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Live Corals in Rameshwaram

Live Corals in Rameshwaram  Video Review

Rameshwaram Temple

26th Aug 15

Snorkelling at Agni Teertham beach

Snorkelling at Agni Teertham beach  Video Review

Rameshwaram Temple

26th Aug 15

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6:00 AM -7:00 PM
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Reviews and Ratings

Ankita dogra

Ankita dogra4.3/5

7 reviews

Rameshwaram temple

Rameshwaram temple is one of the four dhams according to Hindus. One tip for the traveler is that go the authentic ticket counters and buy tickets from the mandir ticket counter only . Cost of well and special Darshan is very nominal . If you want any sort of puja the details are on the temple website . Many people will try to misguide you for paying extra, just read the sign boards in English and follow it accordingly . You may get wet because of the water being splashed at the wells so do carry a change

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Ankit Goyal

Ankit Goyal3.9/5

23 reviews

A perfect mix of holiness and heavenliness

The Ramnathaswamy temple is a must visit for anyone who comes down to Rameswaram. It has four entrances or towers and generally you enter from the West tower.It was build over 1200 years ago, and has a structure with hundreds of pillars, the entire view is breathtaking and peaceful. There are 22 kundas (wells) in which the devotees take bath before they visit the main sanctum of lord Shiva. It is not mandatory but I would suggest you to give it a try, as the experience is divine and calming.The temple inside has several small temples and each deity has their own significance. The temple ceiling has beautiful depictions of incidents from The Ramayana.Mobile phones and shoes are not allowed inside the temple, so leave them in your car before you enter.Also, carry some quick change as they have several options where you can pay for a quicker darshan of the temple without standing in the queue.The temple has some stalls inside where you can buy holy souvenirs and prasad.

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Shakya bhattacharyya

Shakya bhattacharyya5.0/5

9 reviews

One of the Jyotirlingams out of 12 numbers

Very Religious place. Visited the Temple twice, one in the morning and one in evening. No rush at all. Saw the kundas from where the people were Bathing. Intricate carvings on all the walls of the Temple. Darshan was good. Since people were Bathing and coming it's watery on the floor all time. Very historical too if one follows the Ramayana.

Venugopal Iyer

Venugopal Iyer4.6/5

11 reviews

It is a revered religious center in southern part of India. It is believed that people who visit Ka

It is an overwhelming feeling looking at the gigantic temple. Surely it ranks one of the marvels of civil engineering. It is amazing to see the beautifully aligned corridors, roofing system and the method of construction adopted during those days. Crowd management is very well done and the temple is kept clean. Even the Bath to be taken from 24 wells is organised with clear sign boards. One should visit this temple in life time. However outside the temple, the surrounding area to be kept more clean and arrangements for foot ware to be made.

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Ravi s

Ravi s4.3/5

4 reviews

Wonderful temple

The Ramanathaswamy temple is known for being one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temple. One can reach this place from the main bus stand (at a distance of 3 either through a local bus or a rickshaw spending Rs. 100 or Rs. 5 each respectively. The hotel facing the sea, a stone throw away from the temple would be a good choice for boarding.Starting with taking a holy dip in the sea water (Agni Theertham) and buying a ticket of Rs. 25 we headed into the temple premises. The ticket cost apart from entry ticket also covers a holy Bath at each of the 22 wells (Tirthas and each having significance) within the temple premises. As we walked the path to the main deity, we soaked ourselves again at each well, from head to bottom with the sacred water that was splashed over us, out of the buckets drawn out from the well by the designated temple staff. It was a delightful experience to be bathed and would remind many, of their childhood days when Mom honored such experience back then. We had to dry ourselves in the hot sun before heading to the main deity as one is not allowed to meet the Lord in wet clothes. After waiting for our turn crossing a long line of devotees, we finally placed ourselves amidst the Lord. We were fortunate to reach the place right at the time of Aarthi and the God's shrine which is well lit with lamps makes it a divine atmosphere. A great experience.

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38 reviews

Ancient and most devotional, awesome temple ...

Rameshvaram is an small town in a state of tamilnadu along with a pamban Island. We reached to rameshvaram by train on pamban bridge across the sea was an awesome experience was extremely excellent ... It is the only way to reach there ... Rameshvaram temple is most devotional and famous temple one of the jostling of 12 jyotirlinga ... It is mostly visited by hindu dedicated to lord shiva. There was an entry tickets ... Temple is situated near by agnitirtham ghat ... Before get entered into temple it is necessary to take a deep into sea is must important. Along with 22 ancient water kunds to take Bath before darshan was an awesome experience ... It is said that every water kund have an holi water. Very nice temple also mentioned in ancient vedas ... Also said that lord tamatar and laxman placed a shiva linga here to get by blessed by shiva before the construction of rama setu ... Very beautiful temple must visit.

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18 reviews

Rameswaram Temple

This temple is very special before taking darshan you have to take Bath in 22 spiritual wells that have there spiritual significance than you can take darshan. The temple is very close to Railway station auto will chatge only 10 rupees you can easily find lodge and lockers near temple food is also available. After completing the temple you can go for rameswaram tour there are autos behind temple which charge around 300 and make you to visit 10 places. This is very good temple please visit.

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  • Rameswaram Temple
  • Rameswaram Temple
  • Rameswaram Temple

Joy Ghosh

Joy Ghosh2.9/5

2 reviews

An ancient temple and famous shrine but quite mismanaged in terms of crowd handling

Especially on the days of new moons, there accumulates heavy crowd but the temple trust is mismanager to handle such crowding. The temple fans do not run and it becomes suffocating with such crowdings. Sometimes it creates stamped like situation that is quite unsafe.

Koushik Chandarana

Koushik Chandarana4.3/5

10 reviews

Rameshwaram temple- the Ramnath swami temple

Rameshwaram temple is a one of the jostling. Here we can take holy Bath from 22 kunds for that we have to pay just Rs. 25/-. There is Ramnath swami, Parvatiji temple, vinaal, kartikswami, Nandi etc. Temple. You can take special darshan ticket for just Rs. 50/-if you don't want to stand in long queue . Here you can take prasad from counter. Photography is strictly prohibited. Mobile phone and camera not allowed in temple.On kartiki purnima Ramnath swami palkhi Yatra in city with all other God. That is very good and devotional.Rameshwaram temple situated nearby sea.One can enjoy this devotional place.

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Abhinav Kumar

Abhinav Kumar5.0/5

276 reviews

The Sacred Gateway

The temple is dedicated to lord shiva and it is believed that Lord Ram has worship this Jyotirlinga before departing to Sri Lanka. Inside the temple there is famous 21 holy kund bathing which can be availed by paying Rs 25 only. 90% of devotees take this Bath to overcome on sins. There are many aartis performed here but as I heard the morning aarti is quite important if you believe in such rituals. Cameras are strictly prohibited inside.

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Rameshwaram Temple, Rameswaram

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Rameshwaram Temple, Rameswaram
Rameshwaram Temple, Rameswaram

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Rameshwaram Temple, Rameswaram
Rameshwaram Temple, Rameswaram

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Rameswaram Temple
Rameshwaram Temple, Rameswaram

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Rameshwaram Temple