The HolidayIQ Traveller Community

Traveller Meetup at Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore

This is what happened when HolidayIQ and Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore, came together to create an exclusive event inspired by Lakhnawi cuisine for Top Reviewers of the HolidayIQ community.  

Travellers of The Month

The interesting travellers we meet at our community events! Here we have featured a few travellers from the community, who share incredible travel advice and inspiration for your next holiday.  

Sambrita Basu, Communications Professional

Ajay Sharda, Chartered Accountant

Geetha GH, Dietician

Amit Aggarwal , Manager, Tech Firm

Discover Corbett with HolidayIQ Travellers

HolidayIQ Community Events are an endeavour to celebrate and recognise top travellers and their contribution to the HolidayIQ community. To help do just that, HolidayIQ and Jim's Jungle Retreat came together, in association with Celebrity Chef Michael Swamy, and designed an experience exclusively for HolidayIQ Travellers. 6 top travellers were selected, who left their mundane city lives behind, and embarked on an adventurous trip to Corbett National Park. Now, they share their experiences and travel advice to inspire millions travellers like you.  

Nikhil Kashyap, Marketing Consultant

Aditi Juneja

Rati Karwal, General Manager, Jim's Jungle Retreat

Michael Swamy, Celebrity Chef

Moksh Juneja, CEO, Avignyata

Smartphone Photo Gallery

The Smartphone Photowalk organised by HolidayIQ in association with Taj Kuteeram, Bangalore invited top travellers from the HolidayIQ travel community for a walk with award-winning Photo Artist Shibu Arakkal. On a glorious Sunday morning, the event kicked off with an interactive session with Shibu Arakkal, who shared tips to click incredible travel photos with your smartphone, followed by a walk around the property. Talking about his experience at the meetup, HolidayIQ Traveller Kamal said, "It was a Sunday well-spent. There's so much more to smartphone photography beyond clicking selfies!" Added HolidayIQ Traveller Deena Purushothaman, "What I learnt at the photowalk is that while travelling, the smartphone allows you to seamlessly blend into a travel moment. Being a passive observer is critical to taking great travel photos and the smartphone lets you do that; unlike a DSLR that you need to lug around."

Women Wanderers

HolidayIQ connects you to millions of travellers across India, enables you to gather and share travel insights most valuable to you. Watch HolidayIQ Travellers share incredible holiday experiences that will inspire you to travel more.  

Malini Gowrishankar, Founder, F5escapes

Gayathri Setty, Doctor & Travel Blogger

Sneha Vachhaney, Business Development, Mygola Technologies

Naseeha M, Digital Marketer, GoMowgli