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Hindus from all across India consider Pushkar Lake to be one of the most sacred lakes of India. According to legend, the origin of this lake was the lotus flower petals that fell on earth from Lord Brahma’s hands.

The lake is surrounded by 52 palaces, 400 temples and 52 bathing ‘ghats’, which are a series of steps leading to the lake. Every year in November, pilgrims take a holy dip in this lake. It is believed that the water of the lake is capable of cleansing sins and curing skin diseases. A fair called Pushkar Fair is also held near this lake, every year.

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Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake  Video Review

Pushkar Lake

4th Dec 17

Thirthraj Pushkar Lake - Very nice place

Thirthraj Pushkar Lake - Very nice place  Video Review

Pushkar Lake

7th Nov 17

Good view

Good view  Video Review

Pushkar Lake

25th Dec 17

Pushkar lake

Pushkar lake  Video Review

Pushkar Lake

8th Nov 17

Pushkar lake

Pushkar lake  Video Review

Pushkar Lake

Er. rahul
7th Nov 17

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Reviews and Ratings

Abhinav Kumar

Abhinav Kumar5.0/5

276 reviews

The Lake of Pushkar

The sacred Lake of Pushkar is surrounded with 500 temples around and it has many Ghats. Each Ghat has their own importance and most of them are regularly worshiped. If you want to walk on the ghats or go near the lake do mind leaving your footwear away. The lakes has panoramic view with the background of beautiful Aravali Ranges. Evening time Aarti chanting with the sunset view will sooth your soul. During the important dates according to Hindu calendar it get massive crowed of local like Pushkar fair.

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Harshit Agrawal

Harshit Agrawal3.6/5

12 reviews

Sacred and peaceful place for Hindus'

The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by many important Hindu temples and 52 Ghats where pilgrims descend to take bathe in its sacred waters. Pushkar has become a place of Hindu pilgrimage because of this holy lake and legend of Lord Brahma. Legend has it that this lake was consecrated to Lord Brahma. This Lake creator of the universe when a Lotus dropped from his hand into the valley and a Lake emerged there. This is the main attraction of Pushkar is the Pushkar Lake. There water is considered sacred like the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet. It is a place of Hindu. There are many out of countries people came and stay there. This place is very peaceful and full of religious. The Pushkar Lake is a large, serene lake which is bordered by Temples all over. The most famous one is the Brahma Temple, which is the only Brahma Temple in the World !. There are several Temples all over the place and it is also very popular with foreigners. It is really a very good place for spiritual people.

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  • Sacred and peaceful place for Hindus'

Aanchal  bhartiya

Aanchal bhartiya5.0/5

1 review

I'd do all of it again, if I could.

Pushkar is one of the best places I have seen so far. It is just so beautiful and serene in the night that it's almost unbelievable. In addition, the people are so greatly committed to it in terms of cleanliness and worship. The birds are a cherry on the cake. It is unforgettable.
  • I'd do all of it again, if I could.

Biswanath bhattacharjee

Biswanath bhattacharjee4.3/5

8 reviews

Pushkar, one of the most important pilgrim centre of Hindus

I had earlier talked about Ajmer shariff, visited during our Rajasthan tour in October- 2017.Now, I would like to tell about our experience and views on Pushkar darshan.It is one of the most famous pilgrim place of Hindus, not only because of Lord BrahmmaTemple but having a beautiful lake of religious importance which is named as Pushkar Lake.The Brahmma temple is nowhere existing on the earth except in Pushkar. The yearly animalFair is also made the Pushkar a famous and important place among the traders, sellers andPurchasers of different communities.As per Hindu mytholigy, people can have tarpan iand pinda dan for their relatives and ancestorsWho are no more with them. This rituals being performed on Pushkar lake leads to bring the departedSoul in eternal peace on heaven. Allmost similar activity at Gaya in Bihar.From Jaipur we had a hired cab to tour all these places. It is better and convenient to travel by roadFor visiting all such places. We parked our vehicle zapprox 1 kms before the Pushkar lake.As usual like other pilgrim places, few pujaries started explaining about Pushkar and. RequestingTo take their services. We took one of the pujari with us as I wanted to have tarpan for our forfathers.The religious activity went on nicely with the help of the priest but I avoided to go for pinda danAs it will be time consuming and we have to travel further. You should be very careful, because the priestsWill try to get money from you as much as possible. Even during my prayer he tried to commit me forRs 6000/- as donation to the trust. I had not committed any thing but said whatever possible for meI shall donate accordingly. Next is Brahmma mandir darshan. There are lot of shops on the way from lakeTo temple. These shopkeepers will make your life measurable if you are not rigid enough. You need notPurchase any thing from these shops except flowers for the mandir. Just to avoid the calls and requestsOf shopkeepers. The temple is good and clean, we had a satisfied and nice darshan. There was a policePerson and checking at the entry gate of the temple.We started our further journey with satisfaction and sweet memory.Biswanath BhattacharjeeMob - 8879101444

