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Shanghumukham Beach is a popular tourist attraction of Thiruvananthapuram, located at a distance of 8 km from the city. The beach, known for the clear views of the setting sun, is a frequented picnic spot. The beach is also famous for the huge Matsyakanyaka (mermaid) Sculpture, designed by Sri. Kanai Kunhiraman, built in concrete in the year 1990.  

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Good place near airport

Good place near airport  Video Review

Shanghumukham Beach

Sumitjot Singh
12th Dec 17

Most Popular and Famous for Spectacular views

Most Popular and Famous for Spectacular views  Video Review

Shanghumukham Beach

Rizwanuddin Rafiq
26th May 16

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  • Best Time: During DayLength of visit: 1-2hrs
  • Length of visit: 2-3hrsBest Time: During Sunset
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Pradeep Ramachandran

Pradeep Ramachandran4.3/5

225 reviews

Perfect place to relax

One of the best place to relax in this beach from sunset. It is located back side of the airport. Statue for Kanai Kunjiraman is the main attraction. Beach is clean with smooth sand. Shops available till midnight.

Yaseen Hashim

Yaseen Hashim4.3/5

2 reviews

Awesome place

This is one of the nice place that we can see in Thiruvananthapuram. Shanghumukham Beach pretty famous place in Thiruvananthapuram. Mainly people visit there almost evening time. Many of them stay there till night. There we get nice sea breeze. We can take photos, childrens can play in the shore without paying any fees or something. It is nice place to choose as a outting space especially for couples. Mainly local people are more there and it is also a tourist spot. People from distant places come and visit there.

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Vandana Mahajan

Vandana Mahajan2.9/5

10 reviews

Although humid, the beach had sheds

It is advisable to enjoy this beach in the early morning time. You can walk on the beach with gentle waves lapping on your feet. There are the usual beach kiosks selling food items and coconut water. Nice to go to for a brief time.

Abbas Ka

Abbas Ka2.5/5

7 reviews

Best place to spend time at mid night

This is the best place in Trivandrum to spend time at Mid night. You can spend 2 hrs minimum. Shops are available till 12: 00 AM. Hotel will be available till 10:00 PM. Clean and neat beach.

Harilal Pillai

Harilal Pillai3.6/5

22 reviews

Nice place for an evening walk

Visit the beach during sunset. It is the perfect time to visit the beach. Easily accessible, nearby city. Don't visit during Rainy season. Go to Valiyathura Bridge, where there is a bridge extended to the sea.
  • Nice place for an evening walk

Kiran Bavimani

Kiran Bavimani3.6/5

95 reviews

The mermaid and beach walk

A giant mermaid sculpture invites you to a broad beach with rough sea. Well, this is the main attraction of this beach, there is a mandapam of some interest near the beach. This beach is good for a lazy stroll holding something to eat and nothing much to do. 1 hour is good enough to cover this, you may visit the Valiyathura old port seen from this beach.
  • The mermaid and beach walk

Virendra singh Choudhary

Virendra singh Choudhary2.9/5

9 reviews

City Beach

Nothing very special about this beach. Just an average city beach. Don't even go, if it is monsoon season. All you can do here if possible is to walk for 3 kms alongside sea northward towards Veli beach. You can see fishermen colonies alongside, which might give you an idea about their life.

Joji Joseph

Joji Joseph4.3/5

201 reviews

Clean beach which is the perfect place to relax

Shankumugham Beach is about 8 km from Thiruvananthapuram is in the vicinity of the Trivandrum International Airport. The serene atmosphere, the vast stretch of white sands, the rolling waves, etc were a perfect relaxation after the hectic program in the city. The Star Fish Restaurant, the Indian Coffee House and other kiosks gave us a selection of food items and we could watch a perfect sunset. The sculpture of Jalakanyaka a huge statue, the "Jawaharlal Nehru Park of Traffic signs" for children where they can learn traffic signals and also have facility for cycling are attractions. This is a clean beach too.

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Arjun B

Arjun B4.3/5

5 reviews

A clean lovely beach, best to spend evenings

A clean lovely beach not far away from the city, best to spend evenings. Best to view the sunset, you can have a long strolls through the beach, play any game you want on the beach(if it isn't too crowded), see the rock mandapam and the statue. The domestic airport is right across the road and Shanghumukham gives you an awesome view of flights landing and taking off. No fee to enter the premise, you can park your vehicle and sit and stare at the beach if that's what you prefer. Street vendors will be active starting afternoon. Pay and use restroom facilities are also available.

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Binod Xalxo

Binod Xalxo4.3/5

2 reviews

For the real taste of nature visit early morning

Been to the Shanghumukham beach on a more than a couple of occasions It is very peaceful, especially early mornings. In the evening it becomes a hub for visitors and gets a little crowded. I recommend visit it early mornings to get a real taste of nature.

Photos of Shanghumukham Beach

Shanghumukham beach, Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram)

Photo by

Sridhar Bhaskar

At the beach in Thiruvananthapuram
Shanghumukham beach, Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram)

Photo by

Rajesh Agarwal

Beach at trivandrum
Shanghumukham beach, Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram)

Photo by

Manas Gujral

View of Veli Tourist village
Shanghumukham beach, Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram)

Photo by

Manas Gujral

Statue near Samudra Beach