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Shani Shingnapur is a village where there are no door frames and locks in homes. Natives believe that Shani Dev protect them and their houses from any kind of theft or crime. The village is visited by devotees as well as tourists on Shani Amavasya or no moon day falling on Saturdays. A temple is dedicated to Lord Shani and the idol enshrined is a slab of the rock. The premises of the temple have a tomb of Udasi Baba, a Sufi saint.

Legends state that about two hundred years ago, the idol was found by a shepherd boy during the flood in the stream. One of the villagers had a dream that this rock was nothing but a Shani idol. Thus, the villagers established an open air shrine.

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Shani shingnapur


Shani Shingnapur

Pradyumna b Ramesh
27th Nov 17

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Reviews and Ratings

Harsha Kumar0.7/5

1 review

Big looters around temple

Last month my family(three) went from Shirdi to Shani Signapur. Our Car driver (Driver name:Deepak; He said he is from Sai Rama Cabs, Shirdi) parked car in a narrow passage opposite to Signapura Bus stand(Travelers make note of this place: Opposite to bus stand, on the temple side, few shops away from temple, it is narrow passage where 3 cars can be parked, after that there is a exit gate he allows the car to exit after looting you). There is a shop in that passage& our driver said to buy oil for the pooja from that shop as the shop owner is very reliable. The shop owner instead, handed over a small plate containing pooja material to us, immediately started chanting some mantras, explaining the importance of pooja(like trapping us) & said the total cost for whole pooja for the family is Rs1100. We thought initially it is on higher side, but somehow agreed because he said since we touched that basket he cannot take it back. He didn't took money in the beginning. One boy took us to the temple to guide us to where to drop the pooja material. Once we retrained back to the shop, he asked 1110 per person I. E 330o for 3 people. I but since I am outsider(Chennai) & finally I have to pay the amount and get out of that place asap. My entire our family was in distress & felt very sad about the people. I checked out side & people are selling similar pooja material for Rs 150. Finally, I came to know car driver also involved in this plot. One person in this shop is really notorious- he typically wears white shirt and white pant, Slightly fat, wears tilak in his forehead . Please careful about this shop, shop owner and the driver+Travels

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Sushil Yadav2.9/5

11 reviews

A religious temple

I went to shani shingnapur with my parents. Its a relious temple of god shani .. Although I hate the concept of doing business by using oil with people's money. But its a relious ritual performed. So no offence.

Mukesh Sagar5.0/5

102 reviews

The place where no one steals

Shani Shignapur is named after the god Shanidev. The place has got a temple which remains open 24x7. There are multiple points where you need to offer different parasads. Before getting in to that details, don't get in the trap of people saying there is free parking, you can take prasad from here. They will simply loot you. They will charge you humongous Rs. 600 hundred or even more for the prasad worth Rs. 100. So always take prasad on your own, from the store located adjacent to the temple.The offerings comprises of following and need to be offered in that sequence only:1. Leaf Mala along with the black cloth to be offered at the trishul near the temple.2. Coconut along with rice puff after the trishul.3. Light the agarbattis after walking the some steps, there is specific area for that.4. Offer the Oil along with Til (Sesame Seed).5. Keep the small nall, along with flowers near the idol rest you can bring back.Camera phones are allowed in the temple. There are other small temples of Mata lakshmi and Bhagwan shiva as well with in the temple only do visit that as well.There is a "well" near the main idol of Shanidev, women are not allowed to go near that well.Come back out of the temple after taking blessings of Shanidev. Please do not forget to take the coconut barfi as prasad.

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Smriti Mahale4.3/5

12 reviews

No looking Back!

