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12 Reasons Why Every Dilliwala Must Bunk Office On Mondays

HolidayIQ Travellers have curated a list of things you ought to do in Delhi if you bunk office.

12 Reasons Why Every Dilliwala Must Bunk Office On Mondays:

  1. New Delhi (Delhi)
  2. Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh)

1. Go On A Date With History

source: flickr-Terry Feuerborn

Delhi roads meander around tombs and forts. HolidayIQ Traveller Shruti Sharma says, “A true mix of the ancient and the modern! It has centuries of history.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Kumar Sanu, “Delhi hasmany place which are famous like India Gate, Raj Ght, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Humayun's Tomb, Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Mandir and many more. It's a place to be explored to have a look at India's history.”

2. Walk in Lodhi Gardens, Followed By Breakfast At Khan Market

source: delhihelp.com

Jog, run, walk, do yoga or just sit quietly by yourself, you can take in the sights – Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, Sikander Lodhi’s Tomb, Sheesh Gumbad and Bara Gumbad. Lodhi Gardens comes alive in the morning, with ducks quacking away in the tiny lake and birds chirping in the trees. After a few rounds of the park that could range from two kilometres to ten kilometres, head to Khan Market for a sumptuous breakfast. HolidayIQ Traveller Sneha Agarwal says, “Morning walk here feels like heaven. The park is big and you can run, do yoga, play and still go un-noticed. I just love this place.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Shruti Sharma, “Lodhi Gardens embodies Delhi. A true mix of the ancient and the modern. It has centuries of history and today's leaders walking there every morning. Go there to see bureaucrats, politicians and industrialists, it gets crowded every morning from 7 to 8:30 am. Very clean and well maintained place.”

3. Eat Till You Drop In Old Delhi

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HolidayIQ Traveller Madhumita says, “The chana bhatura, crisp puris, hot jalebis with rabri and the seasonal gajar ka halwa were absolutely yummy at Old Delhi. Also, have a glass of lassi.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Babita Goyal, “Delhi is known for its street food. It is famous for the chaats, kulfis, pani puri and the famous Chandni Chowk and it's parathe wali gali. I would share some secret paratha places that I discovered in Delhi. You get parathas almost everywhere in Delhi and at all times. The best places to have paratha are Green Park, Moolchand, AIIMS, Sector 58 "The BPO Lane at Guptaji's" Parathas, Maggi and eggs. Almost all these set ups start around 11 in the evening and sell till half past midnight. They again begin their work at around 3 am."

4. Zip Down The Expressway & Visit The Taj Mahal

source: flickr.com- sandeepachetan.com travel

Zip down the Delhi-Noida-Agra expressway and take a hassle-free, romantic drive to the monument of love. HolidayIQ Traveller Ranit Das says, “Great road, car moves at a speed of 100 km per hour. We totally enjoyed the ride. It took almost 2 hrs 30 mins to reach the destination. You will find the famous Buddh circuit in your way. One tip, if you plan to return to New Delhi within 24 hours then buy toll for both sides.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Vishakha, “There are multiple routes from Delhi to Agra, but we took the expensive but the fastest route to Agra - Yamuna Expressway. The expressway starts from Noida and ends at Agra. The toll for the entire journey is Rs. 320 for cars. The roads are more or less empty and the car can easily cruise at a speed of 150 kmph. My own car reached upto a whopping 210 kmph. But we controlled the speed to avoid risking a tyre burst. Although there is no need to take a stop, there are food plazas on the way to take a break or refreshments.”

5. Visit The Kathputli Colony

source: oitzarisme.ro

Underneath the Shadipur Depot bridge in west Delhi, there's a slum called Kathputli Colony. It's home to around 800 folk artists, many of whom have represented India at shows abroad. Magicians, acrobats, mime artists, puppeteers, jugglers, folk singers, and traditional dancers are just some of the performers who live in the colony.

6. Take A Quick Impulsive Trip To Vrindavan

source: flickr.com- Amit Rawat

HolidayIQ Traveller Shubham Juneja says, “Delhi to Vrindavan is around 140 km that will take you 3 hr to reach depending on season, timing. Road is very good and I travelled via Faridabad to Mathura Road. There is a alternate route via Noida-Expressway also. Toll on this route is around Rs.100. There is no problem as such in the route. I prefer travelling early morning. So, I started at 6 and reached there around 9.15. Then we visited Iscon, Banke Bihari ji, Radha Valab, Radha Daamodar and around 12, I was ready to get back to Delhi.”

7. Hang Out At Hauz Khas Village

source: holidayiq.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Prashant says, “Hauz Khas Village is the most happening pkace to be in Delhi.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Rahul Malhotra, “It is a calm and soothing place, surrounded by greenery and lake. Hauz Khas is featured in many bollywood movies. It also hosts a music show for different genres with laser techniques once in a year. This has the biggest ridge area of Delhi. It also has a deer park having around 100 deers and some rabbits as well, also you will get a chance to see ducks in that large lake which is wonderful scenery in the evening and every fortnight Saturday, Delhi drum circle come to this park exploding the aura of Hauz Khas with loud music. A must sight for all. Restaurants, pubs or cafes everything you'll get around this place, so it’s a lovely concoction of a village and urban life.”

8. Go Zip Lining At Neemrana Fort Palace

source: flickr.com- Archit Ratan

HolidayIQ Traveller Priyanka Rajwar says, “The drive to Neemrana is a mixed ride, the highway drive is good until you reach the turn to Neemrana. But everything fades once you reach the fortress, it rejuvinates you and then you are in to explore the narrow passages and discovering new routes inside the fortress.” This palace has 7 wings built over 12 layers tiered into a hill, and thus it is one of the most unique day trips from Delhi. Here you’ll find hanging gardens, two swimming pools, ayurvedic spa and also India’s first zip line.

9. Take A Gastronomic Ride To Murthal

source: flickr.com- Anil Wadghule

HolidayIQ Traveller Shilpa says, “Smooth drive with toll tax stop on the way. There are plenty of food options at Murthal. Road conditions are good which lets you drive comfortably to go to and fro.” The first place that hits our mind when it comes to road trips around Delhi has to be Murthal! A long drive across the busy yet wide roads of Delhi, while the cool wind caresses you and the stomach is tempted for a gastronomic ride, you know your destination has to be Murthal. Try Gulshan da Dhaba!

10. Spend Time Checking Out Gorgeous Works Of Art At National Gallery Of Modern Art

source: businessworld.in

HolidayIQ Traveller Shivakumar says, “This is a must do for anyone who appreciates art. We started at the basement level, which had an exhibit titled Remembering Amrita Sher-gil. This was beautiful, filled with wonderful portraits, self-portraits which were so filled with sensuality and emotion. There were 4 more levels of fantastic art. A watercolour of Tiruchendur temple and oil on canvas of Varanasi by Thomas Daniell were standouts! Also on display were works of Raja Ravi Varma, and MF Hussain. Entry is just Rs. 10 for Indian citizens. Don't miss it!”

11. Lose Yourself To Shopping At Sarojni Nagar

source: wordpress.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Shifali says, “If you are looking for cheap shopping head to Sarojini Nagar. You will find a good range of the latest Indian clothes, shoes and accessories, bags, etc.But one need to spend a few hours to find the right ones. Do not forget to bargain.”

12. Go For A Photo Walk To Khari Baoli

source: bbc.co.uk

Go on a photo walk in Khari Baoli, the biggest spice market in Asia. It’s a unique experienceto see huge quantities of spices being loaded, carried and unloaded simultaneously in the shops.

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