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10 Of The Most Spectacular Natural Wonders In India

flickr - Abhijit Kar Gupta flickr - Abhijit Kar Gupta
HolidayIQ Travellers recommend exploring these 10 amazing natural and astounding wonders in India.

10 Of The Most Spectacular Natural Wonders In India:

  1. Munsiyari (Uttarakhand)
  2. Zanskar Valley, Zanskar (Jammu & Kashmir)
  3. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
  4. Great Rann of Kutch, Dholavira (Gujarat)
  5. Alappuzha (Alleppey) (Kerala)
  6. Lakshadweep
  7. Dhanushkodi (Tamil Nadu)
  8. Haldia (West Bengal)
  9. Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
  10. Loktak Lake, Imphal (Manipur)

1. Snow Capped Peaks Of Munsiyari

Snow Capped Peaks Of Munsiyarisource: flickr - Abhijit Kar Gupta

HolidayIQ Traveller P K Jaiswal shares, “Panchchuli peak of the Himalayas, is the closest from this destination. Nearest place to view Himalayan peaks at its best. Must be place for people in love with Himalayan range and Wide variety of exquisite nature. People in love with adventure will also like the place very much. Starting from small trek to Khalia top to more adventurous treks for other Himalayan glaciers as well as the trek to Nanda Devi starts from here.”

2. The Frozen Landscapes Of Zanskar Valley

The Frozen Landscapes Of Zanskar Valleysource: altitudeadventure.in

HolidayIQ Traveller Partha De Sarkar narrates, “Today we would trek from Darbau to Tip Yokama. As we we trekked for 2 hours, we came across a waterfall called Chimchar, coming out of rock. Here we assembled for lunch. Porters told us to be silent as wildlife like ibex or blue sheep followed trekkers for thrown out food. We did not see any wildlife following us but we saw a male ibex against a rock unmindful of us. Ajaz surprised us when he told us not to pitch our tents. He took us another 200 meter up the gorge and we came to a natural cave where at least forty people could take shelter. Here we would camp in the natural cave. This was the biggest natural Chadar trek cave.”

3. The Sand Dunes Of Jaisalmer

The Sand Dunes Of Jaisalmersource: flickr - Sanjoy Ghosh

HolidayIQ Traveller Nikhil Bansal shares, “The Sam Sand Dunes are kind of the highlight of Jaisalmer. They should be on must visit places for everyone visiting Jaisalmer. Almost every hotel provides packages to visit this place. You have the option of choosing a camel ride or desert safari through jeep. The open jeep is really an awesome experience. The tyres are almost inflated which makes the journey even more adventurous. Leave most of your belongings in the jeep because things once lost in desert cannot be found. Just carry camera and some water bottles. Have a light snack before the jeep ride. Walk barefooted on sand and just enjoy the nature. Try to reach around 3 so that you do not miss the sunset. Roll on sand and have fun. There is no fees as such for the visit but there is charge for desert safari which is part of package which follows a small dance program and dinner. It cost around 1000 per person all expenses included.”

4. The Salt Marsh Of Kutch

The Salt Marsh Of Kutchsource: flickr - Travelling Slacker

HolidayIQ Traveller Harsiddh Dave from Gandhidham shares, “The great Rann of Kutch is one of the most beautiful sightseeing place in Gujarat. It is completely covered by white salt which makes it most unique place to visit.”


5. The Brackish Lagoons Of Alleppey

The Brackish Lagoons Of Alleppeysource: wikimedia.org

HolidayIQ Traveller Diksha Rangnani from Mumbai shares, “You will get to see something new in India specially if you live in north India where you don't get to see so much of water. It's a city of backwater and the only and most attractive thing is the houseboat ride in the back water. Altogether a different experience where you get to stay in a boat which has all the facility they travel whole day and after sunset on the bank of river. They stop and you can enjoy night there. Gives you a feeling of cruise but yes not so cheap. 7k to 15k for a night, good for 4 people. Not heavy on pockets.”

6. The Coral Reefs Of Lakshadweep

The Coral Reefs Of Lakshadweepsource: wikimedia.org

HolidayIQ Traveller Bhaswar from Hyderabad shares, “Lakshadweep is a Union Territory India on the western coast of India.It is a goup if islands.You are taken to the beach on the Kalapani island to see the corals under water .Tourist will be taken on glass boats till some distance from the beach where you can see reaaly nice colorful coral.The other best thing to do is to snorkel.The snorkelling gear is provided as a part of the package and you can just go down the water enjoy the view of the different kinds fish coming in and going of the very colorful corals.”

7. The Abandoned Beach Town Of Dhanuskodi

The Abandoned Beach Town Of Dhanuskodisource: wikipedia.org

HolidayIQ Traveller Asmita Pradhan from Mumbai shares, “This place is roughly 20 kms away from the Rameshwaram Railway Station. You can take the bus till the bus and if you wish to go further till Rama Sethu, hire a jeep or join a group of people. If you are travelling on your own vehicle, I'd advise you to take it only till Dhanuskodi beach and not further than that as the roads till Rama Sethu is still under construction. This particular place has a significance in Indian mythology and is also is closer to Sri Lankan Border. They also say that you can see one of the islands of Sri Lanka if you stand on the tip of the Island on this side.”

8. The Green Ganges Deltas Of Haldia

The Green Ganges Deltas Of Haldiasource: wikipedia.org

HolidayIQ Traveller Debayan Bhowmik from Kolkata shares, “Haldia is the place for spending some quality time for a day or two. The smriti soudha, the hamilton school etc are some must visit places among others. Local food are nothing of special mention, however the hotel serves many delicious cuisines. We just hovered around the compound of the hotel or in the dock apart from the sightseeing sessions.”


9. The Meadows Of Kanha In Jabalpur

The Meadows Of Kanha In Jabalpursource: wikimedia.org

HolidayIQ Traveller Vaibhav Kashiv from Nagpur shares, “This is a beautiful city famous for the marble rocks waterfall at Bhedaghat. The great holy river Narmada flows through the city, it is said the mere sight of the river is enough to cure lifetimes of negative karma. City is famous for its old churches and temples, Hindu as well as Jain. It has mixed community, people from all religions and races live here."

10. The Floating Lake Of Loktak

The Floating Lake Of Loktaksource: wikimedia.org

Loktak Lake is one of the most prominent freshwater lakes located in Thoubal district. The lake is renowned for the presence of the floating biomass and is covered with heterogeneous mass of soil, vegetation and organic matter. This heterogeneous mass is locally known as the phumdis. In the vicinity lies the Keibul Lamjao National Park (KLNP), which is home to endangered species of deer, the Cervus eldi eldi, locally known as Sangai.

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