Panagal (Panagallu)


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Panagal (Panagallu) Overview

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Panagal is a village situated in Nalgonda District, at a distance of 3 km from district’s main city and 112 km away from Hyderabad City. The village was once a capital of the Kakatiya Dynasty, in the 11th century AD. Panagal has always been recognised as an important religious place since the Kakatiya period during which, there were many temples constructed in village. Panagal houses around 66 pillars along with a Nandi idol in front of the central mandapa. There are two famous Shiva temples, the Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple and Pachala Someswara Temple.

The pillars of Chaya Someswara Swamy Temple are decorated in detail, with sculptures of episodes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses in the temples, date back to the Ikshvaku Dynasty of the 1st century AD. The idols of the deities are preserved in a museum, constructed within the compound of the Pachala Someswara Swamy Temple.

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