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10 Places In India Where You Can Just Pitch A Tent And Camp!

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Camping is one of the few pastimes that transcends all social boundaries. HolidayIQ Travellers list 10 places where you can let go and bask in the beauty of mother nature.

10 Places In India Where You Can Just Pitch A Tent And Camp!:

  1. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand)
  2. Lahaul and Spiti (Himachal Pradesh)
  3. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
  4. Sonamarg (Jammu & Kashmir)
  5. Nainital (Uttarakhand)
  6. Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
  7. Kabini (Karnataka)
  8. Samsing (West Bengal)
  9. Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach, Ahmedpur-Mandvi (Gujarat)

1. Rishikesh

source: tadtoonew.com

On the road to Rishikesh
I was dreaming more or less,
And the dream I had was true
Yes, the dream I had was true.

'Child Of Nature' by John Lennon of The Beatles somehow captures the essence of Rishikesh -  the shimmering sand, the green emerald water and the breathtaking landscapes. Spend your time, listening to the melody of Ganga and tracking various specious of birds found in this region. HolidayIQ Traveller Harsh Mangal from Jaipur shares, “This is a totally enlightening place away from the noise and pollution of the city. One of the best beach camps of Rishikesh. The view and scenery are heart touching. One can completely relax here and enjoy in the nature's lap. It is the perfect place to stay on the bank of the river Ganga and enjoy the mesmerising sound of the flowing water.”

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2. Spiti

source: flickr - Mahindra Homestays

Set amidst imposing mountains, gushing rivers and magnificent canyons, Spiti is indeed a land of stunning beauty. A perfect way to enjoy this Himalayan bliss is to camp out in the open and spend serene nights under the star. HolidayIQ Traveller Xplorer from Delhi shares, “Its simple another world, close to your world. Another life existence, if you love to explore, see place and meet people. You have to be there. It's an amalgamation of rich culture and existence of civilization in any condition. Its about beautiful landscapes and lovely people. Its about huts which are more comfortable than any luxury resort. Its about home cooked meals and alcohol. If you are explorer, then you must go!”

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3. Chandertal Lake

source: flickr - Shiraz Ritwik

The Chandertal Lake is a dreamer’s abode where you can just lose yourself in its tranquility. Chandratal is a camper’s paradise. Crystal clear, it is surrounded by a bank of soft green grass. The lake is an unbelievably blue, that changes hues as the sun goes through its paces overhead. HolidayIQ Traveller Madhuri Agarwal shares, “I was enamoured with Chandratal, which in pictures looked very surrealistic, and so our journey was all set to begin. The terrain is even more beautiful closer to Rohtang, with deluging snow peaks and an enchanting lake. The place is an ideal escape for all your summer woes. If you go in summers, you can trek to the monasteries, and also to Chandratal and Suraj Tal. You can enjoy some quiet time at the banks of Chandra and have lots of fun observing the amazing Rohtang and its lake. ”

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4. Jaisalmer

source: wikimedia.org

One of Jaisalmer's most romantic qualities is the sweep of desert sand that spreads out just beyond the city. The surrounding desolate landscape reflects its stark and austere beauty.
HolidayIQ Traveller Anjali Kashyap from Jaipur shares, ““The Golden City" Jaisalmer is a nice destination if one wants to have fun with friends or family. The camping experience is awesome. It is a nice sunset point stand on the sand dunes and see the peaceful sunset. For nature photographers it is a great place to visit in India to capture the milky way galaxy in their cameras and to experiment with their skills.”

