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10 Journeys When Spirituality Beckons in Your 50s

10 Journeys When Spirituality Beckons in Your 50s Wikimedia

Thinking what to do over the weekend? The 50s are the perfect time to discover sprirituality once all those respnsibilities are taken care of. HolidayIQ reviewers present 7 relaxing jounrneys towards finding nirvana. 

1. Amritsar

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Temple | Golden Temple | Religious | Peace
HolidayIQ Reviewer Chintan adds, “Most beautiful place on the earth I visited the holyplace in the evening hours. Let me start by first describing the approach road towards the Golden Temple. Absolutely clean and well lit. One could say you are roaming in the streets of Italy. The entire stretch is surrounded with eateries, locals shops, restaurants and some excellent antiques/statues all along. ” Read Full Review 

HolidayIQ Reviewer Urvesh Bhatt says, “Simply beautiful and serene place This is one of the beautiful place I have ever been too. You cannot describe the beauty and its purity in words. Golden Temple will actually leave you speechless. ...If you are planning to visit Golden Temple, please try food at langar and the market in the front and back end of the temple is just mind blowing, also try to visit those market.” Read Full Review

2. Haridwar

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Temple | Religious | Peace | Holy River
HolidayIQ Reviewer himanshu bahukhandi shares, “Chandi Devi Temple is said to be one of the most spiritual place in Haridwar and I myself have visited there many times. Chandi Devi Temple is the place where you can find the true spirituality of Haridwar and there is a saying that you should probably visit Chandi Devi Temple if you are visiting Haridwar. ” Read Full Review 

HolidayIQ Reviewer Vinod Kumar shares, “Har Ki Pauri is the main place of Haridwar with religious value. Temples are situated on the bank of river. It is place for holy dip and very safe. Religious chanting and songs of maa Ganga gives a pious feeling. Everyday in evening Ganga aarti is being organised. ” Read Full Review

3. Varanasi

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Temple | Ghat | Religious | Peace
HolidayIQ Reviewer Ajey Balaji V adds, “The evening aarti on the Dashashwamedh Ghat is soul enriching and makes your heart cry in pain when we see the pure and historical river being polluted endlessly. If you want to witness the Aarti in its best, make sure you reach the Ghat by 6. 30 and hire a boat and go to the other side and watch the spiritualmagic unfold. Kashi - A place you can go only when you are entitled to step on it's blessed soil!” Read Full Review 
HolidayIQ Reviewer Praneeth Bablu adds, “Varanasi, best of destination I was in ninth standard when I went to Varanasi along with my family. It was a very pleasant experience for me. ...Varanasi is the holy place of Hindus. It is also said that it is the place where no one does of hunger because it is a place of goddess Annapurna. She doesn't let any one die of hunger there. People run Nityannadana Satram and serve thousands of people every day. It is very great and proud to hear this. ” Read Full Review

4. Ajmer

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Religious | Shrine | Peace | Mosque
HolidayIQ Reviewer hemant prasad shares, “Divine destination & a holy place We plan to visit Ajmer last year to visit famous Dargah Sharif. ...Ajmer Dargah is the dargah of Khwaja moinuddin chishti and holy place for Muslims. ...The travelers who like to visit religious places can come to visit Ajmer. ...Other than Dargah Sharif there are so many other places which you can visit in Ajmer like Taragarh Fort, Pushkar Lake, Ana Sagar Lake, Brahma Temple(Pushkar), Nasiyan Jain temple, Adhai Din Ka Jhopra and Akbar Museum etc. ” Read Full Review 

HolidayIQ Reviewer Adesh Sidhu adds, “Ajmer Sharif - Dargah for everyone It is an old Dargah and people from different religions come to visit this holy place. The Dargah is located at the heart of the city and it is approachable by foot. ” Read Full Review


5. Tirupati

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Temple | Religious | Peaceful | Pilgrimage
HolidayIQ Reviewer Neelima Nagabhusha says, “Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam is one of the well known venkateshwara temple that located in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. Tirupathi turned as a famous Hindu pilgrim city because of Tirumala temple, which welcomes lakhs of people in a day. Devotees have a great faith in god (Lord Venkateshwara). ” Read Full Review 
HolidayIQ Reviewer vishali telu says, “Solace under the heaven with lord One of the best place to visit in life. The air of the holy place contains lord venkateswara in it. Theholy place is bestowed with blessings of lord in very minute part of it.” Read Full Review

6. Katra

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Temple | Shrine | Religious | Mountain
HolidayIQ Reviewer Sahil Gupta adds, “Trip to holy Shrine I had recently visited the holyshine of Mata Vaishno Devi, it is situated in the city of Jammu and Kashmir - Katra. It is a very famous and among the devotees who believes in Maa Vaishno. ...Apart from this it is also a very beautiful place to visit. ” Read Full Review

7. Rishikesh

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Ganga | Temple | Religious | Peaceful
HolidayIQ Reviewer Hemant Shekhar Rathore says, “Awesome experience at one of the top religious places in India Most people visit Haridwar to take a dip in holy Ganga river, particularly in Har Ki Pauri area. The dip in itself has calming influence on you. In the evening there is Ganga Aarti by various priests, which in itself is different experience. The mantra chanting, the reflection of arti in Ganga, and the crowd, provides you an experience of a lifetime. People also go to Haridwar for visiting Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi temple. Both are situated at the hilltop and one can go there by walking the hilly terrain or by ropeway facility. ” Read Full Review 
HolidayIQ Reviewer Subodh Bisht adds, “A lovely experience Beatles Ashram named because the world famous beatles Band stayed here in 1968 and and wrote many songs here. They also composed and sung the "The Rishikesh song".” Read Full Review

8. Dharamshala

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HolidayIQ Reviewer Manoo Joshi says, “What a Place, just can't describe in words .... A place for artists to practice their crafts, where people could come & see the artists and work, know about the Tibetan culture and learn the art too....Built in a traditional old Tibetan architectural style, this place has so much to offer - peace, calmness,spirituality, love, beauty, knowledge & much more that words can't describe. One has to have a love & appreciation for nature, arts & cultures, without that this place can't be loved, enjoyed, admired & understood.” Read Full Review 

HolidayIQ Reviewer Siddharth Ajmera says, “Great experience. A must visit. The temple complex is very huge and has many monks. We visited in the afternoon, when there was some sort of a debate going on between the monks, where one monk was standing and asking questions and other was sitting and answering. And the monk who was standing and asking questions was clapping after each question. On the first floor is the temple of Lord Buddha where holy rituals where going on. The idol of Lord Buddha is very beautiful there....The temple is also surrounded by a series of wheels enchanted with 108 holy chants each. It's recommended to turn each wheel clockwise.” Read Full Review


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