & surrounded with jungle of babhul, nim etc. There are lots of monkeys on the way. Many birds are whistling. When we go there in the start of monsoon & peacocks are calling, "MIO' "MIO' for rain we enjoy that, took snaps of jungle, lake & mandir.We can go for family trip or one day picnic from Aurangabad. Only some tourist were there at that time. Regional people easily climbing the hill /step down hill with luggage or wooden sticks, grass etc. Lake view from MTDC hotel is beautiful and it is a nice place for trekking, sightseeing, wondering in jungle & of course for Photography.Small temple of Kamalja mata is unique. Other temples & khandhas seen on the way. I advised to go there with group because it's lonely place. Take some snacks, food & drinks with you. Carry drinking water is compulsory,MTDC HOTEL is on the top of the hill. It's nice & good Punjabi food etc is available. Rooms for stay if you want to stay there. Magic of nature is nothing but Lonar Lake.

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Praveen patil

Praveen patil4.6/5

2 reviews

Nice place to Visit

Good to visit this place at time of sunrise and sunset. Early morning you can climb down for and visit the temples near to lake and Rome in jungle.Worth to visit this place.
  • Nice place to Visit
  • Nice place to Visit
  • Nice place to Visit
  • Nice place to Visit

Sudhanshu  Gupta

Sudhanshu Gupta5.0/5

4 reviews

A guide is required

Our guide showed us variety of trees, Brahmani ducks and 10th century temples with beautiful carving like at Khajuraho. The walk and excursion to lake perimeter is quite strenuous specially while climbing back after 4 hrs of walk.

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Photos of Lonar Lake

Lonar Lake, Lonar

Photo by

Praveen patil

Lonar Lake at sunset
Lonar Lake, Lonar

Photo by

Praveen patil

Lonar Lake at sunset