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5. Sonamarg

source: flickr - Kashmir Pictures

Nestled into the bosom of mother nature, Sonamarg is a treat to mind, body and soul. Known as the 'Meadow of Gold’, Sonamarg is set in a valley of enchanting natural beauty and snow clad peaks, listen to gushing sound of white waters of Sindh and watch in awe the towering snow-clad mountains. HolidayIQ Traveller Ashish Sukhadiya from Surat shares, “After having traveled to Pahalgam and Gulmarg the beauty of Kashmir had already taken our breath away but Sonamarg takes the cake. The landscape of the place is magnificent, surrounded by meadows, huge valley leading up to Zojila pass and snow covered peaks. The beauty of the place is awesome. A must visit for every traveler to Kashmir. We gone there on the month of november, 2014. It was nice ride from the pahalgam. Once we get off the bus at Sonamarg, first thing that we are able see is Tonnes and tonnes of raw ice. Soon we took RS. 50 a pair gum boot hired and thrown ourselves in the ice, we played many games, made santa claus, and thrown on one another. We trekked the small icy mountain and reach at the top. From there beauty is so great. Its a must visit place for ice lovers specially go after November then you will have a wonderful look of the mountains and lots of snow.”

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6. Nainital

source: wikimedia.org

Nainital is a glittering jewel in the Himalyan necklace, blessed with scenic natural splendour and varied natural resources . Dotted with lakes, Nainital has earned the epithet of ' Lake District ' of India. Enjoy camping in the Kilbury jungles & make day visit to Nainital to do boating & relax during rest of the day in the pristine woods of Nainital. HolidayIQ Traveller Rakesh Puri shares, “Unlike most other hill stations in North India, Nainital and its surrounding areas has a lot to offer in sightseeing and relaxation. Nainital itself is pretty, clean and well organised. The lake is quite big with plenty of boats and having fixed rates. The other lakes like Bhimtal, Sattal and Naukuchiatal are equally picturesque. The cave garden is an adventurous trip while lovers point, dorothy seat are avoidable. The cable car ride is a thrill. For kids who love skating there is a skating rink at the Mallital area, which also has a tibetan market for shopaholics.”

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7. Mussoorie

source: flickr - Paul Hamilton

Mussoorie commands a breathtaking view of the snow clad ranges of the Himalayas, towards its northeast and the extensive and wonderful view of the Doon Valley, Haridwar, Saharanpur and Roorkee towards its south. The only sound you hear is the birds chirping or the rustling of the pine tree leaves, which sometimes sound like a river flowing down the mountains. HolidayIQ Traveller Rajat Agarwal from Agra shares, “Mussoorie is a very good place. A place you can visit if you want to have some peace and a soothing experience in the lap of nature. Now developed into a tourist hotspot with all the amenities. Mussoorie still have traces of natural beauty unaffected by the modern days destruction-development. You will feel like visiting it again and again. Rightly called "Queen of Hills".”

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8. Kabini

source: flickr - Vijay S

Kabini is a popular wildlife destination in the state of Karnataka of southern India. The forest reserve forms the south-eastern part of Nagarhole National Park and is situated on the banks of the Kabini River. HolidayIQ Traveller Pio Manoj from Chennai shares, “As nature lovers Kabini river lodge provided our family a pathway to enter into a wonderful new horizon where the only activity was just to enjoying nature. A different world which reduced our stress and replaced it with enjoyment and fun. The various sound of insects, birds, animals, trek boat and coracle ride nature trail along with its variety of food. Most important is the systematic planning of each scheduled activity, which will help the travellers to be fully packed up with various events and above all it is a different world where we can found peace by being close to nature. The best part is that there was no TV connection so we were always outside the room admiring.”

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9. Samsing

source: wikimedia.org

A tiny hamlet near Siliguri, the Neora Valley National Park, Lali Guras and Suntalekhola are must-visits here. HolidayIQ Traveller Dhritiman Baidya says "Samsing is a wonderful quiet place, if u want to enjoy the nature stay there for 2 days, the scenic beauty if awesome. get a lots of fresh air."

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10. Mandvi Beach

source: wikimedia.org

Located near Bhuj, Mandvi Beach is the main attraction of this port city. The sun-kissed sands and warm tropical waters make Mandvi Beach a great holiday destination, 
HolidayIQ Traveller Akshay Nakar says, "A camel ride at Mandvi Beach is a must. Vijay Vilas Palace and Shyamji Krishna Verma monuments were very good. The view of the sunset from the beach is awesome.”

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