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32 Secret Destinations Nobody Will Tell You About

Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh. Credit: Motohiro Sunouchi

Be most of you haven't heard of these places in this list. HolidayIQ Travellers list down 32 destinations that have fought the wrath of time, survived and evaded the limelight till now. Go explore.

1. Gavi

Source: team-bhp.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Anooj says, “If you want to be away from the maddening crowd and unwind yourself under the canopy of tropical evergreen forests, we strongly recommend Gavi in Idukki District in Kerala. Entry to Gavi is highly restricted as it is a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala and prior permission from the forest department is required to enter Gavi.”

How to Reach Idukki | Where to Stay in Idukki

120+ Ratings | 71+ Reviews | 26 Sightseeings | 40 Photos


2. Unakoti

Source: tripthirsty.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Partha Datta recommends Unakoti as a must visit place in Tripura.

Marvellous rock carvings, murals with their primitive beauty and waterfalls, all set in the beautifully landscaped forest, Unakoti is another hidden gem in the state of Tripura.

How to Reach Agartala | Where to Stay in Agartala

210+ Ratings | 102+ Reviews | 47 Sightseeings | 5 Photos


3. Netarhat

Source: im.hunt.in

HolidayIQ Traveller Arupananda says, “Netarhat is a beautiful hill station. A night stay amidst the breathtaking beauty of Shaal Jungle was a lifetime experience. Camp fire besides the jungle is a lot of fun.” HolidayIQ Traveller Srimanta Ghosh adds, “Netarhat is a place you want to go to be away from the chaos of daily life.”

How to Reach Netarhat | Where to Stay in Netarhat

43+ Ratings | 35+ Reviews | 6 Sightseeings | 17 Photos



4. Meghamalai

Source: staticflickr.com

Also called the High Wavy Mountain, this picturesque hill station is dotted with cardamom plantations and tea estates. The Silver Mountains and Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary are highlights of the place. 

How to Reach Meghamalai | Where to Stay in Meghamalai

3+ Ratings | 9 Photos


5. Udvada

Udvada - Fire Temple
Source: gujarattourism.com

Located near Mumbai, Udvada is also known as the Mecca of Zoroastrians. The sacred fire temple here is revered by Parsis all over the world. The Udvada Beach is another attraction, so is the delicious and traditional Parsi food served at a number of restaurants here. 

How to Reach Udvada | Where to Stay in Udvada

7+ Ratings | 6 Sightseeings


6. Manchanbele

Source: priyankaray.files.wordpress.com

Located 50 km from Bangalore, Manchanbele is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The Manchanbele Dam and reservoir attracts many species like sunbirds, sparrows and bee eaters. 

How to Reach Manchanbele near Bangalore



7. Jorhat

Source: indiumbound.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Mahesh Anantarapu says, “Jorhat is surrounded by lot of sightseeing places and tea gardens. The only river island in the world and is located near Jorhat. A visit to Kariranga National Park is a must.”

How to Reach Jorhat | Where to Stay in Jorhat

87+ Ratings | 51+ Reviews | 38 Sightseeings | 22 Photos


8. Kalpa

Source: bcmtouring.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Mridul Dutta says, “It is a beautiful place and the apple orchards add to the beauty. You can get a stunning view of the Kinnaur Kailash from here.”

How to Reach Kalpa | Where to Stay in Kalpa

175+ Ratings | 118+ Reviews | 9 Sightseeings | 55 Photos


9. Agonda, Goa


A perfect blend of divinity, wilderness and beautiful landscape, Agonda sees many yoga practitioners on a daily basis. Best part about this weekend getaway? Wild Goan Parties!

Suveer Bahirwani from Mumbai shares, “Agonda Beach, South Goa is (yet) one of coastal India best-kept secrets...as a base to explore South Goan beaches, Agonda remains my personal favorite.”

