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99% voted as clean

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Reviews and Ratings

Amit Ghosh

Amit Ghosh4.3/5

581 reviews

Asia's cleanest village

This destination can be easily reached on the trip to Dawki. Staying here is also a good as guest houses and homestays are available. Enjoy mingling with the locals and enjoying the tidiness of this place. They also have tree houses and the Indo-Bangladesh border can be seen distinctly from here.
  • Asia's cleanest village
  • Asia's cleanest village

Bornav Ráychaúdhury

Bornav Ráychaúdhury5.0/5

18 reviews

Also known as God's Garden

Mawlynnong is popularly known as Asia's cleanest village and this attracts numerous visitors. This place also has interesting rock formations, beautiful waterfalls, friendly villagers and an impressive root bridge.
  • Also known as God's Garden



7 reviews

Asia's cleaned village mawlynnong

This village situated on root mawlynnong sightseeing. Actually mawlynnong name come from local "maw stone", which is another tourist destination in this root. Here, every tiny house is looking to much beautiful and villagers are also polite in nature. Everyday local people cleaned entire village just like home. All basic facility available here. If anybody spitting here then villagers punishable with fine.

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Amit Ghosh

Amit Ghosh3.2/5

581 reviews

The cleanest and the over hyped village

Mawlynnong is extremely popular as the Cleanest Village in Asia. It is about 90 km from Shillong. But village is well maintained and well promoted for tourism purposes. But the fact is, the village nothing more than any other villages of the hills. The only reason behind the popularity is because of the promotion.

Sunil Chaurasia

Sunil Chaurasia4.6/5

27 reviews

Mawlynnong- God's Own Garden

I am extremely shocked with not having found this village (Mawlynnong- God's Own Garden) on your dairy.I am here to share my review and create awareness about this village.I visited this village in April, 2013.Let me introduce, it is numbed as the ASIA's CLEANEST VILLAGE IN 2003 and INDIA's CLEANEST VILLAGE in 2005 and the phrase has since caught on. It is located in the East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.Coming on its connectivity; it is at a distance of 90kms from the state capital Shillong. Also the State Transport runs bus for sightseeing daily to increase tourism over there for a mere fare of Rs300/-.You will get to see ASIA's CLEANEST VILLAGE, ROOT BRIDGE, TREE HOUSE(view point), BALANCING ROCK. AND ALL THIS CREDITS GOES TO THE LOCAL COMMUNITY OF THE VILLAGE.Firstly, the village is something special with greenery all around and also has some hotels. The major priority is given on the CLEANLINESS and LITERACY. Let me quote that the literacy rate of the village is 100%, yes you see it right. The village has installed unique dustbins made of bamboo, directed to a pit and then used as manure. By the way, plastic bags are completely banned and all waste disposals are environmentally friendly. The houses there are wooden and RCC as well with garden in the front portion. I suggest to stroll around the village to feel the greenery of the village.2) The ROOT BRIDGE is itself a marvel of Bio-engineering, one will be stunned how creative the nature is. THESE BRIDGES AREN'T MADE- THEY'RE GROWN. It is a form of tree shaping, which creates these suspension bridges. The root bridges are over a hundred feet long, and strong enough to support the weight of 50 persons at a time. The lifetime of these bridges are said to be around 500 years, really a marvel. Adding to this there is a water body just below it, which has plenty of water during monsoon seasons. This place is a trekkers and natural admirers paradise.3) TREE HOUSE was something I saw unique which is used as view point. One need to climb up to the top walking on the BAMBOO steps. The complete structure consists of Bamboo and the base tree. As Mawlynnong is located near the Indo-Bangladesh Border, so one can get a clear view of the Bangladesh plains. The people out there are more curious about the nature and are exploring every bit of it. This tree house is a privately owned property who maintain it. One can enjoy this by paying an amount of Rs only. It would be great if you carry a binocular.4) BALANCING ROCK, as the name suggest is a unique balance in which a big boulder is supported on a relatively smaller stone(boulder). The picture speaks out more clearly.Hope it creates an awareness among the people and improve the tourism opportunities in Mawlynnong Village.

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  • Mawlynnong- God's Own Garden
  • Mawlynnong- God's Own Garden
  • Mawlynnong- God's Own Garden
  • Mawlynnong- God's Own Garden

Mithelesh Koul

Mithelesh Koul4.3/5

2 reviews

Cleanest village in asia

It was about three hours journey from Shillong. Mawlynong is known as the cleanest village in Asia. it was truly an amazing experience. Must visit for a true ardent nature lover.

Donarun Das

Donarun Das3.2/5

213 reviews

Sky Walk at Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong village has a sky walk (essentially a bamboo walkway amongst the trees) It is around 70 feet high, providing amazing views of the Bangladesh - India border.

Donarun Das

Donarun Das4.6/5

213 reviews

A very clean village

Dubbed as Asia's cleanest village, this place is amazing. You fill find flowers in full bloom and butterflies all around pretty much like a fairy tale. You will not find garbage anywhere though. Proper conical cane garbage cans are put everywhere.

Ismat hussain Choudhury

Ismat hussain Choudhury4.3/5

21 reviews

Cleanest village in Asia

Well this village is situated around 90 km from Shillong. It was awarded as the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. The village is indeed the cleanest one because the habitants themselves keep the surroundings clean. Best time to visit this place is around monsoon when the village is at its best, but also it can be visited throughout the year. Interesting fact is that the village has 100% literacy rate.

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Photos of Mawlynnong Village

mawlynnong village, Shillong

Photo by

Sunil Chaurasia

Tree House(View Point)
mawlynnong village, Shillong

Photo by

Bornav Ráychaúdhury

mawlynnong village, Shillong

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