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10 Fears Every Solo Traveller Deals With But Must Overcome

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People make all sorts of excuses for why they can’t travel solo - some worry about time, money or safety. The root cause of all these excuses is fear. Fear of the unknown. HolidayIQ Travellers list down fears that prevent you from travelling solo.

10 Fears Every Solo Traveller Deals With But Must Overcome:

  1. Pushkar (Rajasthan)
  2. Nagaland
  3. Kalimpong (West Bengal)
  4. Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh)
  5. Pondicherry
  6. Munnar (Kerala)
  7. Ladakh (Leh) (Jammu & Kashmir)
  8. Goa
  9. Meghalaya
  10. Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh)

1. Is it Safe To Travel Alone?

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Safety is and should be one of the top priorities when it comes to travelling solo. The best way to ensure that is do the due research and understand the surrounding and adapt accordingly. Adapt as much as possible by doing research on what to wear, how to carry yourself, and what is acceptable behavior. HolidayIQ traveller Rutavi Mehta from Mumbai shares, “Out of all the places, I have been solo - my fav is Pushkar. I have stayed there during Pushkar festival and enjoyed my each moment here. You can reach Jaipur and take a bus to Pushkar, which you hotel guy will tell you where you can catch a local bus. This would cost only 400 Rs to reach Pushkar, Once you reach then you can hunt for homestay and you get at as cheap as 500.This place is mix of religiousness, serene sunset, colorful life, sometimes groggy situations, shopping.”

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2. What If My Family Doesn’t Approve?

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Family and friends worry about you and it’s totally understandable if a few of them aren’t as supportive as you thought they would be. Share your travel plans and ask them to trust your intelligence and ability to make it out on your own. HolidayIQ traveller Rosaline Ann from Madurai shares, “Nagaland is a wonderful place to visit but one must keep in mind that there are no great activities happening here throughout the year but December is a special month for them when the Hornbill festival happens during the first two weeks. Life is pretty much very laid back and nobody's in a hurry! The war cemetery in Kohima and the Ao Baptist church in Dimapur are must visit places and if you have time then make a point to go to the local bamboo centre just outside Dimapur called Bambusa where you can get exquisite bamboo products and gift items and wonderful food at the restaurant in the same premises.  One thing to be warned of would definitely be the bad roads especially on the way to Kohima. On the whole, great stay and wonderful people and I felt like I was in a different world altogether.”

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3. Won’t I Get Lonely?

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Yes, travelling solo can get lonely but it also opens up new horizons. You can wait for friends, family to accompany you or you can just talk to people you meet while on the road. These people could not beat the lonely away but they could share some insights about the destination, some of their travel stories and you might end up making new friends. HolidayIQ Traveller Kashyap KM from Hyderabad shares, “My friends and me had planned a trip to kalimpong, a small beautiful town on the hills of west Bengal. In the last minute, my friends had dropped out and I was left alone. If I didn't visit this place this time, I was sure I wouldn't anytime soon. And then I had decided to let go off them and go alone. Trust me. The experience of travelling alone(even for a small trip) is very different. Your time not linked with anything or anyone. You can do anything at your own leisure. I went around the small streets of kalimpong and spent my evening shopping and eating the local food. That evening was just relaxing and went smooth. The next morning I visited a nearby place called Delo. Its a wonderful picnic spot with nice viewpoints and restaurants. The best part of it was the paragliding I had done there. First adventure sport of my life. Anybody who visits kalimpong shall visit the monasteries, delo, nursery, and do paragliding.. An experience of a lifetime. If you want a calm and cool place, visit kalimpong.”

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4. I’m Shy. How Do I Communicate With Total Strangers?

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Most people have some element of shyness that they need to overcome. So the next time you travel solo, make it a point to never eat your lunch/dinner alone. Find the nearest table with an empty seat and ask them to if you could join in. HolidayIQ Traveller Rohini Kejriwal from Kolkata shares, “This was the most life-changing experience I've had till date. Be it a plate of hot momos with the right kind of sauce or the amazing strangers I met or the lovely cafes I checked out while there, everything was an adventure in this beautiful hill station. While people may enjoy the commercial aspects, I fell in love with the Tibetan people, the culture they have created in a home away from home and volunteered with LHA to teach English whenever I could. Go with no agenda and you'll have a better time than the group with the planned itinerary.”

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5. What If I Don’t Like The Local Food?

