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10 Weekend Getaways Under 2000 Rupees Every Bangalorean Should Take

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HolidayIQ travellers list down 10 things you can do around Bangalore without straining your budget.

10 Weekend Getaways Under 2000 Rupees Every Bangalorean Should Take:

  1. Gandikota (Andhra Pradesh)
  2. Honnemardu (Karnataka)
  3. Bylakuppe, Coorg (Karnataka)
  4. Kabini (Karnataka)
  5. Kalpetta (Kerala)
  6. Kudremukh (Karnataka)
  7. Bangalore (Karnataka)
  8. Nrityagram (Karnataka)
  9. Dandeli (Karnataka)
  10. Sakleshpur (Karnataka)

1. Visit The Grand Canyon Of India - Gandikota

Visit The Grand Canyon Of India - Gandikotasource: wikimedia.org

HolidayIQ traveller Arindam Halder shares, “If you are looking to go to an unusual place which will blow you away then Gandikota is the place that you are looking for. A 13th century fort beside the Penna river in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which is surrounded by the Eramala range of hills. Surrounded by a deep valley and impassable hills, with massive boulders of red granite and the river Pennar that flows about 300 ft. Below on the west and northern sides. This is also popularly known as the grand canyon of India. There are a lot of architectures which might interest you. The Jama masjid, Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Granary, Fort Entrance and the Gandikota Gorge View Point will take you back to the ages which the cobbled roads echoed the sound of horse's hoof. The main point of attraction is the Gorge view point which has an uncanny resemblance to the Grand canyon of Arizona in America.”

2. Camp Under The Stars In Honnemardu

Camp Under The Stars In Honnemardusource: travelkarnataka.in

HolidayIQ traveller Renukaprasad from Coimbatore shares, “This place is very scenic and a great picnic spot. It is surrounded by backwaters of River Sharavathi. Overnight stay on the island is very exciting. Take a ride on a coracle and explore the beauty of the island across the lake or go for kayaking and boating. Stay in camps in Honnemardu and enjoy campfire, self-cooked dinner and star-studded sky at night. Nature enthusiasts can take long walks in the surrounding forests and take pleasure in watching various birds and butterflies fluttering around."

3. Explore The Lives Of Lamas In Bylakuppe

Explore The Lives Of Lamas In Bylakuppesource: wikimedia.org

HolidayIQ traveller Arshaq Habib from Madikeri shares, “When you enter the Bylakuppe region you feel like you have entered a different county. It has an amazing spark as you can find the Tibet flags and Buddhist monks everywhere. There is no entrance fees for the Golden Temple but you have to pay for parking. I would suggest the travellers to leave their footwear in the vehicle itself as you have to remove your footwear while entering the temple. Your foot wear can be deposited in a counter near the temple but you gotta pay for eat. In the meantime time try momo's a traditional food of Tibet which is excellent. You get momo's of both veg and non-veg. Bylakuppe is also of shopping area but shopping near the Golden Temple are very expensive. So I would suggest the tourists to visit the first camp (it's the name of camp).”

4. Checkout The Elephant Training In Kabini

Checkout The Elephant Training In Kabinisource: doiconferences.com

HolidayIQ traveller Mukesh Jain from Bangalore shares, “We travelled here to recharge ourselves and get relaxed. It was the right choice as the view of the river in October was very good.We enjoyed the sunset and also boating operated from Orange County Resort. Jeep Safari is good rather than boat safari as more animals can be spotted inside the jungle.We were lucky to spot a leopard. Most of the time we spent in our resort only as we came here just to calm our mind.”


5. Experience A Secluded Kerala Experience In Kalpetta

Experience A Secluded Kerala Experience In Kalpettasource: tccfarmhouse.com

HolidayIQ traveller Anand Viswanantha from Bangalore shares, “This place has lots of Coffee, Tea Plantations and also abundant greenery to keep you interested. I would avoid Tholpetty Forest reserve and this reserve did not have any animals except deer. Edakkal caves and Soochipara waterfalls are good place to visit. Kuruva Island has been restricted to a smaller place. Previously we can go inside multiple Water Bodies and Smaller Islands walking and but now everything is restricted to a smaller area. I would avoid this.  But if you like to read, relax and have good food, you can consider Sundara Mahal for their hospitality and vegetarian delicacy they provide.”

