Working with HolidayIQ

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Do you want to revolutionize the way people discover holidays?

Be an avid-tripper or a couch-potato, we love sharp, young minds keen to innovate and make life easy for the ones bitten by the travel bug.

Send in your resume to [email protected]

Is it as kickass as it sounds?

We are a vibrant, young team of 200 people, head-quartered in Bangalore, along with regional offices at Delhi, Mumbai and few far-flung outposts across India. For a youngish team, our Bangalore office is a reminder of college with the roof-top cafe' being the main hangout. Conversations over coffee, potluck lunch and other events are a part of our day at work. Life at can seem a bit-well, holiday-like! But there's work to do, lot's of it.

Our team of holidaymakers, in action..

  • "Being a part of great success story is an amazing experience.. with interesting challenges and learning everyday."
    Selvan Designer
  • "Every day is special- Speaking to travelers with different holiday experience and hoteliers with diverse culture."
    Jamuna Head-Hotels Content