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Ranakpur Jain Temple


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Ranakpur is one of the five most important Jain pilgrimage sites of India. The Jain temples in this town are dedicated to Lord Adinath, who was the first Jain Tirthankara. The most popular of the Jain temples present in the place includes the Chaumukha Temple. The Ranakpur Jain temple was built in 15th century AD, during the rule of Rajput monarch, Rana Kumbha.

The Jain community and their temples built in the place, were patronized by the ruling Mewar Dynasty. I is said that, Dhanna Shah, the founder of these temples, received land form Rana Kumbha, for building this temple. These temples are 500 years old, but are still in good condition and are well preserved.

The basement of this temple is spread over a total area of 48,000 sq ft, covering the whole complex. The complex of this temple comprises four subsidiary shrines, along with 29 pillared halls and 80 domes that are supported by 1444 pillars, all intricately carved. The carvings on these pillars are present at a height of 45 ft and include pictures of nymphs playing flute and in various dance postures. In its assembly hall, there are two big bells weighting 108 kg each, whose sound echoes in the hall when being rung.

The complex of Chaumukha Temple consists of several other Jain temples like the temple of Parshvanath. This temple was built in the 15th century AD and is known for its engraved windows embellished with Jain figures. Near to this temple, there are two more temples out of which one is dedicated to Neminath, who was the 22nd Jain Tirthankara and the other one is dedicated to the Sun God.

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15th century Famous Jain temple - a must visit


Ranakpur Jain Temple

Akash Raghuwanshi
21st Apr 17

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Reviews and Ratings

Manali roy choudhury4.0/5

1 review

One of the best designed temples

Went here with friends. It is one of the many temples around Udaipur, Rajasthan. The design on the outside is as mesmerizing as it is on the inside. Each pillar has a different carving. Also the architecture of the temple is awesome. Must visit it once. And yeah reach there before noon to click good pics outside the temple :P

Aniket Sharma4.3/5

63 reviews

Beautiful example of human creativity, art and dedication

After being awestruck by the famous Kumbhalgarh Fort while on our Udaipur trip dated 05. 05. 12, our next destination was the famous Jain Temple at Ranakpur, which is not at far distance from the fort. The uniqueness of the temple is that it is known to be built on hundreds of pillars with beautiful sculptures engraved at every corners possible in the temple. The temple is known to be so famous that even the tourists or god believers are charged extra if they are carrying Mobile phones with camera. Against this policy of the temple, we all agreed to deposit our mobiles & camera, so we couldnt click any pictures. But, we were spellbound by the beauty & architecture of the temple. Amongst all pillars or columns, one pillar was intentionally built at some inclination with the vertical plane. It was informed to us that this particular pillar was intentionally built so as to make everyone believe that it is made by humans & without any help from any sort of machinery equipments

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Traveler Inme5.0/5

31 reviews

Sculptural Marvel: Ranakpur Adinath Temple

The Ranakpur Adinath Jain Mandir, located in Pali district of Rajasthan, had me captivated at the very first sight. Built in the 15th century it is considered to be one of the important pilgrimages of the Jain community.It is said that a Jain businessman, Dharma Shah, had a vision which led to the construction of this temple, with the support of Rana Kumbha, who was the ruler of Mewar then.The mandir is made of light colored marble and boasts of incredible intricate carvings that leaves one speechless. All this is considered to be the selfless work of master builder - sculptor Depa / Depaka.Built on a huge area the complex is said to have 25+ halls, 80 domes and more than 1400 marble pillars, each of them artistically carved, yet none are alike. The temple is based on the chaumukha concept of architecture (entrances at the four cardinal points) all leading to a central chamber, that has image of Adinath (the first Tirthankara) facing in each of the four directions.We visited this beautiful temple, nestled in the solitude of Aravali Hills, on our trip to Udaipur. Club it with the Kumbhalgarh Fort, that has the second longest wall in the world after The Great Wall of China and you will have a day well spent!

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Nitish Varshney5.0/5

36 reviews

Its more than just a TEMPLE

A three-hour-plus thrilling drive on winding roads from Udaipur, the 15th-century Jain Temple at Ranakpur is one of the most stunning examples of Jain temple architecture in the country. It is dedicated to Adinath, also called Rishabha, the first Jain Tirthankar and is a crowded place. This white marble temple complex, rising out of the forest, is simply breathtaking. Not surprisingly the temple took 65 years to build. Its covered with by a three-story wall and contains 27 halls supported by 1, 444 elaborately carved pillarsno two carvings are alike. The relief work is some of the best in all of India. As you enter, look to the left for the pillar where the minister and the architect provided themselves with front-row seats for worship. On one of the pillars is a carving of the creator of the temple. Another pillar is intentionally warped, to separate human works from divine onesthe builders believed only gods could be perfect, so they intentionally added imperfections to some of the columns to avoid causing insult. Outside are two smaller Jain temples and a shrine adorned with erotic sculptures and dedicated to the sun god. There are a few priests around who speak a little English and who act as guides; in return, you should make a small donation. Leather, belts, wallets, and moreare not allowed inside the temple. You can use a camera but they do not allow photographs of the deity.Plan visiting Ranakpur along with City of Romance Udaipur that is just 32 kms away from this fabulous temple.

