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Ahmedabad's Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary is a beautiful natural lake which makes an excellent sightseeing spot for tourists. Spread over an area of 116 sq. km, this place attracts more tourists because of its vivid birds that migrate from Siberia. Nal Sarovar serves as an oasis of tranquility and serenity in the midst of hustle and bustle of the Ahmedabad's city life. You can see flocks of birds mainly consisting of ducks, flamingos, pelicans, and geese visiting this Lake.

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Nalsarovar Aamin bhai

Nalsarovar Aamin bhai5.0/5

2 reviews

Nalsarovar bird watching call 9998422265

Neal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary,Consisting primarily of a hugeLake, is situated spread over 120Km to the West of AhmedabadNear Sanand city, in the GujaratState of India. Mainly inhabited byMigratory birds in winter and pring,It is the largest wetland birdSanctuary in Gujarat. The lakeNalsarovar and the wetlandsAround it were declared a birdSanctuary in April 1969.The Neal Sarovar lake Spread over120 km, attracts over 250 speciesOf birds visit the delightful birdSanctuary in winter and spring.Winter migrants from the northIncluding Purple Swanphen,Pelicans, Ibis, Lesser andFlamingos, Storks, four species ofBitterns, Herons, Ducks, CrakesAnd grebes visit Neal Sarovar.Thousands of migratory waterfowlFlock to this sanctuary just afterThe Indian monsoon season. TheShallow area and ponds on theOuter fringes of the lake attract theWading birds that feed in the shallow waters.There are 360 islets in the lake.Most of them lie exposed when theWater level is low. The lake getsFilled with water that drains fromThe adjoining Surendranagar andAhmedabad districts in the monsoonBetween November and February,This 120 km lake, is heaven of theMigratory birds. Pelicans,Geese and flamingos are bestSeens early in the morning and inThe evening.Timings for the visiting the lake is6 am to 6 pm, there is nominalEntry fee per visitor. The best timeTo reach there is just beforeSunrise as the lake is calm andQuiet & flock of birds waiting forTheir regular food. The water in theLake is only about four feet deep

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  • Nalsarovar bird watching call 9998422265



33 reviews

What a birding. Aaah ..

Entry fee: 20Parking fee: 20Boating charge : 220Maintenance charges :35Total cost PP is 300.Above mentioned fee is basic and traditional 2 hour trip. If you want to go to deep area of lake, boat driver will take you at extra charge which can be 3500-6000 on your bargaining power. In 3500, it is worth to visit as he takes you to the farther part of lake. Your boat is passing through 10 ft tall grass which is an amazing experience. Some beautiful birds can be seen at there. Bajri rotalas and garlic chutny is must try food on island prepare by local villagers.Keep good cannedCamera guy memorable photography.Winter is best time to visit. Reach early morning for comfortable journey.

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Tushar Patoliya

Tushar Patoliya3.6/5

101 reviews

Bird Heaven - December to March

Nal Sarovar large water reservoir with boating facility. Boating is bit expensive but if you are a Photographer or Bird. Then this is the best place to visit. From Ahmedabad the distance might be 60-65 Km. Early morning or evening is advisable to visit. Pelicans, Flamingos, Ducks, Purple moorhens and many more migrated bird will be available during December to March. It is not at all advisable to visit during summer.

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  • Bird Heaven - December to March

Jai Dait

Jai Dait4.3/5

35 reviews

A fine ride while watching the birds

I am not an avid bird watcher, but this ride was so enjoyable that you cannot miss this if you are in Ahmedabad. It's one of the largest lake in India. You can watch birds and can enjoy the boat ride. The boats are fairly small in size fit for a family or group of 6. Take care of yourself during the daytime as sun will be harsh. It is better if you take early morning safari. It is around 65Km away from Ahmedabad so it is better you hire a vehicle.

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Madhu sudhan reddy Pakala

Madhu sudhan reddy Pakala3.6/5

5 reviews

A place that shouldn't be missed in Gujarat

Nal Sarovar is a bird sanctuary, even if you are not a bird watcher you should take this shallow water natural bamboo driven boat ride, any one who loves nature will definitely love this place, if you are not a nature loving person I bet this place will definitely change your mind and tempt to do so. The best time to visit this place is from November to March end. Visiting hours of this place change according to seasons, in Winters the timings are from 6:00AM to 5:30 PM, in Summers they open it early as the sunrises early (but Summer is not the ideal time to visit because most of the waters get dried and the migratory birds migrate).We are three in number and drove from Gandhinagar and reached this place early in the morning, you have to park your vehicle 2km ahead of the lake where the entry tickets are given and they charge Rs. 75 per person.Things that shouldn't be missed at this place is the Sunrise, as the sunrises slowly the birds get out of their nest and fly in hundreds. The shallow waters has a certain level of calmness engulfed in the atmosphere with chirping and clicking sounds of birds and water together ; the atmosphere is very serene and beautiful. Slowly when we started to go off the lake shore the air was smelling sweeter, when the Sun started to burn brighter the colours seem more vivid and time almost seems to be stand still. Believe me there is something about unspoiled nature they soothes our soul.Things you can do here:- Natural Bamboo driven boating.- Photography (this is great place for photographers, one can have a photography feast here if you reach here before the sunrise, as many different kinds of migratory birds are mostly found during the sunrise and sunset time).- Nature loving.- Maybe you can play some game if you manage to get a ball.Things that will annoy:- As soon as you reach the place the boat men or dealers will surround you and they will make you feel that they are offering a great deal. They might say different names of the islands and charge according to it.- Usually the boating tickets are given at the entry itself but those tickets will have specific time mentioned on it, may be 2hrs, 3hrs etc, that depends on what type of ticket you are buying. (The boating rates are mentioned on the board but it is written in local language, if you are an out sides you may face difficulty).- If you people are in a group then you may hire a boat privately (10 persons can sit in one boat and it depends on your wish how much time you want to stay on the water or island).- We are 3 in number and we gave Rs. 1700 to the boatmen and stayed on the island and water for 4 and half hours.Food:- The real Kathiawadi food you will get here, it is cooked by local tribes on the island and they charge Rs. 150.- I advise to carry some food packets along with you.

