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Tiger's Cave is located near Salurankuppam village at a distance of 5 km to the north of Mahabalipuram. The shrine in this rock-cut cave temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The carvings in this cave depict the story of an event occurred in life of Goddess Durga.

With a view to host cultural programmes during the Pallava period, this cave was built as an open-air theatre. The Tiger's Cave today is a famous picnic spot and serves as a beautiful destination for nature lovers. Visitors can even travel to the beach, which is in the  proximity of this cave.  

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Reviews and Ratings

Vipul jain

Vipul jain5.0/5

35 reviews

A Journey in Time - Back to 2000 years and back

Just five kilometres before the UNESCO world heritage site of Mahabalipuram, lies another structure from the same era. Tiger caves are well known to the local public and is considered as a picnic spot (because of the maintained lawns by ASI) as well as a religious sport.As you enter the gates of tiger cave, you see a sandstone rock on the right which instantly arouses curiosity and the tiger cave is the first thing that you are likely to see. However, don't be fooled, the complex has much more than just tiger cave. More on that later!The tiger cave is most likely to have served as an assembly hall where Kings heard their audience and which might have doubled as a hall for temple rituals and festivals were held. The central chamber of the cave doubled up as the Kings throne and the it is covered with tiger faces from left to right. The tiger faces are ferocious with protruding eyes. The 11 odd tiger faces cover the whole lot of tigers face from various angles left, right and front. The central chamber has steps leading to it and two lions are carved on each side. On the left of the central chamber, are two deities (inferred to be Shiva and Parvati) with elephant heads below them.To be at tiger cave, is to experience how this place would have been some 1300-1400 years ago, how they carved an entire complex from caves. You are so enchanted by the history that it takes distant sound of waves to remind you that there is a beautiful beach waiting for you. Just behind the tiger cave is the beach where locals come to unwind on weekend and holidays. A small bazaar is set up which sells small value items.After soaking in the sun at the beach, it was my turn to visit the Subramanya temple inside the tiger cave complex. And this temple, turned out to be the most satisfying part of this complex for me. But before, going into details about this endearing temple, it is imperative that I talk of the discovery of this temple. A Tsunami occurred on 26 December 2004 with epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. This 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and Tsunami affected several countries in the Indian Ocean region including India. 2004 Tsunami washed away beach sand near the Tiger caves and revealed a rock with inscription. Decoding these inscriptions led to the discovery of a temple inside the modern-day cave complex. Many consider these to be one of the seven pagodas on the Mahabalipuram coast.The temple is dedicated to Lord Subramanya (Lord Shiva) and is considered to be more than 2000 years old. On excavation, it was evident that temple had been damaged multiple times due to Tsunami or tidal waves and was re-built each time. The temple is believed to be last in existence till 1300 AD.The temple has certain inscriptions in Tamil that talk of the donations being made to temple for maintenance. There seems to be image of goddess Durga on left (incarnation of Parvati). The sanctorum has a shiv linga and is Shiva is worshipped here even today.The temple is of huge importance to the locals and they cherish it. Hence, it is important for the casual tourist to respect their sentiments while visiting the temple. Please do not wear footwear inside the temple.Other Tips:1) There is no entrance fee for Tiger caves.2) There is no Toilet in the premises.

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Dhanesh Kumar

Dhanesh Kumar3.6/5

50 reviews

Good place of attraction

People interested in Ancient Indian history and Indian ancient sculptures can visit this place and also visit Mahabalipuram itself. But for others, it is a good place of attraction.

Rizwanuddin Rafiq

Rizwanuddin Rafiq5.0/5

3023 reviews

A place of attraction

The Tiger's Cave is a shallow cave framed by a large boulder, with heads of yalis means mythical leonine beasts. It was a stage for outdoor performances, perhaps this may be true. But it is a place of attraction for all tourists.

Angu  Balaji

Angu Balaji3.9/5

4 reviews

Plesant garden kind of place, no where releated to tiger

Don't expect the tiger in this place, the name only says the tiger cage but no tigers here, it is the place for the pleasant evening to be spent and you can spend lot of time in taking photos with the beautiful caves near by. Best place to visit at least once on the way to Mahabs.

Gan Vema

Gan Vema5.0/5

8 reviews

Peaceful and relaxing place

A beautiful open air theatre constructed by the pallava kings of yester years. The stage has as canopy sculpted in rocks containing tiger faces all over. Hence the name tiger caves. A very neat and clean place maintained well by ASI. A place to relax peacefully with the sound of waves behind.
  • Peaceful and relaxing place

Photos of Tiger's Cave

Tiger's Cave, Mahabalipuram

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Sharad Bajpai

Tiger's Cave, Mahabalipuram

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