6. Explore The Trekking Trails On Kudremukh

Explore The Trekking Trails On Kudremukhsource: worthview.com

HolidayIQ traveller Bhavan Kochana from Bangalore shares, “Kudremukh peak is one the famous peak in Karnataka which is famous for trekking. The name itself indicates that Kudremukh means Horse Face. The peak actually looks like Horse's Face from the top.. It's a beautiful place for trekking and very well maintained place... It's about 15kms and you can hire a Jeep till forest check post... After that all you can reach the top is by walk.. Best time to visit in rainy and winter season and beware about leeches too. Wonderful place for Photographer.. It's too cold in rainy and winter season so it's better to carry good jackets.”

7. An Overnight Camping Trip At Manchanabele Dam

An Overnight Camping Trip At Manchanabele Damsource: civicnews.in

HolidayIQ traveller Soumyajit Kundu from Bangalore shares, “It was an an undecided trip. We booked the zoom car well in advance but was not sure where we are going. Saturday morning we decided like Bidadi idlis are famous, so let's have breakfast at that place, so we set out towards Mysore Road. After having breakfast we decided to go to Savandurga hill, last time was a night trek, this time would be a simple morning stroll, but on the way found the Manchanabele Dam much more inviting and scenic. We went down the rough approach, broken roads. Its beautiful with a fresh breeze and beautiful Savandurga at the backdrop. Unluckily it started raining and as there is no shade we had to return, though we wanted to stay for some more time. The mud roads can become scary after rains. We dropped the plan to proceed to Savandurga as that has mud roads as well. On our way back we came across some beautiful spots and finally reached Bangalore by afternoon amidst heavy showers.”

8. Delve Into The Nrityagram The Village Of Dance

Delve Into The Nrityagram The Village Of Dancesource: indoindians.com

HolidayIQ traveller Snehal Jadhav from Bangalore shares, “Nrityagram is a school of dance (Gurukul-based). It is very quiet and peaceful with beautiful atmosphere. We spent a few intense hours at Nrityagram watching living greater Ja in Odissi dance form, rehearse, teach, and go about their daily lives. We met the new generation of students, the musicians too. Even though what we saw was 'practice' dance sessions, it seemed so professional. The campus has these houses for students to stay. The architecture is marvellous. The campus is serene, the way it was envisioned. A cluster of several huts forms the hostel, dining area, guest rooms etc. I will suggest everyone to visit this Heritage place, it will be an amazing experience.”


9. Battle The Rapids Of River Kali In Dandeli

Battle The Rapids Of River Kali In Dandelisource: wikimedia.org

HolidayIQ traveller Pawan Srinivas from Bangalore shares, “Dandeli, a perfect place to escape from the busy and noisy environment and have a great weekend. The right to visit Dandeli is mid August as there will be full length river rafting. Places one must visit is cintheri rocks. A place where nature is at its best. River rafting must be tried as the waves are pretty damn psyche. There are other activities like kayaking, boating, forest trek and Natural jacuzzi bath. You can get down at Alnavar station and book a vehicle for yourself or the best preferred way is going in bike all the way to Dandeli.”

10. Explore Sakleshpur The Biodiversity Of Western Ghats

Explore Sakleshpur The Biodiversity Of Western Ghatssource: hardyhawks.com

HolidayIQ traveller Raghavendra Rao from Delhi shares, “The town lies in the Malnad region on the magnificent hills of the biodiversity hotspot, the Western Ghats. It has a temperate climate surrounded with lofty green hills full of coffee, cardamom, pepper and areca plantations. Sakleshpur receives very heavy rainfall from the southwest monsoon. It is one of the places receiving the most rainfall in Karnataka. The primary mode of employment in the Sakleshpur region is agriculture. Crops grown include coffee, rice, pepper, cardamom, ginger and tea with coffee being dominant. The Manjarabad fort is located just outside of Sakleshpur on National Highway 48. The fort is reputed to have been constructed by Tippu Sultan, the erstwhile ruler of Mysuru as a strategic defensive location as it commands the approach to the plateau beyond Sakleshpur from the coast. It is also believed that he had constructed a tunnel from this fort to another fort in Srirangapatna near Mysuru. Jenukal gudda is the third highest peak in Karnataka, located at Maragunda 24 km outside Sakleshpur.”

The views above are collated from opinions expressed by travellers on www.holidayiq.com

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