The Science of Holidays

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When all you want is to get away from it all, holiday planning itself can seem like hard work. Where to go, where to stay, what to do...

The brainy folks at make sure our systems and algorithms do the hard math for you so that your holiday planning is a breeze and we send you packing to soak in the sun and the sand in a flash!

This to us is the Science of Holidays! And among a lot of algorithms it involves three significant things:

The HolidayIQ Annual Awards

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How do you know if that homestay is really that cosy? The HolidayIQ Awards are the unbiased voice of the Traveller community on Awards are given to Destinations, Hotels and Travellers that are top notch in helping provide and inspiring great holiday experiences making it easier for you to make a holiday decision.

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Hotel Classification and Ranking

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Given that your stay is the most important aspect of your holiday experience, we came up with two smart ways to help you decide where you stay based on hotel reviews. Again, we let fellow travellers have their say whether an establishment rocks or sucks!

Hotel Classification brings you a variety of stays, from homestays to tents to boutique hotels, powering offbeat holiday experiences in addition to general accommodation needs. categorizes hotels into different types based on overall experience the hotel provides to a leisure traveller. Hotels that do not clearly fit into any of the categories go into the 'General' category. You can discover hotels by type and choose stays based on the holiday experience associated with it. See our list of hotel types and what they stand for:

  • Resorts
  • Hotel
  • B&B/Guest house/Hostel/Lodge
  • Home Stay
  • Tent/Camp/Caravan
  • Boutique hotel
  • Apartment/Serviced apartment

Hotel Rank ranks hotels based on actual traveller ratings & reviews; giving you an instant snapshot of where the hotel stands among other hotels in that destination, making it easier to choose a hotel. computes the rank of a hotel based on number of traveller ratings & reviews and the overall rating for the hotel. The overall rating of a hotel is the average of each individual traveller rating for that hotel. More ratings a hotel receives, more reliable is the rating against it. Travellers rate a hotel on 8 key parameters: Room, Service, Food & Drink, Bookings & Front office, Appearance, Location, Activities, and Destination. Each parameter is rated on a scale of 1 to 7 by travellers - 1 being the worst and 7 being the best. See detailed rating index:

  1. Terrible
  2. Poor
  3. Below average
  4. Average
  5. Good
  6. Very Good
  7. Excellent
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The Traveller Community

image description connects you to lakhs of travellers across India, enables you to gather and share travel insights most valuable to you. Find travellers with similar travel interests as you, follow latest traveller activities, get updates on traveller awards & contests, give advice to fellow travellers, earn expert badges and engage with our community in many more ways.

You can find travellers on by type; connect and interact with people with similar travel interests as you.

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Heritage seeker
Prefers heritage spots
Desert Ranger
Likes desert destinations
Visits jungles/wildlife parks etc.
Frequents pilgrim spots
Likes to go to hill destinations
Likes to visit off the beaten path destinations
International traveller
Photo enthusiast
Trekking enthusiast
Likes to take driving holidays
Easy Rider
Takes biking/cycling breaks
Travels frequently, takes regular breaks
Prefers longer holidays
Takes short breaks
Group tripper
Usually travels in group, with family etc.
Prefers to take solo trips
Is a demanding traveller, has high expectations
Prefers indulgent holidays, stays in luxury hotels