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10 Reasons You Should Date A Girl Who Travels

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They're special in their own fun ways. Like a breath of fresh air in this stale, monotonous world. Here are 10 reasons to date a lady that loves to travel.

10 Reasons You Should Date A Girl Who Travels:

  1. Tadoba (Maharashtra)
  2. Lachung (Sikkim)
  3. Mandarmani (West Bengal)
  4. Himachal Pradesh
  5. Chandrashila, Chopta (Uttarakhand)
  6. Elephant Beach, Havelock Island (Andaman & Nicobar)
  7. Kochi (Cochin) (Kerala)
  8. Digha (West Bengal)
  9. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  10. Shillong (Meghalaya)

1. She Is Witty, Fun-Loving And Spontaneous

She Is Witty, Fun-Loving And Spontaneoussource: wikimedia.org

There is a never a dull moment with a girl who travels. She either be planning for her next trip or relieving the memories of her last one. She will always find a way to enthrall you. She’s charming, which would make all your conversations fun and engaging. She never says no to things that are new and fun and thus, a perfect companion if you’re the adventure-seeking kind. "A great place for an spontaneous weekend holiday" quotes HolidayIQ Traveller Vipin Gyanchandani from Nagpur. He adds, “Don't think too much. If you have 2-3 consecutive holidays with you, just take your backpack and go to this place with your friends or family. Take a safari and relax. Enjoy the serenity of the jungle in the morning. If you are lucky enough, you might get to see a Tiger or a Leopard as well (sighting chances here are high and we were lucky enough). The only catch here is, you have to prebook safari well in advance. You can enjoy bonfire in the night (ask your resort manager to arrange for the same). Just go to this place and de- stress yourself.”

2. She’s Adaptable And Easy-Going

She’s Adaptable And Easy-Goingsource: wikimedia.org

Frequent travelling has taught her to listen to her instincts. After numerous delays, wrong turns and bad decisions, she is ready for anything that life can throw at her. 
HolidayIQ Traveller Atul Tulsian says, “Lachung is a destination where one can take a ride with nature at its best. I have visited most of the hills in India and found Lachung ideal for solo travellers who want to experience adventure.”

3. She Isn’t Materialistic

She Isn’t Materialisticsource: flickr - Abhijit Kar Gupta

There is no need to spend a great deal of money to impress a girl who loves to travel. You don’t need to buy her expensive jewellery or shoes to make her happy. A simple yet meaningful gesture like a souvenir from her favourite destination or a candid picture of you two from your last trip in a photo framed is perfect. HolidayIQ Traveller Debayan Bhowmik from Kolkata shares, “The wide beach, the serene atmosphere and the sunset at Mandarmani attracts tourist all round the year. Winter is the best time to visit Mandarmani, but you can come here anytime of the year. The seabeach, the delta and nearby Digha and Shankarpur beach can be visited from here. There are a wide array of hotels on the beach itself. The Debraj resort is quite comfortable and cozy. Drive on the beach, simple walks on the beach or just watching the sunset is enough for a wonderful holiday here. Try to avoid the festival and the rainy seasons if you are coming to Mandarmani as during these times, the atmosphere remains claustrophobic.”

4. She’s Open-Minded

She’s Open-Mindedsource: io9.com

A girl who travels loves to meet new people from different cultures. She understands and accepts these differences. She’ll be more accepting of your quirks than any other girl you have ever dated. She’ll never judge you and you can be as weird or odd as you can be around her. Discover the place small villages near Himachal with her. "The small village in Himachal Pradesh is known for its polyandry marriage system where a woman is the head of the family and gets married to more than one man. HolidayIQ Traveller Roshni from Bangalore shares, "This place is a paradise for free-spirited souls."


5. She Isn't Clingy

She Isn't Clingysource: flickr - Paul Hamilton

Girls who travel are independent and never rely on other people for their happiness. She understands the concept of personal space and if you love to hang out with your friends for a few beers, she’ll understand. Suggest you embark on the Tungnath Chandrashila Summit Trek with her! A popular trek that can be undertaken round the year, except during heavy snowing months of December and January, Tungnath is situated at an altitude of 3810 metres and is the highest of all temples in the Himalayas. The trek begins at Chopta, which is 35 km away from Ukhimath, and is easily accessible by road. The trek starts with an ascent, and it keeps on getting steeper as you get near the Tungnath temple. The initial leg of the route has pure stretches of Rhododendron forests which flower in late March to mid May. Meadow begins where the forests end, and cover the entire stretch till Tungnath. Massive rocky cliffs are visible, as you near Tungnath. HolidayIQ Traveller G. Goswami shares, “Trekking to Lord Tungnath - a-three-and-half-kilometer trek on a well-built road is very exciting.”