It was my fortune that I could visit the temple just a day after the landmark judgement by the Supreme Court was passed that now, even women could enter the sanctum where the holy Shani stone is kept and worshipped.The Shingnapur village is a two hour drive from Shirdi and requires a minimum of half a day for the visit. And even longer, if it is a Saturday. The whole temple has divided into several pray stops with its own religious significance. Outside the temple premises, you will find vendors selling temple paraphernalia and explaining what is to be done at each stop in the temple.The first stop is the Trishul where a garland of flower is hung from the blades. Further ahead there is a stop where baskets are kept where a devotee has to keep packets of kumkum and haldi and light incense sticks. The last stop is the prime Shani sanctum, which is in the form of a holy black stone. You can find devotees pouring oil as a sign of gratitude over the deity. It is of interest that all these religious offerings have to be made only by a male member of a family. It is considered that women are vulnerable to the ill fate that is believed to be associated with Lord Shani.It is also advised that soon after the prayers have been offered to the Lord, one is not supposed to look back at the holy stone and exit the shrine after offering his prayers. It is believed that the rule of Shani prevails for a continuous period of 7 years in one's life and looking back at the Stone may attract ill fortune for another seven years.Many other items are available in the Shingnapur village that are believed to ward off negative energy in life. For instance, a horse shoe nail sold here is to be hung at the entrance of one's residence to ward off negative energy.Another significance of the village are the houses and shops here that have no doors or windows. The villagers believe that Lord Shani will protect them and punish the ones guilty of robbery. The belief and fear combined has led to even the bank of the village to have no doors or windows!The temple is advised a visit if you are a firm believer of the fact that the reign of Shani in your life has led to the negativity in your life. Also, despite the judgement of the Supreme Court, it is still not advisable for the women to touch the Holy Stone as no rule was made by our ancestors without a strong, scientific reason!

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Biswajeet Mishra5.0/5

58 reviews

There is a great story of Shani Temple

It's a must visit place at Shingnapur, if you ever visit to Shirdi for Sai Baba darshan then you should must go and visit Shank temple at Shingnapur. The village do not have any doors including Bank as they believe that lord Shank protect them from any danger and no theft is marked there. There is a Great Story of Shani Temple how and from where did lord Shani came there and why are they not worshipped in temple rather in a open place, you must be excited.

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Shreya Kothari5.0/5

2 reviews

Good spiritual place

The temple is located in a small village. The best part of the village is people here never lock their rooms. It's said that Lord Shani protects them. Outside the temple you can shop for some little things in the stalls.

Nitin Pethkar4.3/5

100 reviews

Spiritual temple to see

This place is so peaceful and is the best place for spirituality. This place is also for religious purpose. You get mental peace here. This is the best place to know the real life of himself/herself in kind of spirituality.The shrine for Shani consists of a five and a half feet high black rock installed on an open-air platform, which symbolizes the god Shani. A Trishula (trident) is placed along the side of the image and a Nandi (bull) image is on the south side. In front are the small images of Shiva and Hanuman.No branches grow over the Moolasthana - There was a Neem Tree that grew near the Moolasthana but every time a branch grew near Shani Maharaj it would automatically break and fall down. Few years ago, this tree fell and another Fig tree has grown there. This too does not extend its branches up to the idol.Shani Maharaj palanquin - Devotees worship Shani Maharaj palanquin placed closed to the Moolasthana which has a huge wooden slipper in it. Several shops sell miniatures of this wooden slipper that people buy and take home as talisman.Countless people come to offer oil to God Shani. Sometimes, 101 boxes and at other times 1 quintal and at other times a tanker of oil is offered to God Shani. On the occasions of Shani Amavasya and Shani Jayanti, over 10 lakh people come here.All the devotees from South India, North India and Foreign Countries become entranced with devotion here.If any thing of any devotee, like a watch, chain, golden ring or any other precious item, then they get it back immediately.

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Shiva Ukali3.6/5

84 reviews

Very nice place

The Shinganapur is city of God Shani, who also called as god of bad luck. People come here to praise the Shani to give them prosperity. The temple is always open for devotees.

Channabasveshwarayya Kalmath5.0/5

65 reviews

Temple is open all time

It's a temple of shani god near Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The small town where there no place is locked nor doors. The temple is open all time, the god's idol is worshipped by flowers, black cloth and oil. Many devotees visit this place all around the year.

Dr prabal Awasthi3.6/5

82 reviews

Good atmosphere

I booked a taxi for Shignapur from Shirdi which I'd about 90km from here. On the way there are many shops selling cane juice. I reached Shanidham in afternoon and purchased oil and horse iron shoe to offer, Mandir Parisar was under renovation but place is clean and atmosphere is good. Overall a nice visit as it is said this Shani laat is unique as many tried to copy it's simple design but failed.

Photos of Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur, Ahmednagar

Photo by

Pratik Jena

Shani Shingnapur
Shani Shingnapur, Ahmednagar

Photo by

Dr prabal Awasthi

Tender coconut shop nearby

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