How To Reach Agonda | Where To Stay In Agonda  

183+ Rating | 114+ Reviews | 17 Sightseeings | 17 Photos



10. Lady Hydari Park

source: holidayiq.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Ismat Hussain Choudhury says, “Lady Hydari Park houses a mini zoo with more than 50 bird species and 100 wild animals. The park comprises a variety of flowers, especially roses. There is a butterfly museum inside. The park has a kids play ground too. The best time to visit is in the month of April and May when flowers are fully bloomed.”

One of the most important places to visit in Shillong, Lady Hydari Park is designed in the style of a Japanese garden. The landscape is dotted with small ponds, willow trees and rhododendron plants.

Where to Stay

14+ Ratings | 11+ Reviews | 2 Photos


11. Thalon Cave

source: theotherhome.com

900 meters above sea level, the cave might scare you with its darkness but it’s quite interesting. The caves are an attraction as part of the Manipur Tourism Festival and three-week expeditions are organised for tourists. Located at a distance of 80 km from Imphal, the caves can be reached by trekking from Thalon Village.

How to Reach | Where to Stay

171+ Ratings | 92+ Reviews | 31 Sightseeing | 21 Photos


12. Loktak Lake - World’s Only Floating Lake

source: wordpress.com

Characterised by the floating vegetation known as 'phumdi', it is said to be the only floating lake in the world. Besides the fresh water, Loktak Lake is known for its tasty fish. Do pick up some dried fish from the Moirang market located nearby.

How to Reach | Where to Stay

171+ Ratings | 92+ Reviews | 31 Sightseeing | 21 Photos



13. Sela Pass

source: trekearth.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Subhrajit Gupta says, “The two beautiful crystal clear lakes surrounding the snow clad peaks makes this place beautiful. The continuous hide and seek played between the sun and heavy fog makes it mysterious. If you are lucky, you might get a cup of hot tea from the only tea stall.”

At an altitude of more than 13,000 feet, the gorgeous mountain pass connects Tawang to other parts of the country. The pass is open round the year. However, heavy snow causes occasional shutdowns.

How to ReachWhere to Stay

259+ Ratings | 169+ Reviews | 31 Sightseeing | 130 Photos


14. Sualkuchi

source: blogspot.com

Sualkuchi, the ‘Manchester of Assam’, is known for its rich cultural heritage. Out of all the festivals celebrated, the most exciting of the lot is the boat race event. The town takes on an electric atmosphere during the event, with crowds cheering their favourite team.

How to Reach | Where to Stay

21+ Ratings | 14 Sightseeing


15. Touphema Village

source: greatindiangetaways.com

HolidayIQ Traveller TGS says, "The museum is full of unique Naga artifacts. These days, the community kitchen and stadium are used only for the annual village festival which is a must-see. Tuophema tourist resort runs a small handicraft store where you can get exquisite Nagaland style embroidered shawls, scarves, table linen and necklaces."

It is a cultural village where you get to know about traditional life of the Nagas. You can stay in quaint huts, enjoy bonfire dinners, cultural dances and more. The museum inside the village houses an extensive ethnographic collection including wood carvings, musical instruments, textiles, handicrafts traditional artefacts, jewellery and archaeological finds.

Where to Stay

1+ Ratings | 2+ Reviews | 66 Photos



16. Marari Beach

Marari Beach
Source: flickr.com/photos/eaglella

HolidayIQ Traveller Gaurav Shrivastav says, “It is a very beautiful, coconut-tree-lined, yet to be discovered beach.” HolidayIQ Traveller Kritika adds, “It is a clean, secluded and must visit beach in Kerala.”

How to Reach Mararikulam | Where to Stay in Mararikulam

2+ Ratings | 2+ Reviews | 6 Sightseeings


17. Bangaram Beach

Source: telegraph.co.uk

The Bangaram Beach in Lakshadweep is widely regarded as one of the top ten secret beaches in the world, where tourists are flown in by helicopters during the monsoon season. The Bangaram Beach is popular for its multi-hued coral reefs and crystal clear blue lagoons. Engage in plenty of activities like deep sea diving, swimming and deep sea fishing.

