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10 Silly Mistakes You Must Avoid While Traveling Solo In India

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Solo travel can be the ultimate self-indulgence. What's great is that your mistakes are your own, and so are your triumphs. HolidayIQ Travellers list down 10 things to avoid while travelling solo in India.

10 Silly Mistakes You Must Avoid While Traveling Solo In India:

  1. Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh)
  2. Jaipur (Rajasthan)
  3. Pondicherry
  4. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
  5. Goa
  6. Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir)
  7. Gokarna (Karnataka)
  8. Shillong (Meghalaya)
  9. Darjeeling (West Bengal)
  10. Ladakh (Leh) (Jammu & Kashmir)

1. Arriving In A New Location After Dark

source: flickr - Meethi Biswas

Taking a late night flight, train or bus may sound cheaper, but do you really want to arrive in an unfamiliar place at odd hours? Also, arriving during daytime makes it much easier to find accommodation. HolidayIQ Traveller Nitin Pethkar from Nagpur shares, “My experience with this city is very good. I enjoyed to see the water falls, caves, temples and National parks with tribes is the main popularity for this place as well as enjoyed with the local tribes and their local foods. Jagdalpur is the one stop city for all packages in one which includes adventure in caves jungle safari in National Parks, bathing experience in waterfalls with temples to explore for peace and Spirituality. It is a city in Bastar district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh which is governed by the Jagdalpur Municipal Corporation. Bastar, the very name spells magic, conjures up images of the royal past and the tribes. It is known for their its flora and fauna as well as it is filled with lush green mountains, deep valleys, dense forests, streams, waterfalls, caves, natural parks, magnificent monuments, rich natural resources, magic herbs, exuberant festivity and blissful solitude.”

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2. Dressing Inappropriately Or Not Respecting Local Culture

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Choose your outfits wisely. Research your destination and find out if it's a taboo to have uncovered shoulders, etc., and dress appropriately. Not only will you be showing respect for the  local culture, but you'll be drawing less attention to yourself by blending in. HolidayIQ Traveller Pankaj from Delhi shares, “Jaipur is a good place for tourism purpose. We have a lots of places there to see. For cultural, we can see chokhi dhani. For historical, we can see albert hall, ravindra munch, city palace, hawa mahal. We can see shopping mall like hypercity and world trade park. Jaipur is good by every way.”

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3. Packing A Lot & Carrying A Big, Heavy Suitcase

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Dragging along a large suitcase or carrying a heavy rucksack can be quite a hassle and can slow you down. Also, it makes you stand out and a likely target. Trim down your baggage  and carry a reasonably sized backpack. HolidayIQ Traveller Raghavendra Bhat from Bangalore shares, “Pondicherry being a small city, can be covered on a weekend. Mix of French and Tamil heritage gives it a distinct look, feel and culture. Also, Auroville, the global township being there in the outskirts of this city, makes international cuisine available everywhere. Pondicherry can be a foodie's paradise for this reason. The seaside Promenade is one of the must-visit places in the city.”

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4. Rushing From City To City. Not Spending Time At A Place

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It’s really important to take time to relax and enjoy a particular destination as a solo traveller. The goal at the end of the day is to blend in and immerse yourself in the city. Go grab a coffee at a popular coffee shop or shop at a local market. The basic idea here is to ease in to the local lifestyle. HolidayIQ Traveller Jessica Manuel from New Delhi shares, “Had a great time walking through the lanes and bylanes of the old part of the city. The narrow lanes crowded with cows, bulls, speeding motorcycles - was a fantastic experience. One has to watch their steps as these galis /lanes are dotted with cow dung and sleeping dogs. But time and again the old buildings cry out to you to stop and admire them. The spirituality of the city and the culture and tradition all come together in these quaint lanes. I started from Chowk and walked through the Khoya gali, thatheri gali (wholesale market for sarees), past the Blue Lassi shop and ended near Lalita Ghat. Visited the beautiful temple built by the late king of Nepal. If you want to see the real Varanasi, walk everywhere.”

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5. Getting Too Intoxicated

source: wikimedia.org

Grabbing a few drinks with your travelling acquaintances might sound like fun, but keep a tab on your drinking and generally avoid getting too drunk. If you lose control, then you may become an easy target for thieves. HolidayIQ Traveller Srikanth Patruni from Coimbatore shares, “From the happening baga beach to the serene palolem beach, Goa was truly an awesome experience. The best part is the ride from palolem to cabo de Rama fort. Narrow but great roads through all green rain forests lead you to a road close to the fort which will enthrall you and absorb you in its beauty. A straight road leading you to the horizon, or so it seems. You see the beautifully blue Arabian Sea at the end of the road which is covered by green fields on both sides. The fort is dilapidated but it presents and great view of the magnificent see. The ride to palolem from Margao itself is another experience. The beauty of western ghats can be seen all around.”

