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Pykara Lake, a popular getaway from Ooty, is a placid lake located between the lush green valleys of Ooty. Surrounded by dense forests, there is a forest rest house in the area. Additionally, Pykara is known for its boat house, which is near the Pykara falls and Dam. The boat house also includes a restaurant and a rest house, where tourists can relax.

Tourists can visit the clean and beautiful Pykara Lake, which is free from pollution and is not very crowded. Boating is a key attraction of this lake and tourists can enjoy it at a reasonable price.

Pykara Lake is just 21 km from Ooty on the Ooty-Mysore road and can be reached by different transportation modes, such as cars, taxis and buses.

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Pykara lake perfect place to enjoy nature

Pykara lake perfect place to enjoy nature  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Ashish Jain
7th Jun 18

Pykara fall is on down side of pykara dam

Pykara fall is on down side of pykara dam  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Ashish Jain
7th Jun 18

Pykara waterfall

Pykara waterfall  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Rana Ari
1st Nov 17

Pykara Lake - Nov 2017

Pykara Lake - Nov 2017  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Rana Ari
1st Nov 17

Awesome view of Pykara lake

Awesome view of Pykara lake  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Soumitra Chatterjee
27th Nov 16

Beautiful Lake in nature's lap

Beautiful Lake in nature's lap  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Harish Gunpati
29th Nov 17

Beautiful Lake

Beautiful Lake  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Vikas Rana
17th Aug 16

Pykara lake boat house, Ooty

Pykara lake boat house, Ooty  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Krishna prasad
14th Aug 16

Serene place

Serene place  Video Review

Pykara Lake

Thejasvi Bhat
23rd Feb 16

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  • Length of visit: 2-3hrsBest Time: During Day
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Reviews and Ratings

Navin Singh

Navin Singh3.9/5

91 reviews

Lovely lake ... Quiet and natural

A little away from town it is a nice and peaceful lake with good boat riding. It is usually less crowded then the Ooty lake and much cleaner. We clicked some nice photos of the forest surrounding the lake. Boating experience is just amazing and shouldn't be missed. The lake also has a restaurant and fresh juice bar.

Akshay Jain

Akshay Jain5.0/5

1 review

Best place to visit in Ooty

The place is quite awesome and the best place to visit in Ooty. The cleaniness and the setup on environment is too good. It is surrounded by the mountains and the nature provide icing on the cake by drizzle. But one negative side you cannot Bath in this waterfall. But still the best place as you forget all the tiredness once you visit there.
  • Best place to visit in Ooty
  • Best place to visit in Ooty

Rashmin Joshi

Rashmin Joshi2.9/5

127 reviews

Not worth all the hype!

Good for people who like boating. Far from Ooty around 25-30 Kms. Good views and scenery all around. Pykara, the lake comes after the falls. The falls is not very high. Water flowing through a rocky terrain are the falls.

prashant Nair.

prashant Nair.4.3/5

5 reviews

Scenic Beauty

A place must visit for it scenic beauty. Lake really quite big and heard its 65 ft deep. Group boating and speed boating fro couples available. Parking sometimes gets full and reversing you car here is a difficult thing. Weekday early morning is best time to visit to beat the too much crowd. Not much of quality stalls so carry some snacks along.

S Pandya

S Pandya4.3/5

12 reviews

A nice spot

Take your own vehicle or a public transport to visit both; the falls are rather low but very nice; the lake is placid and offers boating; very peaceful place even though visited by many.

Prasanna Rs

Prasanna Rs3.6/5

77 reviews

Away from the city crowd

Pykara lake is 25 km away from the Ooty City centre. Location is nice, surrounded by trees and mountains. If you are running out of time then this is not for you.Isolated from the Crowded Ooty, nice place to get some peace and calmness.Curvy, hair pin bend, narrow roads will consume lot of time to travel to this place. You need at least 3-4 hrs. Time to go to this lake and return back. It is not that worth if you are not having much time.

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Vishal wadhwa

Vishal wadhwa4.3/5

3 reviews

Scenic, clean and calm place

It was one of the best lake/fall in Ooty area. Place is not much crowded and due to fence place has been kept clean. There is a small entry fee for 5 Rs. Nice back ground for wonderful photos green backdrop adds good contrast to water. It's on the way from Ooty to Gudalur roads are really nice to drive and many other spots to stop by and click as many pictures as your SD card can suport.
  • Scenic, clean and calm place

Sangita Kar

Sangita Kar4.3/5

7 reviews

Romantic and mysterious place

I visited there in 2014 September. One of the few places we went. This place can anytime be compared with any overseas destination. Large Lake, surrounded by forests where wild animals reside. We stayed in the government guest house which was quite neat and clean. By the way, we could stay there as my husband was with IAF but general public cannot stay there. But there is a club for public near the lake from where boat rides are available. Must visit atleast once.

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Samarth Raj

Samarth Raj4.3/5

30 reviews

Experience the serene, picturesque and calming Pykara Lake

Whenever, I come to this lake (and I have come here several times), I feel how fortunate I am to have walked the shores on many evenings with my Grandpa, my eyes soaking in this nature's splendor, my ears ringing with sounds of the breeze and small waves of water running ashore, the million goose bumps rising from my skill feeling the chill and then all the stress draining away as we used to dip our feet in the water and sit for a while. Well, that's my childhood memories of this lake!Back to the future!! and voila!! nothing has changed!! Atleast here!!Unfortunately though, I couldn't access the shores of the lake from where I used to, back in my childhood, because back then I had the privilege to enter the now restricted HPF side.This time, it was the boat house. I took the boat ride and it felt like revisiting the memories.The lake is one of the biggest and far better than the more well known Ooty lake. Pykara Lake pops into view while driving down NH 67 down from Ooty towards Gudalur.It's a huge lake between the Nilgiris and its overall length between the farthest points is approximately 31 km (hope I am right).I suggest all fellow travellers. Miss the hill tops of the Nilgiris but not Pykara Lake!

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Sanjay Soni

Sanjay Soni2.5/5

6 reviews

Water inflow is very low

Unfortunately the water inflow was low, so was disappointing. From the car parking to the entrance is a long walk, else you can take ride on battery Cars. The lady at the ticket counter told us that the inflow of water is low, but we decided to go ahead. It is long walk along the water if it is there. I am sure it would be good once the water is there. Be sure to go in sports shoes, as you need to walk a lot.

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Pykara Lake, Ooty

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Samarth Raj

Waterfall actually
Pykara Lake, Ooty

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Jyoti B

Pykara Lake
Pykara Lake, Ooty

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Pykara Lake, Ooty