How to Reach Bangaram | Where to Stay in Bangaram

25+ Ratings | 3 Sightseeings | 3 Photos


18. Silver Beach

Silver Beach
Source: flickr.com/photos/ravages

HolidayIQ Traveller Hitesh Modi says, “It is one of the cleanest beaches I have visited. The water is ideal for bathing.”

How to Reach Cuddalore | Where to Stay in Cuddalore

130+ Ratings | 76+ Reviews | 38 Sightseeings |13 Photos



19. Tajpur Beach

Source: tajpurbeach.blogspot.com

HolidayIQ Traveller Avik Chatterjee says, “Tajpur, around 170 km from Kolkata and about 13 km from Digha, is a serene beach with its unspoiled beauty of nature. This is the land of red crabs. The beach is wide with pine forests on one side and Mandarmani Beach on the other side. There is also a little backwater stretch adding to the beauty of the beach.”

How to Reach Tajpur | Where to Stay in Tajpur

360+ Ratings | 226+ Reviews | 22 Photos


20. Kannur Beach

Source:- wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Sonprabh says, “Kannur is unlike other tourist destinations as it is still unexplored. It is one of the most underrated destinations in India. The Muzhappalingad Beach is very unique and is the highlight of Kannur. Some of the other places to visit are Payyamabalam Beach and Fort St. Angelo's.”

How to Reach Kannur | Where to Stay in Kannur

716+ Ratings | 374+ Reviews | 42 Sightseeings | 51 Photos


21. Malpe Beach

Source: keralatourism.org

HolidayIQ Traveller Darshan says, “This place has got one of the cleanest beaches in Karnataka. Seeing sunset from the beach is a delight. Also, the boat ride to St Mary's Island is a must. There are many resorts on the beach itself and small stalls offer tasty chaats.”

How to Reach Malpe | Where to Stay in Malpe

172+ Ratings | 119+ Reviews | 4 Sightseeings | 53 Photos



22. Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach
Source: flickr.com/photos/rejik

HolidayIQ Traveller Geetendra hedge says, “Kappad beach area is for people who do not want to among the crowd specially during holidays.” HolidayIQ Traveller Vikram adds that it is one of the most peaceful, calm and tranquil beaches he has been to.

How to Reach Kappad | Where to Stay in Kappad

40+ Ratings | 27+ Reviews | 5 Sightseeings | 10 Photos


23. Bekal Fort Beach, Kerala

Source:- wikimedia

The beach is spread over an area of 35 acres and is covered with white sand. The palm trees line up on the beach, which provides a beautiful view during sunset and sunrise. Two Theyyam sculptures, made using laterite, are placed at the beach. These sculptures were created by the artists of Nilambur. The walls of the fort are decorated with paintings. Tourists can also visit the Children's Park which is situated near the beach.

HolidayIQ Traveller Abilash shares, “Had nice experience watching sunset there. Ideal for couples.”

How to reach Bekal | Where to stay in Bekal

1 Rating | 1 Reviews | 2 Photos


24. Har Ki Dun Valley

Source:- wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Kaarthik Sr from Bangalore shares, “Extremely pretty place with snow all over, please go before May to see snow on the trek, the trek starts from Taluka and ends at the same point. No food available on the trek. Plan for a minimum of 4 days.”

How to reach Uttarkashi | Where to stay in Uttarkashi

2 Rating | 2 Reviews | 5 Photos



25. Rinchenpong, Pelling, Sikkim

Source:- wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Abhijeet Gupta from Kolkata shares, “The nature walk from Kaluk to Rinchenpong is just unforgettable. A nature lover will surely love the walk. I suggest you to spend the night in Kaluk but stroll up to Rinchenpong and come back to hotel.”