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6. Not Making Or Not Re-checking Hotel Reservations

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Make sure you to recheck all your reservations before starting your trip. Finding accommodation during peak season can be really painful and many a time, the best places are already booked. HolidayIQ Traveller Suganya Vivekananthan from Chennai shares, “An unforgettable experience all travel lovers should go through. The houseboat stay, shopping, sightseeing, climate were all appeasing to our senses. The hospitality and good nature of the natives also attracted us. Food and fruits available here are really palatable. No words for nuts and saffron. Their rates compel you to pack them home. Horse ride, gondola rides were new for us from Chennai. Would love to visit Kashmir once again.”

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7. Being Shy & Cutting Off Casual Conversations

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You’re in a new place. So, reinvent yourself. Making a fool of yourself while trying to communicate with the locals could evoke a few laughs (nobody knows you and you might never see these people again). Try to talk to new people while grabbing your lunch or while asking directions. HolidayIQ Traveller Snehal Jadhav from Bangalore shares, “Gokarna is a heavenly destination and the perfect holiday plan you can make. This place is so beautiful and soothing that you'll want to stay there or visit it quite often. I've come here twice in the last 6 months and my experience has been amazing. I'm in love with the beaches, beach huts, shacks and cafes. To those who go here for the first time relax at kudle beach or half moon beach but, you gotta trek few miles to reach these beaches and make sure you eat at "Namaste Cafe" because this place makes you go gaga. Ask the localites or the shack owners for directions or help, people are here very welcoming. The place is very peaceful in off season and in the season you have too many options and it's packed but, you will sure love the place. Just have a check on your stay and book your accommodation in prior! The treks, beach walks, water sports and food will sure make your trip the most memorable one.”

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8. Not Having A Plan B

source: flickr - Masrur Ashraf

No matter how much you plan ahead, sometimes sh*t happens. It’s always advisable to have a backup plan in case things go south like losing your luggage or credit cards. The best way to tackle this is keeping some reserve disastercash stashed among your carry ons. Also, be sure to scan a copy of your passport and other important documents and email them to yourself. HolidayIQ Traveller Ankita Baranwal from Asansol shares, “I went to shillong few months back. It was such a beauty. The mountains and the waterfalls were so mesmerizing especially elephant falls. Shillong market is also very lively and crowded. I just want to tell that please visit Shillong, Cherrapunji and living roots bridge which is a wonder in itself. I never saw such bridge in my life. Also there is a village which is told as the cleanest village of the world.”

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9. Not Remembering To Drink Sterilised Water

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Getting sick will not only make you feel terrible, it will also delay your plans. Always remember to drink sterilised or bottled water (check the plastic seal). Make sure to carry a bottle with clean water whenever you venture out of your hotel room. HolidayIQ Traveller Praveen Kunwar from Bokaro Steel shares, “Once I decided to go to Darjeeling. I had some idea about what I am going to see there. But when I went there and saw it. It was much more than what I saw in movies. Stunning hills and well-maintained roads. I had never expected such a well-maintained roads & hills in India. Tea gardens are everywhere. Even they have converted roadsides into tea gardens!! These tea gardens are so good to eyes. Throughout my journey, I kept staring at these tea gardens. You cannot imagine beauty of Darjeeling without tea gardens. Momos are superb. I enjoyed it almost 3-4 times a day. You will also enjoy world famous Darjeeling tea. Locals are very polite. You will always find them smiling. Perhaps it is the effect of buddhism!! I am going to visit darjeeling again next summer.”

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10. Prepare Your Senses For The Noise And No Personal Space

source: flickr - Gayatri Krishnamoorthy

It’s time someone tells the truth - India is a noisy country. There are literally hundreds of different sounds that would hound you all day-long. You can either make peace with the seemingly chaos or find order in it, or use headphones to shut it out. Locals will want to talk to you, ask you about your travel, your destination and everything that you are willing to share. HolidayIQ Traveller Vijetha from Delhi shares, “It is very nice place. I would like to go there every year. You really feel very relaxed. Mountains, valleys, rivers and beautiful nature you can see everywhere at Jammu and Kashmir. People there are very warm hearted and helpful. You will have no problem regarding food. The climate will also suit you.”

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