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10 Unimaginably Beautiful River Cruises In India

10 Unimaginably Beautiful River Cruises In India jasmineholidays.co.uk

River cruises in India are incredibly beautiful experiences. HolidayIQ Travellers make the best picks.

1. Sunderbans Boat Cruise

Sunderbans Boat Cruise Share source: indianholiday.com

Cruise along River Malta across the biggest mangrove forest in the world through narrow creeks and around the Sunderban Tiger Reserve. Spot the Bengal Tiger or simply spend the day spent lounging around on the deck.

HolidayIQ Traveller Dr. Mukerjee from Delhi shares, “It was a trip in the month of January when cool breezes were still flowing and we started from Ballygunge at the very morning by their Force Traveller. The houseboat took us to the wild by both narrow and wide countless canals. The Scenic beauty of the mangroves beside the canals/rivers were heavenly.. Different types of birds and animals we found on the banks, like herons, kingfishers, parrot, bee-eater, saalikh, white necked kite, sweet water crocs, deer, monkeys, snakes, wild hogs, otters etc.”

Starting Point: Gothkhali

2. Brahmaputra River Cruise

Brahmaputra River Cruise Share source: telegraph.co.uk

Sail across the mighty Brahmaputra and view the wildlife and the wilderness of Assam. The cruise offers a sneak peek into the cultural ethos of Northeast India. Opt for the hour-long sunset cruise where you can enjoy beautiful views with a hot cup of Assam tea!

HolidayIQ Traveller Kamalika shares, “Loved the experience. Do try it if you're in Guwahati.”

Starting Point: Pan bazaar Jetty, Guwahati

3. Mandovi River Cruise

Mandovi River Cruise Share source: xeographiks.com

The perfect end to a day in Goa is by taking a sunset river cruise on Mandovi River. Cruise down the Mandovi into Zuari Bay while you enjoy the carnival like atmosphere with cultural entertainment, beer and buffet.

HolidayIQ Traveller Meena Chhichhia shares, “Goa by cruise is a total different experience. The on-board facilities are very comfortable for any age group. It's a 3 days cruise from Mumbai to Goa, nothing to worry about once you are on the superstar-cruise Libra. The casino, the restaurants, the entertainment lounges well maintained with modern amenities, laptops, shopping; and you have tour administrators on board to assist you . The highest standards of luxury as well as hygiene have been set and maintained by the crew on board. Also lot of care has been taken to ensure that passengers experience high level of comfort shows that lot of hard work and training that has been imparted to extract the best out of sailors on board.”

Starting Point: Santa Monica Jetty at Panjim

4. River Ganga Cruise

River Ganga Cruise Share source: hayesandjarvis.co.uk

Cruise along the Ganges through a route dotted with historical monuments and destinations like Dakhineshwar, Belur, Kalna, Mayapur and Murshidabad. Enjoy the slow-paced journey, bask in nature’s glory and be a part of the historical trail. Choose from cruises from 5-9 days.

HolidayIQ Traveller Alip Ray recommends cruising in River Ganga.

Starting Point: Millennium Park Jetty, Kolkata


5. Chilka Lake Cruise

Chilka Lake Cruise Share source: cloudfront.net

Glide through the picturesque Chilika Lake and spot a variety of birds from the migratory cranes to the resident waterfowls. Stop at the Rajahamsa Beach where you can also spot dolphins.

HolidayIQ Traveller Swapan Banerjee shares, “Wonderful lake. Mix of sweet and sea water. Crabs and lobsters are available in plenty. Quality is good and safe to eat at the restaurants. If you have a large group you can negotiate the ticket rate as it is not fixed. Purchase the ticket yourself. Do not use your guide/driver. Ensure that every boat has two persons as sailors, the motor of the boat is ok and fuel tank is full. Never purchase 'pearls' at this place, all are fake. Never eat sea food from a small joint at the lake. If u have small kids with you, carry hot water and drinking water. Do not drink at any embankment.”

Starting Point: Mangalajodi

6. Kerala Backwater Cruise

Kerala Backwater Cruise Share source: keralarivercruises.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Ra Nirvana shares, “Visit for backwaters and Lake on a shikara or a boat. Best deal which I got was a beautiful and comfortable shikara personal and private for 3hours was 2200 in the month of October.”

Starting Point: Kumarakom

7. Andaman Cruise

Andaman Cruise Share source: wlimg.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Vaishali shares, “Makkruz is just a luxury liner. It is expensive and too fast. If you are out cruising you may prefer the slower ships. Also there are hundreds of destinations in the Andaman Islands so you can simply go cruising to other islands. Havelock is truly beautiful and not expensive at all.”

Starting Point: Havelock Jetty

8. Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise

Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise Share source: cloudfront.net

HolidayIQ Traveller Satish Athaley shares, “The boat ride was wonderful, with nice arrangements to sit at two decks. Nice breakfast, snacks & Lunch on board the boat managed by M/s Om Boat Service. During this season we were not lucky to see many birds or wild horses. Local people told us that these wild horses are in deep forest & can be seen only during monsoon when the water level goes up.”

Starting Point: Guijan Ghat


9. Mangalore Cruise Destination

Mangalore Cruise Destination Share source: cruisecritic.com

The lesser-known cruise in Mangalore offers luxury cruises. 

Starting Point: New Mangalore Port

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