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Kvs Shah5.0/5

40 reviews

One of the best Jain temple

This Jain temple is very much popular in world for its stone carving. Also note that for photography you need to take permit with nominal fee (Around Rs. 100). Also here video guide facilities available in different languages.

Rizwanuddin Rafiq5.0/5

3023 reviews

Divine atmosphere cleanses the Hearts

Chosen such a beautiful place to build a temple where the atmosphere is extremely quiet and is able to inspire the soul, the divine and the divine worship become idyllic and simple, which cleanses the hearts and enjoyable. This Historical Jain temple is situated at the bank of Mahi River, surrounded by the Aravalli Mountain range, which is built in 1437 by Sanghvi Dharmesh Porwal and Emperor Rana Kumbha supported the construction and a unique place of worship came into existence and Dharma Shah's divine vision proved the purity of intention, made so spectacular, and also the Pali's pride as Ranakpur is a village of Pali District, where this temple is situated.This temple is dedicated to Tirthankar Adinath, the first Tirthankar and founder of Jain Religion. The magnificent Marble temple whose architectural style is Maru-Gurjara a great understanding of Rajasthani craftsmanship, made Ranakpur a great attraction for Jain Pilgrim and foreign visitors. Architecture and carving is almost similar to the ancient Mirpur Jain temple of Mirpur Rajasthan. Ranakpur Temples are acclaimed worldwide for their intricate and superb architectural style. These temples form one of the five major pilgrimages of the Jains. This four faced Temple Architecture is entirely Western Indian architecture and is quite different from the North Indian Temple architecture signifies the Tirthankars success just a cosmopolitan victory main sanctum or shrine have the large Idol of Adinath. This temple is built in an area 60x62 Sqm on elevated platform, where light coloured marble is used, having 1444 marble pillars and there are no two pillars are alike carved with excellent detail are supporting the temple structure, exclusive domes, pyramidal peaks, towers and small domes on large domes rises aristocratically from the slope of a hill. All the statues are facing each other and distinctive carving on a single marble rock of 108 heads of snacks and numerous tails which seems to be endless. In the axis of the main entrance, on the western side, is the largest image. The whole construction was designed and supervised by a devotee Jain architect Deepak and work was completed in 1458. Temple is timely renovated and many additions of halls, gardens etc were built by some devotees, and descendents of Dharmasya are residing in Ghanerao, and temple complex is governed by a trust Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi.This complex is providing all the facilities to the visitors, bathrooms, living, lockers, Gardens etc and all are well managed.One may find sculptural art work outside and inside the temple and a peaceful atmosphere, which strengthen against all sort of evil may be thoughts or deeds. Entry is free but for camera ticket is there and main sanctum's photos are not allowed.

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Rohit A5.0/5

36 reviews

Marble wonder of Rajasthan

The temple is made of marble. It is simply a bliss to sit in peace in this temple among the Aravallis. The pillars of this temple are intricately designed and the temple is equally beautiful standing all alone amidst the Aravallis. There are cloak rooms to store your cameras or any sort of leather products along with your wallet. Parking is no tension here.

S.p. Padmaprasad5.0/5

17 reviews

Ashtonishing Jain Temple, Ranakpur

This is No. 1 temple in India with a huge artistic marble construction with minute, subtle carvings. The architectural design is extraordinary. 1146 pillars, each with different designs are there. Temple has four entrances.

Digvijay singh Rathore3.9/5

5 reviews

A serene Temple inside the valleys

A huge massive establishment located in beautiful valleys. Architecture and art form on pillars is super high quality. Very cleanly organized and also peaceful.

Rajul shah5.0/5

5 reviews

Music in Marble

One of the best carved and sculptured holy place in the world. Magnificently carved pillars, "Garbh-Gruh" and the magically architectured temple, you can't believe without seeing it yourself. Just go and feel the heritage.
  • +1

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Photos of Ranakpur Jain Temple

Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur

Photo by

Rizwanuddin Rafiq

Adinath Jain Temple Ranakpu
Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur

Photo by

Rizwanuddin Rafiq

Adinath Jain Temple Ranakpu
Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur

Photo by

Rajul shah

Beautiful Carving at Ranakpur Jain Temple
Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur

Photo by

Rajul shah

Beautiful sculpture of Ranakpur Jain Temple

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