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The Pench National Park covers a land area of 275 sq km, in the southern part of the Satpura ranges. Pench National Park is a dry forest popular for its vegetation of teak and kullu trees. Declared as the 19th Tiger Reserve of India, some of the rare and endangered species of animals are found here.

Some of the species found here include wild boar, sambar, gaur, panther, macaque, chital, blue bull, barking deer, langoor, bear, wild dog, tiger and civet cat. Facilities like jeep or just a walk in the deep woods are arranged for exploring the park. Camping facilities are also provided by the forest authorities. The park is open between 6:00 am to 12 pm in the noon and from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm in the evening. This national park remains closed during the monsoons.       

One can also find Jackals hunting for food in different regions of the park and gaurs in small flocks near bamboo plantations. In the hilly and sloppy regions of the park, sloth bares are found. Geographically 10 % of the park area lies in Maharashtra while the rest 90 % area is in the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh.  

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Hina Khan

Hina Khan5.0/5

10 reviews

Pench Tiger Reserve, near Turia gate

Entry gate of Turia is good for tiger sighting. I was gone 3 times and all the times watched tiger, type of birds I have watched . This forest is cover very huge area . 55 KM from Seoni M. P. And 170/- KM from Jabalpur .
  • Pench Tiger Reserve, near Turia gate
  • Pench Tiger Reserve, near Turia gate

Er. rahul

Er. rahul3.6/5

184 reviews

Pench national park

With the majestic Pench river flowing through the greens and a variety of wildlife to be spotted in the rocky terrains, Pench National Park served as an inspiration for the famous novel 'The Jungle Book'.
  • Pench national park

Jayu Zade

Jayu Zade5.0/5

3 reviews

Pench National Park : Mowgli and its land

The Pench National Park is known as the birdwatchers paradise. It has 325 species of birds, which includes resident and migratory birds. Pench is attaining recognition as one of India's premium birding destinations.

Gaurav Cc

Gaurav Cc5.0/5

8 reviews

Excellent forest

PENCH is an amazing forest with lots of woods and water. Wildlife and birds are quite healthy here and the overall tourist experience is excellent. We visited in April and stayed in Olive Resort in a two bedroom villa, and enjoyed the experience and the swimming pool.
  • Excellent forest
  • Excellent forest



10 reviews

It is okay type

I went there in April 2015 with my friends, we have booked a 6+1 gypsy. We were expecting tiger at least, but we needed to manage with monkeys & deers. Some beautiful birds were there.

Nitin Pethkar

Nitin Pethkar5.0/5

100 reviews

Tiger is the most important here

When you see the Tiger near you is heaven in the earth as it is the most important part of this park. You must carry food items but follow the instructions by the tour guide. The forest is mixed and given the high rainfall precipitation one finds extensive stretches of Sal (Shorea robusta), a tree of moist deciduous forest in central and north India.

Nisha atey

Nisha atey4.3/5

1 review

Tiger Calling!

Nature in its myriads of bounty and colour can be witnessed in Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh. You can visit the park between November and May. The park is closed during monsoons. However it is a good idea that you book your tickets online before visiting the park. There are various entry gates, and this park can be accessed through Maharashtra as well as MP. It is a convenient 90 km. Drive from Nagpur. Once there, let yourself lose as you enter the animal kingdom.Do you remember Veerappan- the king of Sandalwood forest? Veerappan- a majestic tiger is the king of the bamboo forest- in Pench. Apart from the tigers, this place is extremely high on biodiversity. For those who are ecstatic about bird watching, there is much in store for you. It is not uncommon to pass by herds of deer, sambar, nilgai and troop of monkeys. Occasionally you can spot foxes as well. Not to miss, do insist the guide to take you to the beautiful lake which will make your trip complete.Outside the safari area there is a small canteen where you will find snacks and meals. Therefore you need not really worry about food, while in Pench.Do stop by the artifact shop to carry a memento back home.

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Dishari De

Dishari De3.2/5

16 reviews

Not so popular, probably that's why we enjoyed it

This place is not so popular amongst common tourists (I do not consider WildLife photographers as tourist, as they don't just visit the place they belong to the place). So even while summer is a popular season as tiger spotting is easy this place was not so crowded. So, the weather became pleasant after the sunrise and moreover after a wait of 1hrs 30 mins approx we got to the see the biggest tiger of Pench National Park. Next day morning we saw the tigress queen of Pench, Collar Wali with her cubs by a waterhole. So, along with spotted deer, few birds, Sambar, Nilgai the trip was totally worthwhile. The guides were very friendly.Request to all who will visit, please do not litter or carry mobiles while doing the safari. It affects the wildlife. I was totally disappointed to see the negligence of forest authority there in comparison to Kanha and Bandhavgarh to keep the forest clean. So make it your duty to keep it clean (if you are just a tourist, I would not mind but if you are not there just for the sake of going somewhere please keep this request in mind).

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  • Not so popular, probably that's why we enjoyed it
  • Not so popular, probably that's why we enjoyed it
  • Not so popular, probably that's why we enjoyed it
  • Not so popular, probably that's why we enjoyed it

Maanacharaja Bhusawal

Maanacharaja Bhusawal5.0/5

2 reviews

Traveller must be quite

The travellers should never make noise during the jungle safari, they should not carry their mobile as this can disturb the wildlife. Do not panic when hear a call or see hunt going on, respect wild animals.


R C3.6/5

8 reviews

Lovely forest, needs better facilities

The forest and the wildlife are amazing but the loo point somewhere in the forest is a disgrace. Also, the policy for entry apparently requires that you arrive by 5 am so you can be checked and sent in by 6.15.

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Photos of Pench National Park

Pench National Park, Pench

Photo by

Dishari De

Pench National Park
Pench National Park, Pench

Photo by

Dishari De

Peacock at Pench National Park
Pench National Park, Pench

Photo by

Dishari De

Pench National Park
Pench National Park, Pench

Photo by

Dilip Bar

Beautiful view of the nature