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10 Answers To All Those Who Think India Does Not Offer Offbeat Adventure Experiences

flickr - Pradeep Kumbhashi flickr - Pradeep Kumbhashi
If you’re bored of the same old destination and seek some adventure, here is a list of the best offbeat adventurous places to experience in India.

10 Answers To All Those Who Think India Does Not Offer Offbeat Adventure Experiences:

  1. Kumara Parvatha, Kukke-Subrahmanya (Karnataka)
  2. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)
  3. Dhanushkodi (Tamil Nadu)
  4. Zanskar (Jammu & Kashmir)
  5. Auli (Uttarakhand)
  6. Marai Cave, Shillong (Meghalaya)
  7. Bandipur National Park (Karnataka)
  8. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
  9. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  10. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

1. A Trek In The Western Ghats - Kumara Parvatha

A Trek In The Western Ghats - Kumara Parvathasource: flickr - karthick siva

HolidayIQ Traveller Megha Shyama K S from Bangalore shares, “It's a beautiful place for trekking, total of 10 hours of trekking. After 5 kms You get Bhattara Mane (a house) where you get food. There is a Kalyana Mantapa where you can stay at night. I suggest you to visit during June. The weather has a beauty of its own, with continuous rains and clouds sweeping off your face on this time. I trekked 5 times to this mountain. 2 days trekking is best choice.”

2. Battle The Rapids Of Ganges In Rishikesh

Battle The Rapids Of Ganges In Rishikeshsource: flickr - Siddharth Nagi

HolidayIQ Traveller Gulshan Reehal from Delhi shares, “Rishikesh is a holy city for Hindus located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. The sacred river Ganga flows through Rishikesh. In fact, it is here that the river leaves the Shivalik mountains in the Himalayas and flows out into the plains of northern India. Several temples, ancient as well as new, can be found along the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh. The city attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year, from within India, as well as from other countries through it. It is also becoming a popular spot for white water rafting enthusiasts, both from India and abroad, as it offers medium to rough rapids in the course of river Ganges.”

3. Drive A 4x4 Jeep To The Ghost Town Of Dhanuskodi

Drive A 4x4 Jeep To The Ghost Town Of Dhanuskodisource: youtube.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Asmita Pradhan from Mumbai shares, “This place is roughly 20 kms away from the Rameshwaram Railway Station. You can take the bus till the bus and if you wish to go further till Rama Sethu, hire a jeep or join a group of people. If you are travelling on your own vehicle, I'd advise you to take it only till Dhanuskodi beach and not further than that as the roads till Rama Sethu is still under construction. This particular place has a significance in Indian mythology and is also is closer to Sri Lankan Border. They also say that you can see one of the islands of Sri Lanka if you stand on the tip of the Island on this side. The beach is unsafe for bathing or even any other beach activities as the tide is always high. The view is just magnificent. The drive till Rama Sethu is a little scary but it's worth it. They usually don't allow anyone to go till the end of the land. But if you do, you will get to point where the two seas meet. The Dhanuskodi village is wrecked and there's nothing much left to see except for few monuments here and there. Overall the experience was good. If you ever happen to visit Rameshwaram, you shouldn't miss out on this lesser known piece of land to the world.”

4. Trek Through The Zanskar Valley - Chadar Trek

Trek Through The Zanskar Valley - Chadar Treksource: flickr - Pradeep Kumbhashi

HolidayIQ Traveller Partha De Sarkar from Kolkata shares insights by their trek leader Ajaz Hussain Rashu for the Chadar Trek. He shares, ““The Chadar Trek is very exceptional, a heady mixture of adventure and running battle with altitude; harsh cold, frozen waterfalls, and heavy snowfall creating ice wall. You sought shelter in mountain gorges, in primitive caves and if you are luckily near a village, villagers give you shelter. You will come across wildlife surviving on under-river hot spring; hot springs escape being frozen in this part of land of Chadar trek, though the River Zanskar freezes. You might have trekked and climbed the Alps yet I can assure you will have to acclimatize as you are going to be above 10, 000 ft always and temperature will be among the lowest on the earth. It will take your body a few days to adjust to this altitude. It's very important to drink plenty of water, and don’t over-exert. Even walking up the stairs of the hotel will make you breathless for the first day or two. Note that we have planned plenty of acclimatization time into our itinerary. He looked through the window. It had begun snowing. Leh was all white with very few people on street walking about. Lone cyber café had a few Israeli youth, probably soldiers taking a break in God's’ own abode away from strife ridden own country.He assured that this travel did not require any special technical knowledge. However, it demanded from the trekkers a total let-go and a total confidence in their ability to deal with any situations. After all, a live travel is rarely an insipid experience. Zanskar lies to the south west of Leh, surrounded by the Himalayan and Zanskar ranges, which is the most isolated of all the trans-Himalayan valleys. The valley has an area of about 5,000 sq. kms and an elevation of 13,154 ft.”