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Travelling solo is more than packing your bags and exploring a relatively new destination, it's about coming out of your comfort zone and expanding it. The best thing is to do due research on local food, stay wary of foods that make trigger an allergic reaction and make the best of your trip while munching on local foods suggested by fellow travellers that you met while on the road. HolidayIQ traveller Anisha Mehta from Bangalore shares, “There is so much to discover in Pondicherry. Beyond the touristy sights and the ashrams and the French Colony, Pondicherry food culture is evolved and must be explored by foodies. Right from restaurants in French Colony such as Baker's Street, Hotel Du Parc and Le Club to small cafes in Auroville, a food trail in Pondicherry should be on every traveller's bucket list. Do visit Le Club for its nibbles they serve with beer and other interesting mocktails. Baker’s 'street is a must! Reach there by 9 am and treat yourself to fresh croissants, pastries, pizzas and of course, yummy coffee. At Auroville, avoid visiting the cafe at the Visitor's Centre. Instead, visit this place called Tantos that serves legendary pizzas. Run by an Italian gentleman, you must try their range of vegetarian pizzas. Also, there is a small cafe next door run by a couple that serves delicious crepes. Try their cold coffee!”

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6. Is This The Appropriate Time To Visit?

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It is very important to make sure you have all the information about your destination before embarking on the journey. Make notes on local transports and permit options if needed, also check the weather condition to check if it's the right time to explore the destination. "Monsoon time is a great time to visit Munnar" shares HolidayIQ traveller Sriram Sankar from Bangalore. He adds, “It was lush green and the water falls were majestic to watch. You will also see the entire area with complete green cover and you never get bored seeing them.” HolidayIQ traveller Kapil Kalantri from Pune shares, “I loved this place. This was my honeymoon trip. I would recommend this place for anyone who is planning for Kerala. December is best time to visit this place. Amazing tea gardens, spice plantations and beautiful waterfalls make this place paradise on earth.”

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7. Isn’t It Better To Travel With Friends Than Solo?

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Would you believe me if I confessed that I prefer travelling solo to group or tour travel. For the first time, you have complete freedom, no-one to please, nobody to disappoint. Solo travel also increase your problem solving ability as you can’t pass it on to someone else. It cultivates your fearlessness and make you truly independent. “You feel like a free-spirit. Nothing beats the experience of discovering Ladakh and re-discovering yourself,” shares HolidayIQ Traveller Nitin.

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8. What If I Run Out Of Money?

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You can avoid this classical pitfall that haunts most solo travellers by planning ahead or earning on the road. You can opt for volunteer travel which is an immersive experience of working alongside the locals and earning some money along with brownie points and friendly relations with the locals and fellow travellers. Also it’s smart to keep a disaster fund just in case you run into trouble. HolidayIQ Traveller Krishanu says, “If you want to save a little bit, then visit Goa, during the end week of september, when monsoons are over and it is still "off-season" and most hotels have discounted tariffs- whereas the "high-season" begins in October, when the rates go up significantly. Therefore, although there is no significant change in weather conditions, you get to save some money travelling in September.”

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9. The Fear Of Getting Lost

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For some people, getting lost in a new city is all part of the travel experience. But for others, it would be far less than ideal, it can possibly discourage you from venturing out and keep you stuck in your hotel room all day long. HolidayIQ traveller Krishna from Hyderabad says, "For outdoors enthusiasts, Meghalaya is the place to be. Hiking, cave exploration are must-do activities. There are special tours for cave exploration and camping in the woods by the lakeside. Also, do not miss Masumai Caves, which old rock formations dating back millions of years."

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10. Fear Of Coming Home

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The less-obvious fear that accompanies solo travels is coming back home. The adventure is over and coming back to normal is hard on your senses as they are still primed to tackle complex problems like survival and safety. Getting back to the routine life can be a painful task but think off coming back home as a buffer time before the next adventure begins. HolidayIQ traveller Ashutosh Jha from Delhi shares, “Initially we planned it because we were from indore so it was close by, we reached there in evening we were tired so had some food and slept. But in morning it was raining, we opened the window and we were amazed to see the beauty and the greenery. We got ready for sightseeing some other couples with us were so excited that despite the heavy rain we jumped to the jeep for sightseeing. We visited pandav cave and some falls and also done the horse riding and camel riding, Mahadev cave. The place was so good that we enjoyed a lot, no couple can enjoy other than this place it was so beautiful and silence everywhere that you could hear sound of romance. We stayed there for 2 days and never wanted to come back. With other couples we were like life time friends we helped each other to capture once in a lifetime moment.”

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