How to reach Pelling | Where to stay in Pelling

1 Rating | 1 Reviews


26. Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh


HolidayIQ Traveller Amit from Chaibasa shares, “This place is really worth visiting. The scenic beauty here rejuvenates both mind and body. The sound of the fast flowing beas river can be heard throughout the city. The most unique identity of this place is the hot water springs almost after every 50 metres distance. There are hot water springs at the gurdwara premises. The trek to kheerganga is very exciting and adventurous. It was a two days trek. After reaching the top the feeling was really amazing. There is a hot water spring at the top in which it is believed to flow Kheer. Even now pieces of malai like thing can be seen.”

How to reach Manikaran | Where to stay in Manikaran

135 Rating | 67 Reviews | 6 Sightseeing | 38 Photos


27. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh 

Source:- wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Abhinav Barve from Indore shares, “It is fantastic to spend some rainy days in the the lap of nature when you get a even green covering all over the mountain ranges. Mandu is best destination for couples for honeymoon and also manu gives a lot of adventurous option. Mandu is a historical destination with lots of ancient Architecture around. Rani roopmati mahal was one of the place which moved me the most. Because it is believed that the Mahal and the room of Rani in Mahal was built such that she can admire holy river Narmada from far away everyday. Also the Echo point is a good place to visit. Vilayati Imli is the sour taste to get. Do not miss to eat fresh corn available there. Also try to find out new places which nobody ever visited. Because according to me the real adventure is unfolding a path which has never been created.”

How to reach Mandu | Where to stay in Mandu

134 Rating | 89 Reviews | 31 Sightseeing | 69 Photos



28. Chorao Island, Goa

Source:- wikimedia

Chorao is a beautiful island situated by the Mandovi River near Panaji in Goa. There is a very interesting tale behind the island’s origin. Legend has it that the island emerged from the precious diamonds that were strewn by Yashoda, the mother of Lord Krishna. Hence it is still popularly known as Chudamani which means “stunning precious stone” in Sanskrit. Chorao is known for its simplicity and peaceful existence in the midst of natural beauty. The Portuguese influence can still be seen in the town’s many beautiful white-washed churches and pretty old villas.

Where to stay in Goa

5699 Rating | 3780 Reviews | 2635 Photos


29. Netala, Uttarakhand

Source:- wikimedia

Netala is one of God’s best kept secrets right in the bosom of himalayas. Located on the banks of Ganga this small village has not network, no touristy place and pure mountain air sans the city pollution. The ice cold rights stands in contrast to the green blanket.

Where to stay in Uttarakhand

?244 Rating | 139 Reviews | 4419 Photos


30. Khimsar, Rajasthan

Source:- wikimedia

HolidayIQ Traveller Meenakshi from Delhi shares, “The wonderful place to be visited in Winters almost 80kms from Jodhpur. Rajasthan destinations are the best in winters what we have experienced. The wonderful place to be with family.”

How to reach Khimsar | Where to stay in Khimsar

23 Rating | 17 Reviews | 2 Sightseeing



31. Velliangiri Mountains, Coimbatore

Source:- wikimedia

Commonly known as the Kailash Mountain Range of South India, this place offers stunning landscapes while you trek to the Shiva Temple on the highest peak here. With the rich flora-fauna that covers these hills, you will find medicinal herbs growing in bits and pieces here, making it a surreal journey to heavens.

HolidayIQ Traveller Gowtham M from Chennai shares, “It was a spiritual journey. And we enjoyed a lot. Worth experiencing.”  

How to reach Coimbatore | Where to stay in Coimbatore

4  Rating | 4 Reviews


32. Thekkady, Kerala

Source:- Flicker-Kerala Tourism

Falling in the Periyar National Park of Idukki District in Kerala, Thekkady will bring you ultimate peace while you’re surrounded by gorgeous landscapes.

HolidayIQ Traveller Asheesh Vishwakarma from Bangalore shares, “Thekkady is an offbeat destination. If you want to have a quiet time for yourself and not in a rush it is the best place.” 


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