5. Get A High By Heli-Skiing In Auli

Get A High By Heli-Skiing In Aulisource: trekkerpedia.com

Have the ultimate skiing experience by skiing from the highest altitude and the most offbeat peaks accessible only by a helicopter. Experience amazing vistas from a helicopter and feel the adrenaline rush while you ski down mighty mountains. There are many ski resorts in Auli, Rohtang, Gulmarg and Manali that organise heli skiing. HolidayIQ Traveller Swati from Delhi shares, “The title speaks 50% of the story. I went to this amazing place in October 2014 when the climate there was in its own pleasure. Neither hot nor cold. It was just as pleasant as watching the reflection of moon shedding within the clouds in water. You may call it off season but it was on. The beauty was completely on its nerves and I was taking a 360 degree every time to capture every frame. My camera lenses enjoyed it more than any eagle. Here you can find 2 International level ski slopes. Adventure lovers and ski lovers will have the best time here.”

6. Explore The Caves Of Meghalaya

Explore The Caves Of Meghalayasource: holidayiq.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Abhijit Gupta from Kolkata shares, “Marai Cave is a sacred site locally known as Krem Marai. Very few tourists visit this place but is a good place to visit. The space in front of the cave provides a bird's eye view or aerial view of the Shillong city and its settlements.”

7. A Night Safari In Bandipur National Park

A Night Safari In Bandipur National Parksource: flickr - Swaminathan

HolidayIQ Traveller Pranesh from Bangalore shares, “Bandipur National park is an evergreen deciduous forest, coming under Nilgiri Biosphere. It is about 80 km from Mysore, enroute to Ooty. It has varieties of wildlife like Tiger, Panther, Elephants, Deer, Birds and Insects.”    

8. Go Desert Camping In Jaisalmer

Go Desert Camping In Jaisalmersource: flickr - travelwayoflife

HolidayIQ Traveller Anjali Kashyap from Jaipur shares, “"The Golden City" Jaisalmer is a nice destination if one wants to have fun with friends or family. The camping experience is awesome. It is a nice sunset point stand on the sand dunes and see the peaceful sunset. For nature photographers it is a great place to visit in India to capture the milky way galaxy in their cameras and to experiment with their skills. The visit is incomplete without Safari every visitor should experience the camel ride in the desert. There is a place named Kuldhara known as a haunted village [but I didn't experienced anything abnormal/paranormal. There are other places too to visit like Patwon-ki-haveli, Gadi sagar lake, Jaisalmer fort, Heritage museum etc.”


9. Take A Train Ride Through The Western Ghats

Take A Train Ride Through The Western Ghatssource: youtube.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Sachin Bhandary shares, “The train was not on time when I took it a few months ago. But generally it runs on time. The train is clean and well-maintained. The highlight of the train is the food served by Ahuja and care caterers: All food items are lip-smacking and can give good restaurants a run for their money. Heera-Upma, tomato soup, fried rice, chicken manchurian, gulab jamuns and biryani - everything is top notch. If you are getting on this almost 12 hour journey, make sure you sample as many food items as possible.”

10. Go On A Spiritual Journey In Kashi

Go On A Spiritual Journey In Kashisource: flickr - Lyle Vincent

HolidayIQ Traveller Koushik Das from Bangalore shares, “Every day thousands of people flock this city known as spiritual capital of India. There are many must visit places in Varanasi apart from Viswanath Ji temple. We travelled through Rickshaws for places nearby the temple like Kal Bhairav temple, Kashi Ghats. Since we were staying in a hotel (Lara India) on Dashashwamedh we walked around Old Kasi lanes easily. To visit Sarnath we took an auto. And to visit Vindhyavasini temple, we took a cab. We concluded the trip by visiting Hanumanji temple, Durga temple and Kaudi Mata temple on the last day.”

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