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10 Classic Holiday Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style!

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There are some places too enchanting to ever slip out of travellers' mind. HolidayIQ Travellers list the best bets.

10 Classic Holiday Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style!:

  1. Andaman & Nicobar
  2. Darjeeling (West Bengal)
  3. Goa
  4. Jaipur (Rajasthan)
  5. Kumarakom (Kerala)
  6. Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh)
  7. Ladakh (Leh) (Jammu & Kashmir)
  8. Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir)
  9. Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)
  10. Kutch (Gujarat)

1. Snorkeling In Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Snorkeling In Andaman & Nicobar Islandssource: wikimedia

Being one of the most beautiful island groups in the world and offering affordable travel with luxury as well, it's not hard to tell that Andaman and Nicobar will remain a hit for a long time. HolidayIQ Traveller Samir tell you just why, "Excellent holiday destination, all the elements for an holiday was present. Hill, jungle sea beach, adventure in form scuba and snorkeling. Very good place to get isolated from the hustle bustle of the daily city routine. Crystal clear water at clean beaches. All the beaches have bathing facility after sea bath. Good people and good food available at comparatively economical prices."

2. Romantic Holiday In Darjeeling

Romantic Holiday In Darjeelingsource: wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Arnab explains why Darjeeling can't ever lose popularity, "I can't give a specific reason as to why one must visit Darjeeling, it started being my favourite place ever since I visited it for the first time in 2007. Rightly termed as the Queen of Hills, this place has an amazing charm which is hard to describe in words. The best time to visit is during the winters and summers, always avoid the monsoons. October, November, March and April are the best months to get a clear view of the sunrise from Tiger Hill. "

3. Chilled Out Vacation In Goa

Chilled Out Vacation In Goasource: Vibhooti Tiwari

Serene beaches, chilled out lifestyle and awesome food are some of the reasons why Goa will remain evergreen. HolidayIQ Traveller Nivedita says, "India offers a tad bit of every possible terrain, countryside and the perfect climate conceivable to make it a happening place to be in. When it comes to the West Cost of India, the first beach destination that anyone can think of is Goa! Goa is known to all the party lovers. It is a haven for water sports especially for the high adrenaline escapade seeking youth who are in the pursuit of fun. Some activities include parasailing, water skiing, wing surfing, dinghy sailing and scuba diving."

4. Cultural & Heritage Fix At Jaipur

Cultural & Heritage Fix At Jaipursource: wikimedia

A history lesson in itself, Jaipur is remnant of the royalty that it played host to once upon a time. Some places never get old and Jaipur is one of them. HolidayIQ Traveller Harmanjit says, "Rajasthan is a quite place and close to History and nature. So one can enjoy History and nature at the same time still with the feeling on being in the 21st century.We visited Jaipur in the month of July-August (rainy season) so the temperature was good to travel. Sun was kind to us and we really enjoyed walking down the lanes of Amber fort and Jaigarh Fort."


5. Quiet Getaway To Kumarakom

Quiet Getaway To Kumarakomsource: wikimedia

Stretches of backwaters and a calm spread across avenues of greenery make Kerala and its backwaters absolutely irreplacable. HolidayIQ Traveller Parth says, "Kerala is a superb sightseeing place. We get clean beaches and can spend long long hours walking between the coconut trees. Very romantic beaches with soft sand and clean water. Member can stay in backwaters and enjoy time in natural beauty of India. Places are near by and one can enjoy South-Indian food."

6. Timeless Holiday To Khajuraho

Timeless Holiday To Khajurahosource: wikimedia

Khajuraho talks about something most Indians are apprehensive to talk about- sex. Apart from that, it's one of the most famous heritage sites of the country. No wonder it's timeless. HolidayIQ Traveller Jaydeep says, "I was there in May. Though it was very hot but destination made my holiday exotic. Must visit place at least once in lifetime. It is probably most underrated destination of India. Though having status of UNESCO world heritage site, it has lack of basic facilities for villagers of Khajuraho."

7. Adventurous Holiday To Ladakh

Adventurous Holiday To Ladakhsource: wikimedia

The land of peace, monasteries, mountain passes and frozen lakes, Ladakh is full of challanges and surprises at every turn. Relatively less frequented by the tourists, it's fast gaining popularity as a great tourist spot. HolidayIQ Traveller Sanjay says, "Leh, it's not a destination, it's a journey. It's a journey on the edge of life, on the curves of hills beyond imagination, facing adverse situation of life, journey of magnetic attraction. It's a experience you can't describe in words. Leh is like a combination of seven colours of rainbow. The beauty who wraps itself in white colour in winter, in summer get dispersed in seven colours. The pride of riding bike on the highest motorable road. It's a game zone of you and life. Here life does not give us second chance, just a single mistake or even bad luck - game(life) is over."

8. A Visit To Kashmir To Just De-Stress

A Visit To Kashmir To Just De-Stresssource: wikimedia

Kashmir is indeed heaven on earth. Who will argue with that! HolidayIQ Traveller Sahil says, "I went to kashmir 11 months ago and I love that place and after two days I am again going there. I love the places which were around especially Gulmarg, I enjoyed the rides of udan khatola there then I went to Sonmarg which is also a very beautiful place then I went to pahalgam which is truly a janat of Kashmir and then the last day of our tour we will be chilling out in Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. There is also places like dal lake, nishat garden etc. which is the heartbeat of Srinagar."


9. A Visit To The Gorgeous Hill Station Of Shimla

A Visit To The Gorgeous Hill Station Of Shimlasource: wikimedia

Ever a popular destination for couples, Shimla's stock is only growing by the years. HolidayIQ Traveller Chandrashekhar says, "It was indeed a trip to remember forever. Excellent places to view, lots of adventure sports available. You can trek, skew in ice, play other games in it. Horse ride to climb the mountains. Pictures with Yak!!! Hot tea in the cold breeze. Lots of places to hangout. One of the best places for couples and even for families. Equip yourself with the winter wears to enjoy the weather."

10. Discovering The Golden Sand Dunes Of Thar

Discovering The Golden Sand Dunes Of Tharsource: wikimedia

One of the most popular destinations when it comes to discovering oneself and enjoying time in peace, Kutch is getting even more popular owing to the increasing popularity of the Rann Utsav. HolidayIQ Traveller Sanjna says, "Quiet pure and serene place. Somnath is One of the best temples laden with history. The Civilization findings at Dholavira are older than their counterparts (Harappa & Mohenjo-daro). Trekking is best thing to do in Kutch. The Fossil park & Rann of Kutch are very nearby & are worth visiting. Best place for archaeologists. Bird Enthusiasts will find 'Surkhab' (migratory bird) en route to Dholavira and in Rann of Kutch."

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