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  • Length of visit: 2-3hrsBest Time: During Sunrise
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Reviews and Ratings

Lijo Varghese

Lijo Varghese5.0/5

60 reviews

Pretty good trekking

Savandurga is less than 60km from Bangalore. You will get buses to savan durga. If you are going by bike or car, best route us via Manchinbele Dam. The road from manchinbele to savandurga is good now.Savandurga is the largest monolithic in asia. It will take around 2-4 hours to go and come back. Summer time it will be very hot. Carry enough water. The people who sells fruity and all will charge double.

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  • Pretty good trekking

Karthik Nandhyala

Karthik Nandhyala4.3/5

8 reviews

Asia's biggest monolithic stone

Just a 60 km drive from Bangalore. At the base there is a Narasimhaswamy temple. Savandurga is the ideal spot for rock-climbers and trekkers. There are two trek trails leading up to Savandurga, which are tough enough for even the best trekkers to break into a sweat. For those who love trekking, the one of the best places to visit near Bangalore is Savandurga.

Subramanyam Sreeram

Subramanyam Sreeram5.0/5

5 reviews

Practice place for amateur trekker

Savandurga - it's a place located around 62 km from Bangalore. It's a very good place to visit for a amateur trekker. It's easy to trek Savandurga. Best time to trek is either in early morning or after sunset. As it is most preferred place to trek for the people in Bangalore. You can find the arrow marks to reach top or if you are more adventures you can find your own path but it would be little risk. Coming to fees it's free and doesn't require any permission to trek. At foot of hills there is a temple you can visit and start the trek.Things to carry:1. Good Trek shoe2. Water bottle3. Food4. Tents5. Torches

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Ayush Nandakumar

Ayush Nandakumar5.0/5

10 reviews

Pray and relax at the top

This is an another day another climb type of trek. Take your bike at 6 am and head out from Bangalore. Have breakfast on route or at the base of this monolith. You can start the trek around 8 am and if you are an amateur you will take 3 hours to reach the top. Just have a good pair of shoes with good grip. It's a rock with a steep climb throughout so don't give up if you feel tired every 15 mins. Just rest to catch you breath and keep moving up. Carry water and fruits to quench your thirst. Follow the electric poles up the rock. At places it'll feel really steep but don't give up. That's the route and you won't slip and fall. The last 10 mins will take you through some flat areas. There's a small temple on top. Pray and relax at the top. It's pretty windy and a good view around will make you feel good about yourself and the trek. Sometimes small kids will sell some water or juices at the top. The climb down takes an hour tops and you can be back in Bangalore by 43. 0 pm depending on how long you stay at the top. Not advisable during rains. The rock can get really slippery. No bathroom onroute so can be a problem for girls. Boys can find spaces behind trees or rocks.

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  • Pray and relax at the top

Sameer Ahmed

Sameer Ahmed5.0/5

1 review

Great experience

This was my first ever trekking and a great experience. Ideal place to spend your weekend with friends you'll cherish your all your memories at Savandurga Better.
  • Great experience

Thomas Deepak

Thomas Deepak4.3/5

1 review

Very good weekend gateway

This place is ideal for enthusiastic trekkers but beware to reach the top you must carefully follow the arrow marks. Else there are possibilities of getting lost, I recommend to go in groups. The view from the top is simply ecstatic, avoid climbing when the climate is rainy because there is every possible chance of slippage.

Vishaka Watal

Vishaka Watal3.6/5

1 review

Good trekking experience and feel satisfied once reaching the hilltop

It's fun to trek to Savandurga. Only problem is there are no facilities for sanitation at the base of the mountain. There is only 1 small shop which opens afternoon where one can buy eatables. Monkeys and dogs will accompany you throughout the trekking. Overall trekking experience is good, you feel satisfied once you reach the hilltop. Mountain is quite a steep so lots of preparation to be done in advance.

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Saurav Anand

Saurav Anand5.0/5

1 review

Marvellous Trekking experience

We have reached there at 7 am, it was a good time. We started slowly to go up and we were enjoying a lot. We were taking time to go up, enjoying all the places slowly. We had already took snacks, cold drinks and water because you need it and these things are not available on the hills. Dogs are too much. They will also follow you and reach to the top or you can say they will show you the best way while going up. Somehow we reached at the top then we saw a temple. Weather was too much good. We have given an hour up there. Then after we realized it's afternoon and we have to go back. We started and it's not easy to go down. We were coming slowly. Overall it was an awesome trekking. I have lost my fat, not a lot but little. Be safe and have an awesome trekking!!!

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  • Marvellous Trekking experience

Sagar Sakre

Sagar Sakre5.0/5

8 reviews

Awesome trekking

I had been to this place once. Savandurga is for people who love trekking. Its Asia's biggest Monolith, the trek trail goes through solid rock. At beginning the hill is steeper exhausting trekkers at the very beginning of trek, but after that the steepness is reduced and it becomes easy to trek. There is no water/food available on the hill but after 9 am locals usually sell water and cold drinks for double price so better carry your water and lunch with you.On summer the rock gets heated up making difficult to climb, better finish trek before the sun gets intense. Forgot to mention there is a temple at the base of the hill.Have a safe and awesome trekking.

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Asha Raju

Asha Raju4.3/5

2 reviews

On top of the world feel

A few kilometers within city limits. Savandurga is the peak where trekkers and rock climbers can enjoy an affordable trek. The best time to climb the peak is during the early hours in the morning to avoid the scorching sun and have a comfortable climb. Recommended goods to carry are goggles, nutrition bars and good amount of water. Proper attire is a must in order to have a safe trek. Using guidance is helpful if you are trekking for the first time. Avoid the peak during rainy seasons the rocks would be slippery making it difficult to climb. There is a small temple on the topmost part of the peak where you can enjoy the silence and serenity away from the hustle of city life.

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Photos of Savandurga

Savandurga, Bangalore

Photo by

Lijo Varghese

Savandurga, Bangalore
Savandurga, Bangalore

Photo by

Ayush Nandakumar

View from Savandurga

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