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Stupa No. 3 is located near the great stupa and has a crown on the hemispherical dome which has special religious importance. It has an umbrella made of polished stone and houses the relics of two of the earliest disciples of Buddha, Mahamogallena and Sariputta, in the inner chamber of the stupa.

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Was built over the Relics of Sariputra & Mahamogallana


Stupa No. 3

Rizwanuddin Rafiq
13th Mar 19

An Ancient Stupa


Stupa No. 3

Rizwanuddin Rafiq
4th Aug 16

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Sariputta and Maha-Moggallana relics were found

Stupa No 3, this stupa is situated on the northeast corner of the Great Stupa. This is the only other stupa at site which has entrance gateway but only one flanking the main entrance. The style of construction is very similar to the Great Stupa however in dimension it is very small in comparison to the Great Stupa. Diameter of its dome is 15m, and its height is 8. 1m. A terrace around the dome was built later. It once had a balustrade around it however it has not survived. Marshall writes that the remains of the balustrade were found from the foundation of temple 45 and from these it can be said it was nearly eight feet in eight and ornamented with lotus medallions.General Alexander Cunningham excavated this stupa in 1851 and found two relic boxes from inside. Both these stone boxes were inscribed, one of these were engraved the name of Sariputta and on other was Maha-moggallana. Sariputra and Maha-moggallana were among the most favourite pupils, next to Ananda.There are few inscriptions found in this stupa, and based upon paleography of these, it is assigned to second century BCE during the reign of the Shungas. Marshall dated this stupa to the middle of second century BCE and assigns it to contemporary to the rebuilding of the Great Stupa. The only gateway of this stupa is very similar to the gateways of the Great Stupa in design and construction. It is 17 feet high. Western and Eastern Pillars each face depicts a stupa with harmika and chhatra above the dome. A vedica rail surrounds the stupa. Worshipers are shown standing around the stupa, while more worshipers are shown in below two panels, Bodhi-tree, dvarapala wearing very heavy earrings and a broad necklace and a flower in right hand, Deer Park, a couple with children, the mother is shown breastfeeding her child, a dancer, Three lions are put on top of the capital and they support dharma-chakra, Bodhi-tree over a pedestal and devotees including two vidyadharas are holding garlands above the tree, dvarapala holding a flower in his right hand and two flowers in his left hand and Middle architrave has three stupas and two trees, representing five of the seven Manushi Buddhas and many other narrations through images.Sanchi is a landmark of Buddhist monuments and has lot of historical and artistic attractions.

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