6. Your Friends Will Like Her

Your Friends Will Like Hersource: flickr - Senorhorst Jahnsen

After staying on the road for months, sharing hotel dorms or meals together with complete strangers, she has learnt to art of making friends instantly anywhere, anytime. Also, she has loads of fun stories of her adventures that would keep your friends entertained. Do discover Elephant Beach with her! HolidayIQ Traveller Rohan from Delhi shares,”Awesome trip to white beach and blue water. Must visit for all. From snorkeling to Jet boats to bum rides to sea walks... Elephant beach is superb. Strongly advise you all to apply sunscreen generously as I am writing this review with my back skin burnt. But worth it.. totally worth it. The snorkeling guides are very friendly and lets you enjoy nature rather closely than you ever expected.”

7. She Knows How To Manage Her Finances

She Knows How To Manage Her Financessource: flickr - Tim Moffatt

A girl who travels knows how to manage her expenses while on the road. She not only does she spend her money wisely, but she can find a myriad of ways to generate funds on the road as well. Like a backpacking trip around Kutch! HolidayIQ Traveller Surej Krishnadas shares, “A traveller will not be able to experience Kochi till he actually strolls around the lanes of Fort Kochi. This is evidence of rulers of India over 500 years, spread over less than 10 sq km. Jewish Synagogue and also the St Francis Church hold similar historical importance. Chinese fishing nets is a must see. Walking around the streets of Kochi and eating in the small restaurants, which existed from eras is an experience in itself. Take a train to Ernakulam; get a taxi and head straight for Fort Kochi, not wasting time in mainland as the price will shock you in the little uppish restaurants. Please do stay in one of the homestays as they are economical and you can have a great experience. Restaurants are not exactly a vegetarian’s delight. Try the guys, who fry your fish near the Koder House lane heading towards the beach near the nets.”

8. She Is Generally Drama-Free

She Is Generally Drama-Freesource: flickr - Rajarshi MITRA

A girl who travels tends to steer clear of drama because they don't like to make a big deal out of little things. She doesn’t have unreal expectations from her partner. Suggest you explore Digha with her. HolidayIQ Traveller Mayur Chaudhari shares, “Digha. Synonymous with sea. Anyone who has ever been there will remember digha simply for its sea. Went to Digha last January. Small trip with only friends for 3 days. You either go by car, bus or train :D we went by a hired Tata sumo. Took 6 hours to reach. Famous for its fish preparations and delicacies. Also known for kaju or almond :D of various shapes and sizes :) whole day we bathed and bathed and bathed. We were only friends so you can Imagine the fun we had. Early morning sunrise and late evening sunsets. You name it, digha has it. Per head expenditure around 5-7k for a good 3 good days. Of Course differs. We stayed at old Digha. You can obviously travel to new Digha (same beach diff names) and do some boating see the aquatic museum etc. Digha is the ideal place to visit if ur low on time and budget.”


9. She’s An Expert Haggler

She’s An Expert Hagglersource: theweddingplannersindia.com

Take her to a local flea market when you’re travelling together next time and you’ll soon realise how good she is at spotting the 'tourist price' tags. She’ll haggle her way to get it at a price that a local would pay. She knows when she is taken for a ride because years of travelling has bestowed her with a special ability to see right through bullshit. 
HolidayIQ Traveller Monica Rai shares, “Law Garden is an absolute must where you get traditional hand-embroidered stuff like bags, clothes, shoes, accessories. You can also bargain. Teen Darwaza market is another pitstop where you’ll find Meenakari furniture, rustic showpieces made by the local artisans and embroidered goods.”

10. She Will Teach You How To See The World Differently

She Will Teach You How To See The World Differentlysource: flickr - ASIM CHAUDHURI

She’s the kind of girl who goes out of her way to look at sunsets. She sees beauty in the simplest things, like a flower growing by the sidewalk. Travel has given her a greater appreciation for beauty of life. She’ll be a refreshing breath of fresh air from the hectic world that we’re all tired of living in. Do discover Shillong with her! HolidayIQ Traveller Raveena Sharma shares, “Shillong is known as the Scotland of the East. It is a hill station that has a larger number of sightseeing places. Talking about the customs, the people of Shillong are known for cleanliness and good behaviour. For meals they prefer Jadoh, a meal consisting of meat, rice and chutney which is very popular. The tourist destinations include the Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Root Bridge and Hot Spring which attract a large number of people. The climate is cool and suits well to the environmental friendly region. Overall, good people, good experience and best climatic conditions. One should visit the place to have a great time.”

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