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Er. rahul

Er. rahul5.0/5

184 reviews

Pushakr lake

Perhaps one of the major tourist destinations in India which attract both Indians and foreigners equally, Pushkar lake is perched amidst the Aravalli ranges in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Surrounded by 52 bathing ghats and over 500 temples, it is regarded as the sacred lake for the Hindus in India where pilgrims throng in large numbers to take a holy Bath. According to Hindu theology, there are five sacred lakes collectively called Panch-Sarovar namely- Mansarovar, Bindu Sarovar, Narayan Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar and Pushkar Sarovar. Amongst these, Pushkar Sarovar or Lake is the most significant. The pure and pious aura of the place is amusing and is a must visit place if you want to know the gist of Hindu religion.

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  • Pushakr lake

Sudip datta

Sudip datta5.0/5

1 review

Puskar : only Lord Brahma tample in India.

Puskar lake, situated at a distance about 12 km. From Ajmir, Rajasthan. Only tample of Lord Brahma is situated here. About 500 tample is present at Puskar, for which Puskar is called "Banaras of Rajasthan".
  • Puskar : only Lord Brahma tample in India.
  • Puskar : only Lord Brahma tample in India.
  • Puskar : only Lord Brahma tample in India.

Aniket Sharma

Aniket Sharma3.6/5

63 reviews

The lake not that magnificent but holds religious importance

This was the second time I visited the famous Pushkar lake! Though, the lake is not that magnificent by any means (even if I compare it to the one that in Jaipur be it mansagar lake or sagar) but still it holds religious importance to many in Hindu religion & even one of the main tourist attraction in the "Pushkar" city! This time we visited Jaipur ghat which is quite calmer as compared to other Ghats! The lake is not that clean but still gives a quite picturesque view with old buildings, houses & hills behind! A must visit point if anyone is travelling the religious city!

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Kaynat Kazi

Kaynat Kazi5.0/5

43 reviews

Must stay near the Lake

The Bramha Sarovar aka Lake is the main attraction of Pushkar city. People visit this place for holy dip. You can take Bath in the lake but without soap. There are 52 ghats near lake. The most important ghat is Bramha Ghat. There are very nice cafe and hotels near the lake. If you are a photographer you will find morning and evening shots here. Night shots are beautiful here.
  • Must stay near the Lake

Raj K

Raj K4.3/5

130 reviews

Great Visit

Located at 30 mins drive from Ajmer city, this place holds a lot of importance for having the only temple dedicated to lord Brahma.Lake is nice surrounded by Arawali mountains.Be very cautious of slippery steps while taking a dip at the sacred lake.There are many pandits who are more than willing to do puja on your behalf and will in turn ask for donation for your ancestors and for 1000 temples that surround the lake. Be polite but firm if you do not want to pay any. It's not compulsory and depends purely on your choice. Prasad for puja cost only Rs. 11/-.

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Anil dutt Vyas

Anil dutt Vyas3.9/5

9 reviews

Wonderful lake

It is the centre of religious activities all around. Evening time it is wonderful to be around Pushkar lake, children, women & men come for entertainment, across the lake Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Sat Sri Akal, Ciao.
  • Wonderful lake

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Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

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Anil dutt Vyas

Across the lake Gurudwara
Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

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Chayan Kanungo

Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

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