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10 Weekend Trips From Bangalore Your Office Should Be Planning Right Now

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HolidayIQ Travellers share their best experiences on weekend getaways to these gorgeous places.

10 Weekend Trips From Bangalore Your Office Should Be Planning Right Now:

  1. BaskarOne, Bangalore (Karnataka)
  2. Bangalore International, Bangalore (Karnataka)
  3. Dandeli Crocodile Hunk, Dandeli (Karnataka)
  4. SRS Regency Hotel, Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh)
  5. Woodland Hotel, Shimoga (Karnataka)
  6. Coorg Dream, Coorg (Karnataka)
  7. The Bison, Kabini (Karnataka)
  8. Kalpetta Grace Residency, Kalpetta (Kerala)
  9. Thangaali Homestay, Kudremukh (Karnataka)

1. Wine Tour Near Nandi Hills

Wine Tour Near Nandi Hills
source: HolidayIQ

HolidayIQ Traveller Gyaan shares, “Nandi hills looks extremely beautiful during sunrise.”

Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Pamp from Chandigarh, "If you want a One day trip, If you want to experience uphill driving, If you want to feel fresh then NANDI Hills is the best and easy to approach destination. There are no so many points or places to visit at Nandi Hills but I suggest everyone to experience the view from the Skywalk (which is not completely opened). On the way to Nandi Hills, I saw many people were stopping me at different places to buy Grapes from them. There is a Average Restaurant at Nandi Hills where you can have some South Indian snacks but the best thing about this Restaurant is its location. Take a corner seat and enjoy the food and outside view. It is a family place and you can enjoy by playing games and enjoy uphill walk. Also there are some Machaan type Huts but walk there carefully. I suggest people to go there early in the morning and when you feel the climate conditions is better."

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2. Trek To Savandurga

Trek To Savandurga
source: Wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Soumyajit Kundu from Bangalore shares, "At 8:30 PM on Saturday night we were planning for the extended weekend of 3rd April, when suddenly it came to our mind how about a night trek to Savandurga. More opinions followed and it was decided that we go right now. Booked Zoom Car, finalized the team members and set out at 11 PM. I had more responsibilities as no other person knew driving :). We reached there by 1:20 AM. Started trek at 1:40 AM. Reached the top of the 2nd hill at 3:30 AM. There was a small shelter there, and wind speed was more than 20 knots. A team which had reached already had already started a bonfire and we enjoyed it. Had some snacks and took some rest. Some of the group members strolled around to get the beautiful view of Ramanagaram city. At 5 AM, we got ready for the last part of the trek to the last hill which has bull temple. Though it was pitch dark we started our journey slowly and reached the spot by 6 and waited for the beautiful sunrise. Shortly our wait was over and we were overjoyed by the beautiful natural beauty. Some photo sessions and started our journey back as it will get hotter by the day and tougher for trek. We reached back to our base by 9:30 AM and back to Bangalore by 11 Am. It was a journey to remembered and was more fascinating as it was planned in a very short notice."

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3. River Rafting In Dandeli

River Rafting In Dandeli
source: blog.etravelsmart.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Kriti Goyal shares, “If you are looking to get rid of all contacts from world and dive in the wildness of nature, visit Dandeli. Its un-commercial and doesn't have internet/mobile network network at most times. The best thing to do in Dandeli is Kali River water sports. Long river rafting is a must do. Its a little expensive at 1500 rupees compared to short rafting of some 200-300 rupees, but you'll miss what real rafting is. Long rafting is some 9 km and its second best in India after Rishikesh. Apart from that night safaris, bird watching is pretty famous. Choose your resort wisely.”

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4. Hike To Gandikota

Hike To Gandikota
source: bcmtouring.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Arindam shares, “If you are looking to go to an unusual place, consider going to Gandikota. A 13th century fort beside the Penna River, it is surrounded by the Erramala Hills. Surrounded by a deep valley and impassable hills, it has massive boulders of red granite and the River Pennar that flows about 300 ft below on the west and northern sides. There is a lot of architecture, which might interest you. The Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Granary, Fort Entrance and the Gandikota Gorge Viewpoint will take you back to the ages where the cobbled roads echoed the sound of horses hoof. The main attraction here is  Gorge Viewpoint, which has an uncanny resemblance to the Grand Canyon of Arizona in America. Try spicy Andhra food at Haritha Resort. Wear sturdy shoes as you will have to climb a lot of boulders. To reach the destination, hire a cab from Bangalore. This place is about 280 km from the international airport.”

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5. Camping At Honnemardu

Camping At Honnemardu
source: flickr - Lensman vishy

HolidayIQ Traveller Renukaprasad shares, “This place is very scenic and a great picnic spot. It is surrounded by backwaters of River Sharavathi. Overnight stay on the island is very exciting. Take a ride on a coracle and explore the beauty of the island across the lake or go for kayaking and boating. Stay in camps in Honnemardu and enjoy campfire, self-cooked dinner and star-studded sky at night. Nature enthusiasts can take long walks in the surrounding forests and take pleasure in watching various birds and butterflies fluttering around."

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6. Tibetian Trail At Bylakuppe

Tibetian Trail At Bylakuppe
source: Wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Anju Jayaram shares, “Bylakuppe is the second largest Tibetan settlement in India. It is enroute to Coorg from Mysore. The main attraction is the Tibetan Golden Temple where monks live and perform religious duties. They have vast farmlands and the temple looms in the midst of the land with Tibetan flags fluttering in the wind.”

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7. Wildlife Trip To Kabini

Wildlife Trip To Kabini
source: Wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Sunil shares, “Kabini is located on the backwaters and a wonderful place to relax. A boat ride in the backwaters is a must. Take a ride into the jungle and try to spot wild animals. Elephant training camp, safari ride and visit the old temple in the island from the resort are a few must do activities. Drive from Bangalore towards Mysore, take the right turn just before entering Mysore towards Hunsur and take the ring road towards Hunsur. Follow the signboards towards Kabini. The route is very scenic except for the last 15 km, which is pathetic and has potholes.”

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8. Refreshing Break At Kalpetta

Refreshing Break At Kalpetta
source: Wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Saurabh Roy shares, “Kalpetta is a nice weekend getaway from Bangalore. It a small and quiet hill station at the borders of Kerala. Lush green surroundings, fresh air and picturesque scenic beauty make it the destination perfect for nature lovers. The coffee and tea plantions are sure to refesh your tired mind.”

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9. Tea Estate Tour In Kudremukh

Tea Estate Tour In Kudremukh
source: Wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Amulya Nataraj shares, “It takes around 8 hours to reach Kudremukh from Bangalore. The roads are pretty decent. The ghats section starts once we are close to Belur. You need to travel at least 3 hours in the ghat section. You can see coffee and tea estates on either side of the road. Enjoy the beauty of nature but at the same time, the journey would be bit tiring due to the curve path. There are multiple options for trekking or you can just take a jeep to reach the peak. Hanuman Gundi is a must-visit. You will need to climb down a few steps to reach the falls, which is worth it.”

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10. Art Village Tour To Nrityagram

Art Village Tour To Nrityagram
source: liachang.wordpress.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Snehal Jadav shares, “Nrityagram is a art village known for it's dance school (gurukul-based). It is a very quiet and peaceful village with a beautiful atmosphere. We spent a few intense hours at Nrityagram watching living greats in Odissi dance form, rehearse, teach, and go about their daily lives. We met the new generation of students, the musicians too. I will suggest everyone to visit this heritage place, it will be an amazing experience.”

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