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  • A place that shouldn't be missed in Gujarat
  • A place that shouldn't be missed in Gujarat
  • A place that shouldn't be missed in Gujarat
  • A place that shouldn't be missed in Gujarat

Gohel Nitesh

Gohel Nitesh5.0/5

1 review

Costly fees for both entry and boat ride

We visited Nal Sarovar but when we reached there they park our car outside gate and tell us to go in their van. And the entry fees per head is Rs. 85 and boat riding is 220 Rs compulsory have to take otherwise you will not get a entry ticket, so it is so costly I think. And local person can take in visitor without ticket with their decided rate, visitor which is half the legal ticket rate. So we feel very disappointed with this type of management.

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11 reviews

Paradise for Bird Lovers

Situated about 64 km west to Ahmedabad, it's one of the finest bird sanctuary. Specially in winter one can see a lot of variety of migrate birds.Government has already fixed entry fees and boat fees which is not too expensive. But, beware of local guy who try to negotiate with you for some more bird sights. Default boat ride will not cover much area of Nal Sarovar, so once you are on boat some local guys will come to you and will start with very high amount (Rs. 9000-12000), but if you negotiate they will come upto Rs 1500-2000 depending on season/time you visiting.Overall if you are bird watcher, it's paradise for you. But, little children/kids might not enjoy as there is nothing much to do over there.Keep your water and some snacks with you, it will be helpful during boat ride. If you are visiting during winter keep warm clothes with you. Specially during sunrise and sunset it will be very cold.

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  • Paradise for Bird Lovers
  • Paradise for Bird Lovers
  • Paradise for Bird Lovers
  • Paradise for Bird Lovers

Tapan Shah

Tapan Shah4.6/5

1 review

Awesome experience, excellent place to be with nature

Excellent place to be with nature. The morning sunlight with the company of birds around make the great start for the day. There you can find a variety of birds but the rare ones are found during morning time. It's a very nice place to visit with water no so deep and a good boat ride will add spice to it. I strongly recommend to visit this place. Nice for the person interested in photography.

Pravin Ghule

Pravin Ghule3.6/5

22 reviews

Birds across borders

Nalsarovar is visited by birds across borders every year in October to March. Winter is best time to visit, negotiate with boat for price of return journey and worth visiting for 1 day trip.

Monica Rai

Monica Rai5.0/5

36 reviews

Everglades of India!

Have you been to the everglades? If not then here is the opportunity! Nalsarovar is a bird sanctuary but even if you are not an avid bird watcher, then it might be a good idea to visit the place! There is an entry fee of INR 100/person but the best part starts after you pay the fee! My horrendous experience begins. Once you reach the sanctuary gate, you have to park your vehicle outside, pay the entry fee and sit in a van which is provided by the sanctuary people for a cost, some 20 bucks I guess. The moment I sat in the van a riot of boatmen poured upon me in a gush and suffocated me! I immediately told the driver that I would not go if all those boatmen came along. So he took only one in the van and the others followed either on their bikes or sprinting! They all wanted me to hire a boat from them and take their service. I guess it was a slack period for business and so they hovered around me! Once I reach where I had to take the boat, everyone around me looked at me with hungry eyes and asked outrageous rates for hiring the boat. There was a board with government rates written but to my surprise and frustration, in Gujarati Language! I do not know their language and hence they took advantage of it. Please beware of this strategy and do not give in to the price they ask. They told me that the price is fixed for number of hours, the route and kind of birds one wants to see. I finally took a boat for 3 hours and paid INR1800. Only to find that I overpaid!Once you are on the boat, in the waters everything seems quite alright. It was one of the most beautiful boat rides I had experienced. The water was knee deep with some kind of water plants may be water hyacinth, I guess, floating. The water was crystal clear and soothing in the heat of the day. The boatman was a good guy and he rowed the boat along the narrow passages with ease and showed me some of the most beautiful birds ever. I took fantastic shots of some migratory and resident birds and of certain species I had never seen before. There are different islands along where the boatman will insist for a stopover but beware again. This is their approach to con us by saying that now you must be hungry and should take a break for refreshments. I got down as I wanted to see the ground birds, not for refreshments. But I inquired and got to know that the people selling all the food stuff were selling at double their market price! I suggest carry your own eating stuff, drinks and water. Also, the best time to visit is early morning. The sanctuary opens at 7:00 am in summers. For birding, the best time to visit is from October to March. After march it becomes unbearably hot & there are not a lot of migratory birds.

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Photos of Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary, Ahmedabad

Photo by

Nalsarovar Aatif bhai

Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary, Ahmedabad
Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary, Ahmedabad

Photo by

Yashpal bhatt

wonderfull place to go for all season. and enjoy,,
Nal Sarovar bird sanctuary, Ahmedabad

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